High Anxiety and the Monetary Shift

This last week, my friends and I were feeling some “high anxiety” in the collective that at first we took for our own. After speaking to my friends who are intuitive and sensitive to energies, I figured out that this anxiety had the common theme of money and survival. Since survival and fear is the base vibration of the Matrix, it makes sense that the anxiety was stemming from an unconscious in the collective realization of the coming monetary switch. I call this the “tremor” that precedes a major upheaval.

I have known for a few years that we would not—could not—have a major catastrophe hit the collective, or they would drop into fear and this would negate the vibrational rise that we need for ascension. This is why the reval and other major societal changes can’t happen until other things fall into place. Two of those things are: the cabal has to be removed, and the base vibration of humanity has to rise to a level where they understand love, and are no longer reached by fear. This vibrational raise is happening through downloads from the Sun.

For the last few days I have felt an enormous pressure in the crown and in the center of my head, so the downloads are strong right now.

Pushkara: SingPeace! Pilgrimage for Peace and Global Harmony and More. . . « Golden Age of Gaia

Pushkara is a Whidbey Island lightworker who owns a gypsy wagon and plans a tour, “SingPeace! Pilgrimage for Peace and Global Harmony.” Steve and I encouraged her to write, collaborate and contribute to the Golden Age of Gaia via articles or video offerings. Here’s her first, full of wonderful insights.

I have just come off of an 8-day immersion in writing a grant proposal for my “Roots of hOMe” video project.

I learned about funding from a lightworker buddy, Becca Atkins, who heads an amazing program, ArtReach and Second Step Players in Connecticut which engages people with mental health issues in creative endeavors. They stage musicals, do stand up comedy, and perform songs – all of it written by folks in institutions or day treatment.

In their performances, you cannot discern client from staff member! This program should serve as a national model for approaches to mental health issues.

I shared your article, “A Mature Lightworker Community” with Becca Atkins. One thing led to another, and she suggested I respond to the request for proposals from the Surdna Foundation for funding via a new program, “Artists Engaging in Social Change.”

Hadn’t we just been discussing that very thing during your West Coast Express tour? And didn’t your article very clearly lay out a template or “context” for the kind of far-reaching vision that would inspire and sustain community action?

The Surdna Foundation RFP (request for proposals) had my name and the gypsy wagon journey of SingPeace! Pilgrimage for Peace and Global Harmony written all over it!

We’ve never asked for money from any source until now. In fact, the last grant I applied for was during my teaching days in the ’70’s. But aren’t we looking for opportunities to extend a hand or a leg up, locally and globally, to the human community so that we can all experience the oneness and unity of purpose we came here for?

I had only 8 days until the midnight deadline, barely an hour ago. So, that’s where I’ve been all this time.
Having left a trail of core issues, vasanas exploding and exposing the tender underbelly of resistance and negativity in my otherwise cheerful nature, I’m happy to report that it’s “in the can.” I submitted the proposal.

Before continuing with my tale, I want to say more about the “crisis of confidence” that I experienced while writing the grant proposal.

Time was short; the pressure was building to “get it done.” I went into a rage and wondered who and what I was becoming. Chagrined and ashamed, I announced that I wasn’t going to put myself and my family through that, again.

Looking closer at what had set me off, was the reality that I’ve accepted a mission that I cannot do alone. I won’t do it alone.
Calling together the forces of the universe who would hear and heed my declaration, we had a confab, a palaver. I did most of the talking. We got a few things straight, the Mother, the archangels, the Ascended Masters, my Gurus, the bunch of us.
On the same weekend, I attended a benefit sponsored by the Veteran’s Resource Center which serves 13,000 vets (non-active duty) living on this tiny island. “Soldier’s Sanctuary” is a film about Vietnam servicemen returning to plant trees with former enemy combatants in the Peace Trees Garden.

I’d just been writing these folks into my grant proposal, but this was my first encounter with them.

The next day, the Whidbey Institute was celebrating the life and legacy of Thomas Berry, with a panel and community exchange of ideas about “Living the New Story—a New Cosmology, Community, and Commitment.”

At this event I heard echoes of the conversation about ‘context’ we’d had when you visited here.

“The Universe story is the quintessence of reality. We perceive the story. We put it in our language, the birds put it in theirs, and the trees put it in theirs. We can read the story of the Universe in the trees. Everything tells the story of the Universe.

The winds tell the story, literally, not just imaginatively. The story has its imprint everywhere, and that is why it is so important to know the story. If you do not know the story, in a sense you do not know yourself; you do not know anything.” –Thomas Berry

What did Steve write about ‘context?’

“If we want our project ideas to inspire people enough that they take committed action, the first thing we need to create is a global context for them that inspires.

“If we plant fruit trees to benefit the community and that’s the sole context we operate in, I’m not clear that we’d generate a great deal of enthusiasm for it. We might but it might not last past the duration of the actual planting.

“But if we build it as the first step toward ending global hunger on the planet by 2017 by modeling planting for communal use, we may transform our idea from one of limited appeal to one of a much greater and deeper commitment – an idea whose time has come. “

A truly global context is holistic, universal, and inclusive. It describes a whole. It applies everywhere. And it leaves no one out, unless they want to be left out or disqualify themselves by acting in ways that the society as a whole won’t tolerate or condone.

“A truly global context calls us forth… being called forth sees us reach a place where we’re ready to take committed action, with no reservations. It creates enthusiasm. It moves us to action. It inspires momentum.”

Momentum is what I’ve got, so much so that I had to put this note to you aside so that I could carry on with a flood of day-to-day details. A host of helpers, unseen and on-the-ground, are here, wanting to be a part of the action.

The focus of this shift into high gear is within my awareness, my “story,” if you like. I saw how I was propelled by a “gotta get it done” narrative.

I’ve removed the word, “get,” replacing it with two others: “invite” and “allow.”

Minus the internal resistance, the former daily grind has given way to eternal flow. Nice, huh?

Naturally, in the new environment, rapid-fire syncronicities appear, even more invitations and opportunities to allow and engage appear.

A recent gem came in the form of a conversation between Dr. Wayne Dyer and Abraham/Ester Hicks. I’ve incorporated it into a practice.

You could call it “frequency monitoring.” With the first thoughts on waking in the morning, I become aware of the relative ease (alignment) or dis-ease (misalignment) of my thought stream.

Abraham explained that the course is set in the first 17 seconds, and that the “Law of Attraction,” allows for a more intimate alignment with Source if in the next 17 seconds and the 17 seconds after that, etc., our “focus” continues in the direction of the higher frequencies.

This has become a sort of “action plan” for me, to direct my focus and intention, effortlessly allowing momentum to build, frequency to rise and clarity to ensue, resulting in alignment, a feeling awareness of presence…absorption…joy, love, knowing.
Here, in this state of re-cognition, Purno a’ham vimarsha, the perfect “I-consciousness,” the “monkey mind” has no power. It holds no sway.

The “I” roams freely in the higher frequencies, soothed, breathed and bathed in purest sat-chid-ananda, existence-consciousness-bliss.Pushkara: SingPeace! Pilgrimage for Peace and Global Harmony and More. . . « Golden Age of Gaia.

Time Travel

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Joy settles into me, into my blood and breath and all of my being, as I watch the morning light change from moment to moment on the branches and the colors and the shape and form of the tree outside my window.

I have lived with this tree and watched the passage of time, the passage of the seasons, the passage of the years, through the ever-changing light of its branches and of its being. I am learning that “its being” and “my being” are not separate at all. We are part of one another. We are one another.

We humans count these minutes and hours and days by the clock. When I exercise, I make sure I know how long I’ve exercised, in minutes. When I lay on the floor to stretch, I count the seconds, my trusty clock on the floor with me. I watch months go past…

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Escape the Matrix The Matrix isn’t real – unplug

The War Within:

Escape the Temporal Illusory Holographic Matrix

The film The Matrix – the first of three – contained some fundamental truths that many around the planet instinctively responded to. The universe is indeed a temporal illusory holographic matrix made up of varying frequencies, waveforms pulsating at specific vibratory rates. Beneath the Veil, the ‘curtain of each atom’, there really is nothing out there but a vast ocean of etheric energy, the AKASHA, the silent unheard sound.

Everything you see or hear or touch is nothing more than electrical signals being transmitted by the five senses through this underlying etheric ocean to your brain. Each of these senses supports the others in the illusion generated by the amazing intensely creative power of MAYA and the GUNAS. These signals are interpreted according to our programming from birth and our DNA.

This first Matrix film revealed far too much truth to suit the ‘darkside’ forces that control this third dimensional earth-plane via their media-entertainment industry. And they quickly realized that the computer related metaphors so brilliantly accessed by the film’s writers had reached the normally impenetrable psyches of too many previously semi-somnolent humanoids. Thus the sequels were intentionally suffused with overwhelming images of helplessness in the face control.

What the first film does convey is the solid gold truth that the matrix isn’t real. This is in complete alignment with timeless primordial metaphysical principles – the truth that understands the real nature of this universe as a temporal illusory hologram.

In the Twilight of the Kali Yuga it is the ‘job’ of the Darkside Forces to continually confuse and numb the inhabitants of this our world. There is a War in the Heavens. The darkside entities are here in ever increasing numbers for the purpose of further deluding us into a complete and total ignorance of the Real. The frequency wave bands emitted from most forms of electrical-electronic appliances and machines excel at this capacity to confuse, delude, and stupefy. The Veil in these last days of the Kali has indeed become Borg-like.


Escape the Matrix The Matrix isn’t real – unplug

In the early part of the Matrix film, there is a very grotesque image of Neo pulling those very slimy long tendril-suckers off of his body. This scene is so repulsive to us because it is true. I realize that this is not very pleasant information – but as long as we have no idea what is happening to us, how can we free ourselves? In varying degrees, all of us are ‘hosts’ to these feeder entities. This is why vampire novels are so weirdly popular – people actually have an unconscious sense of what is happening.

Through the lower frequencies of our anger, fear, and addictions, the darkside astral-cooties have attached themselves to us. This is one reason why all spiritual paths emphasize purity of mind and body. Purity simply reduces the ability of the lower realms to connect with you and become attached to you. They cannot locate frequencies they do not resonate with. Know that the Laws of Magnetism dictate that like attracts like – and that location is in fact a function of consciousness. Purity through knowledge and a focused consciousness will keep any unwanted influences out of your auric-field and your subtle etheric body.



Everything you are addicted to has the potential to attach you to a level of these entities. EVERYTHING! I have seen this so often over the years with friends who lost themselves to drugs and alcohol. Some of these parasitical entities are not only highly persuasive, but also very unattractive.

The most ingenious and effective Borg-like waveform-prison is television. Unplug yours, throw them out of your house, give them away, or shoot at them like Elvis did. Not only does TV’s 24/7 programming transmitted around the planet urge you to become good little consumers, and doom you to the misery of unrealized unrealistic goals, both physical and material – but the box itself emits questionable frequencies that do nothing for your God-given ability to access the Myriad Worlds and Remember who you are.

Newspapers are the same, even the Internet news has become more confused and confusing with 100s of professional disinformation and propaganda wizards, sock-puppets who are handsomely paid to keep you in your miasma of amnesia. This Kali Yuga confusion holds you in a frequency of POWERLESSNESS, because you can’t do anything about what you are reading. So until you actually become powerful in a real sense, as in your inner connection to the God-within you – forget it! Unplug! Get the cooties off of you.

I can tell you what the news will be for the next few years. Lets get it over with once and for all: More heinous wars, more needless deaths, more incurable diseases, more mind-wrenching torture, more oinker-greed and boring tyranny. Nature’s earth will continue to be irreversibly poisoned and her creatures die. Got it? That’s it folks. Now you know everything. So forget it! Unplug!

Are you in love with love? Waiting for that perfect person to transport you into a higher reality and fix everything for you? Romance is candy for your brain – Stuart Wilde said that, but I grok. It’s a bunch of lovely hormones designed to give you a momentary high and get you to procreate. It never lasts. Never! Forget it! Unplug.

If you have a deep love and friendship with someone who is as evolved as you are and you are certain you share a similar frequency – fine, wonderful. But when you bond with someone whose hologram is vibrating at a lower frequency than yours – and remember us humanz are very complex energy patterns full of surprises – then you take the chance of being sucked down into their reality. Casual sex ain’t casual for anyone on the way Home – it’s an elevator going down. Is the temporary fix comfort zone worth it?


All addictions will hold you in the illusion of the polarity Matrix. Attached to each addiction is a direct sucker line to a group of scurrilous entities you would not want to go bowling with. This means ALL addictions, no exceptions. Compulsion is Cootie-Ville. Anytime you feel compelled to consume anything, you are feeding the astral-cooties who need your energy to survive and thrive because they cannot produce their own. Wimps!

Cut them off, pull their plugs off of your body. Raise your frequency and watch them disappear. Addictions are entry points that leave you open for the astral-cooties to come on in and make themselves right at home. This is how so many beautiful souls from the 1960s, many of who were my dear friends and loved ones, were destroyed. I am the witness.

How about some pretty visions to make you think you are so ‘spiritual’? Want to channel one of the 1000s of aliens out there? I can promise you, that’s a learning curve. Certainly not all of these entities are malevolent. They simply have their own point of view, their own agenda, and their own consciousness relative to their level of evolvement. They don’t necessarily know any more than you do.

How about having these ‘cooties’ as your primary relationship? They can appear to you as anything they know you want, even angels, anything that’s already programmed into that very subtle brain of yours – anything. Someday when it is too late, they’ll show you what they really look like – but that would make you throw up now and then you might not want to feed them any more.

Trust only the God-within you.


The vast array of chemicals in your food, air, and water quite literally confuses your endocrine system. EDCs, endocrine disrupting chemicals, mimic estrogen and god-only-knows what else to confuse your own natural hormones. These molecules are diabolical. Not only do they very likely contribute to obesity, cancer, sterility, and memory loss – they also shut down your Third Eye, the pineal gland. Your ability to ‘SEE’ the Invisible Realms is regulated by the pineal and pituitary glands. Because these man-made molecules send confusing signals to them, they can’t work properly. Do you think this is accidental?

Apparently the astral-cooties can’t take classical or meditation music – so play it softly in rooms that you feel are infested. They hate Mozart, so I highly recommend Wolfie and there are at least 3 Mozart for meditation CDs. Hug trees, ask them for their healing energy; they have plenty for you and will happily exchange, as you have something they need. Nature – what’s left of her – is a higher frequency and always has the power to lift you.

A good book for your ensuing cootie battles is ‘Practical Psychic Self-Defense’ by Robert Bruce. If you become complacent, watch the first Matrix movie over and over and over – not the sequel, which has been assimilated, cootiefied. Remember that steak and red wine aren’t real! There’s not much time left to dawdle in the Illusion.


I know this sounds scary; after all we can’t even see these things – what chance do we have? But remember, WE CREATED THEM! They are an integral part of the temporal illusory holographic matrix. As pieces of God-Isness, we created these astral-cootie darkside-Ahriman-demonic entities to help hold together this polarity universe.

But when we created this universe, one of many, we weren’t completely stupid. We left something out of their hologram and thus they are weaker than we are. They don’t understand LOVE, they only grok power, control and manipulation. They have no feelings. And thus through the feelings of compassion, forgiveness, kindness, and love we can move right out of their range of frequencies, beyond the scope of their polarity matrix hologram, into the higher frequencies, beyond their prison – and the whole thing will collapse.


In the Twilight of the Kali Yuga, the world has become a LIE, an expression of the delusion, ignorance, and the amnesia, the forgetting. Everything you see and hear in this illusory polarity matrix is a big fat LIE! Because – and this is simple – the only Real is that EVERYTHING IS LOVE!

ALL polarity paradigms are temporal illusions designed by us, and our helpers the astral-cooties, the forces of the ‘darkside’, to hold together the projected illusion of multiplicity, this temporal holographic matrix, so we can PLAY the game of NOT being GOD! And we are God! Everyone and everything – yes, even the darkside entities.

There are endless, unknown, incredible worlds of Beauty and Love and Light, and every adventure yet even unimagined, waiting for us.

The Matrix is NOT real! Unplug!

I can’t do this for you. No one can. Thank God! If they could, they would own you. Saving or being saved is a slave game – not a God game!

I can’t do this for you. I can get down on my knees and plead and cry and beg you to unplug, to throw out your TVs, to not read your daily dose of propaganda, to kick your addictions – to pull the feeder lines off of your beautiful bodies and out of your auric field.

I can tell you what waits for you. I can tell you of floating in golden light feeling more love than anyone could ever give you. I can describe my visions and feelings and take you to fly through the galaxies. But my experiences will NOT be yours. Why should they be? Why would the Creator ever want to repeat and duplicate Itself?

I can tell you that you are heading for a place where THERE ARE NO REFERENCE POINTS! And that is wonderful! A place where you and the God-within you – as you become ONE – will as they say, create your own reality. A location within where you will have grown beyond both the demons and the angels. A place where you will have earned freedom because you will have experienced every polarity paradigm in all the time-space matrices and you are ready to create your own.

I cannot do this for you. NO ONE CAN! You have to choose it for yourself. Only your own courage can loosen the slimy sucker-tendrils that imprison you and drain your life force. Only the God-within you can know the precise sublime moment when you are ready to emerge from the Matrix – grinning ear to ear as you REMEMBER who you are!

How many of us will escape? I don’t know. I know that underneath our silly small identity egos, there is only LOVE – and that as the Real behind the multiplicity, we all ARE each other. Therefore when any one of us wakes up, it makes it easier for the rest. I know that if enough of us Remember, then the entire Illusion will collapse – because the darkside won’t have anything to feed on.

What will happen then? No one knows. No one wants to know because then it wouldn’t be any fun. When you normally exist in Eternal Bliss, the exciting thing about a Free Will universe is that there are always at least 25 variations in the cycles of time and you don’t know exactly what will happen. It’s like meeting someone new or starting a fresh canvas – you embrace an entirely unknown realm of possibilities. You learn to improvise and create as you go along.

You and the God-within you – all of us! – will be generating a fresh reality for Isness to express Itself in. We will all meet someday. We all realize by now that life on this planet is going to get much worse – the evidence is in. Don’t be afraid of Death – you are an eternal Being. Be aware of the seductive astral-cootie traps. Read the Tibetan Book of the Dead and learn to bypass the Bardo planes! Avoid all those heavens and hells in the Phantasmal Hierarchies – they are illusions. No matter how seductive anyone or anything is, don’t listen! Go directly HOME to the God-within you.

When you see death, hunger, and sorrow try to know that each one of us chose this experience, even if we don’t now remember making that choice. Compassion is important and very distinct from anxiety, worry, fear and anger. These fear frequencies are all food for the astral-cooties, the mind parasites. As they say at the zoo: Don’t feed the animals!

UNPLUG! The temporal holographic matrix is illusory!

I’m only beginning to lift the Veil. But from my heart, I hope one sweet day to see you all in the wild blue yonder of the immense immeasurable within.

Your safety and ‘salvation’ can only be achieved by you, and through your own endeavors to create for yourself the consciousness of the Real, your Source, that eternal Oneness that we all are ‘beneath the curtain.’

Escape the Matrix The Matrix isn’t real – unplug

[Editor’s note: read Unplug From the Matrix for more information on how to unplug]

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Archangel Metatron and the 33rd Dimension via Anna Merkaba: Nov. 20-25 – Portal of Creation

Archangel Metatron and the 33rd Dimension: Nov 20-25 – Portal of Creation – Golden Particles of God – Solar Plexus, channeled by Anna Merkaba, November 19, 2014.

Video for this channeling may be viewed here.

Recognizing the purpose of being, the purpose of creation, one walks into the abyss of the heart.

Recognizing the purpose of being and the creation of the soul, one shall begin to examine the ever-present reality of the eternal Creator within the matrix of creation.

For the matrix of creation lives within the Creator. Creator is the creation, and the creation is the Creator. For one originates from the other, and the other originates from the one, through the torus field of creation.

And so it goes, ever-expanding consciousness of being, ever-expanding creation of the Creator, ever-expanding Creator of the creation. For it is so, and so it is.

The magnifying energies of the solar plexus, which shall be unleashing their effervescence of being, shall begin to be activated from the consonants of the highest octaves of being, from the consonants of the higher order of creation.

For the creation that hath, and shall, and does reside within the solar plexus shall begin to activate through the tones of ascension, the tones of the creation, the tones of oneness, and recognition of that which indeed you are; the tones of benevolence standing before you in all their might and glory.

The tones of the creation and the tones of the creator [are] intermixing and interweaving into one wholesome whole, bringing forth the continuous cosmic energies of light, the continuous cosmic energies of love, abundance, and understanding thereof.

For the creation of that which you are shall spring anew, shall birth a new cognition of the cosmic energies flowing freely into your vehicles of choice, into your vehicles of ascension, flowing freely into the sacred space found within the solar plexus of your very being.

For within the solar plexus is the channel to the energies of the Creator, whereby said energies shall allow the creation to become the Creator, awakening the secret knowledge of the ages, awakening the sacred wisdom with which you have all entered the earthly planes of GAIA.

And as such, the awakening of said energies shall propel you further still through the ascension corridor, allowing you to play with your newly-found freedom of manifestation, allowing you to morph said energies into your chosen pathway of creation, allowing you to create, to manifest, the reality of the magnitude you wish to experience in accord with the sacred tones of ascension.

What we are trying to say to you, dearly beloveds, is that upon your new moon, the entrance into the golden corridor of creation shall find you as children with play dough, organizing and morphing said play dough of energies, which you shall be radiating rapidly from your vehicle of ascension, into whichever route you will wish to launch such energies.
[This is] allowing you to bypass the duality of your being, connecting you directly to the source of all that is, and allowing said energies to manifest the type of experience you wish to see in your daily activities.

For those of you who have indeed emptied your vessels and made room for such an experience, no longer shall the creative energies be lying dormant therein.

For those of you who have fully and truly let go of all that stood in your way to understanding the true potential of your being, the heavenly doors of your Creator-selves shall allow you to bathe in the effervescent energies of the golden particles of God, the golden particles of the Creator, the golden particles of the source.

That is all that we have for you now, we love you, we are with you, good bye for now.

Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer – Channeler – Lightworker. For more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit: Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Discover Your True Self Through the Vibrational Messages From Behind From Behind the Veil –http://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

To view this message at its source click here: Sacred Ascension – Nov 20-25 – Portal of Creation – Golden Particles of God – Solar Plexus – Metatron

Opening the Portals of the 6th Dimension to Earth Reality > Starchild Global

This year of 2014 has been a powerful year of change, and yet more change, and at the same time it has seemed as though the chaos intensifies daily. But, Beloved Ones, while you may see this intense chaos, you will also need to look deeper and see the Divine Pattern that is emerging through this tumult of creative energy. You will need to look further and deeper and see how the Magic is Rising all around you, and how the Butterfly that is the emerging New Human is beginning to unfurl its wings.

In February of this year, on the 2nd of February, which was a 2:2 portal, we alerted you to the fact that the Earth was about to undergo a major shift and transition. At that time, you shifted timelines, and there was a temporary drop into lower vibrations, and you acclimated to the new timeline and began to lift the energies. This was the plan, that by dropping a little and then raising frequency you would be able to gather such momentum that you would burst open the portals of the 6th Dimension and make this part of the Earth Reality once again. This process was achieved, and on the 11: 11, the 11th of November, the portals were opened and the 6th Dimensional energies of Magic began to be anchored on the Earth. This process continues at full power until the 12 : 12 on the 12th of December, and will be fully activated by the Solstice on the 21st of December, when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center and energizes the Earth’s 6th Dimensional plane with the Light Codes for the New Reality.

You are now truly existing in a Multi-dimensional Reality, with Reality frames ranging from Third Dimensional through to Sixth Dimensional all co-existing within the Earth’s New Reality Grids. The Earth as a Planetary Body is anchored in the 5th Dimension, which is the Dimension of Oneness and Inter-connection. There are many who still perceive themselves as bound by the laws and reality of the Third Dimension, and are still living their lives within this framework. Those who have raised their awareness and frequency, have mastered Time and have taken charge of their own lives and destiny, thus moving beyond the Fourth Dimension and into the Fifth Dimension with the Earth herself. Now, there are those of you who are ready to take another step and move into the 6th Dimensional Frequency of Magic and Dreams, and to make this a part of your lives on Planet Earth.

Beloved Ones, as these new 6th Dimensional Portals open, they raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth, and this intensifies what is perceived as “chaos” on the Earth. As you may know, the higher the frequency, the more harmonious and peaceful the energy. But, when lower frequencies encounter higher frequencies, then there is turmoil and imbalance for a while as the energies find a balance. So it is , right now, that the increasing turmoil is an indication of the raising of frequency on the Earth and the tumult that occurs as each of the interconnected Dimensions of Light comes into balance with the others.

It is also true, that the energies of the Higher Dimensions work their way downwards, so that when the 6th Dimensions is opened to the Magical Creation of the Garden of Eden on Planet Earth, this will begin to manifest until it is anchored on the 5th Dimension and the illusion of the Third Dimension with its duality consciousness and conflict will disappear from the Timeline.

So, in this next month, between the 11: 11 and the Solstice on the 21st December, you can expect that the chaos and tumult will intensify, but that at the same time you will begin to see the Magic arising in your lives, you will see and feel the Earth Magic once again, and at the same time you will begin to perceive the changes in your Light Body and your Physical Body as you align with 6th Dimensional Frequency and Light.
Solar, Galactic and Cosmic Energies supporting the 6th Dimensional Portals Activations

In this period of time, starting with the 2nd of February, you have experienced intense Light Code activations from the Solar, Galactic and Cosmic levels of Divine Creative Intelligence and Love.

Beloved ones, let us begin with the Solar energies and their role in your Evolution and Development.

We know that you understand the important role of the Solar energies and the Solar Flares in transmitting Light Codes to the Earth and to you. But, some of you may also be aware that this is a two-way process. The Sun transmits energies in response to the Earth as well. When the Earth, through the Earth Councils, indicates that she is ready for an accelerated process of transmutation and change, as in February of this year, the Solar Council of the Sun, those Light Beings entrusted with the transmission of Solar Codes to the Solar System and to Earth, responds with what is needed. And so, apart from very powerful Solar and Lunar eclipses, there have also been immensely powerful Solar Flares that have bombarded your planet day after day, week after week, bringing the Light Codes and information necessary to open the portals and incorporate the 6th Dimension of Magic and Dreams into the Earth Grids.

Then also, the Galactic Council Beings of Light, working with the Earth Councils and the Solar Councils of Light, are preparing for their contribution to this process. In late November, the Earth begins to align with the Galactic Center, and by the December Solstice she is in perfect alignment for the transmission of Galactic Light Codes through the Diamond Light that will anchor these portals and ensure that they become part of the New Reality of a Multi-dimensional Earth. This will indeed be a Magical time, when the Earth will be recalibrated and great showers of Magic and Love will rain down on the Earth in waves of Abundance and Joy available to all who can see and feel the blessings of this Field of Love and Light!

At the same time, the Cosmic Councils and the Star Nations are also assisting this birthing process. There are several Cosmic Radiation Rays from “deep space” that have been transmitting information and assisting with the new alignments. The Star Nations of the Andromeda Galaxy have been very active in assisting with the anchoring of the Magical Creative energies on Earth, as the Twin Flame Galaxy of your Sacred Rose Galaxy.

All these powerful transmissions of Light and Light Codes will help you to feel and perceive the great changes that are happening on the Earth and all around you, and the great changes that are happening in your lives and in your bodies.
The Butterfly Emerges: 6th Dimensional Human Energy

The accelerated transitions and changes on the Earth have also had a parallel accelerated change and transition in your bodies.

Many of you may have felt the tensions and anxieties as your Light Body and Physical Body went into another recalibration to higher frequencies of Light. You may have found it very difficult to cope with the perceived density of life around you and the drama and manipulation of the old emotional and mental paradigms of life. You may have yearned and longed for real heart centered relationships and a real family or community to be part of your life.

These are all “symptoms” of moving beyond the old templates of life on Earth and emerging into a New Reality where you are able to manifest and create on Timelines in a Magical manner. Your Heart is the center of this reality, and you feel within yourself the Magic arising all around you, the Divine Creative intelligence, waiting to work with you to shape and create a New Reality.

As the Butterfly emerges, you are reborn to a Higher level of Consciousness, and you are entering another level of Reality that is a natural progression or Evolution of the process of Light Body Activation that is being guided by the Gold Ray of the Christ Consciousness, the Galactic Diamond Light and the Platinum Ray. If you are ready to move with the incoming Light Codes and move through the 6D Portals, then you will already have been through the previous phases of the Ascension Process:

1. Full Activation of the Light Body with the 13 Chakra Vortex system. This includes the activation of the Christ Consciousness through the Gold Ray and the activation of the Twin Flame energies through the Magenta and Turquoise Rays. Then the Diamond Light will activate the Galactic levels, together with the Platinum Ray. This Light Body activation will open the High Heart Center and will also enlarge and adapt the Throat Chakra and recalibrate it with the Brow and Crown and Soul Star Chakras, via the Pineal Gland, and to a lesser degree, the Pituitary and Thyroid glands. This can cause intense anxiety, intense dreams and heart palpitations as these new “super chakras” come online. It will be a temporary process.

2. Mastery of Time, the 4th Dimension. Those who break through the 3rd Dimensional levels begin to see Time/Space as a fabricated illusion. They perceive that Time/Space can be created or manifested through Timelines and that when they emerge as “Masters of Time”, they are not imprisoned within the Timelines or narratives of others. They are able to generate their own timelines and their own stories, and create and shape Time and Reality accordingly.

3. Mastery of the 5th Dimension of Unity Consciousness and Inter-connection. Here you will have moved beyond the simple “survival” mentality of the individual to a wider understanding of how all life forms are connected in a single conscious organism or being called “Gaia” or Earth, and how each one of us is an expression of that Reality. As you create your timelines and stories, you will do so with an awareness of the Creative Center, the Divine Heart, and an awareness of all the other stories created by others which are also expressions of the One Heart of Love and Creation.

4. You will have already grounded yourself and connected to the Earth Heart through your Earth Star Chakra. You will be ready to activate Earth Magic and to work with the Elemental and Fairy Realms, and with all the beings of Light that work and create in the Dimensions of Earth.

5. You will have mastered the processes of Conscious Transition, within your life, and from different dimensions and realities, as part of your mastery of timelines and creation.

6. You will be ready to incorporate the realms of Dream, Magic and Archetype into your Timelines and to create Reality using these powerful and primal energies. You will be ready to move between timelines, between dimensions and between realities in a Conscious and purposeful way as a Conscious Creator.

As you emerge fully to this level of Consciousness, you will understand that it is time to unfurl your wings and become the bright and beautiful butterfly of Light that you are! An Infinite Soul in Human Form and Angel of Light in manifestation, a powerful creative energy working in a Conscious way with the Divine Creative Intelligence to manifest a New Earth and a New Reality!

© 2006-14 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global http://www.starchildglobal.com Opening the Portals of the 6th Dimension to Earth Reality > Starchild Global.

A short update on the energies

Originally posted on aisha north:

We would like to take some time to delve a little bit into the expansion that is currently occurring on this planet, or rather, that is occurring in every aspect in this particular portion of the time and space continuum that you all currently constitute a small part of. In other words, this entire bubble of energetic programming that has now taken on a life of its own if you will. For it has started to act in ways that are not at odds, but rather, is starting to fall more into sync with the rest of Creation. For as so many of you are already aware of, this tiny little bubble of spacetime that you define as your universe has in many ways been separated from the rest of Creation, and so, no wonder so many of you have felt separated and at times even lost. For you have…

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THE NVISIBLE: Solaras 2014 Surf Report



2013 was an extremely productive, but often exhausting, year of seemingly non-stop activity that accomplished much. It was a year full of powerful ‘A Mu’a energies that moved many of us forward into our True Directions. The ‘A Mu’a came with a succession of Green Lights and Golden Opportunities that brought us profound changes, deepened us immeasurably and moved us further into the New Landscape. Even if it appeared that we were outwardly living the same lives as before, much has dramatically changed.

2013 was the Chinese Year of the Snake, but it felt more like the Year of the Snake Shedding its Skin. That which was not honest and authentic was made glaringly visible, both in the outer world and in our own beings. Throughout the year, we removed layer upon layer of untrueness. Any attachments that we still had to duality were constantly magnified until we were able to let them go.

For some, 2013 was a difficult and challenging year. It felt like we were going through a sorting machine or sieve. This was especially true for those who were still living their old stories and repeating expired duality-based patterns. The challenge was to complete our old stories as quickly as possible. For those who did this, 2013 was a brilliant year of ‘A Mu’a, zooming along on the Fast Track as we brought many elements to completion while we explored our expanded New Landscape.


2014 presents us with the critical choice between two very different reality systems with two very different ways of being. We can continue to try to survive in the collapsing world of duality or we can zoom along on the Fast Track into the New Landscape and birth a New World. This choice is vitally important for it determines what we will experience this year and beyond. If we remain in our old lives and cling onto our old perceptions and expired ways of doing things, our survival is like the toss of a coin. If we inhabit the New Landscape, we can create a brilliant future based on Love and Trueness.

Right now, there are a lot of weary people, a lot of sad people and a lot of people who are living in a state of fear. For some, out of necessity or perceived necessity, survival issues are at the forefront. These survival issues can be quite a trap, influencing our decisions and keeping us ensnared into the world of duality rather than utilizing our Heart’s Knowingness to live True Lives as True Ones.

Many people are still trying to hold onto their old lives and old ways of being. On the outer, these familiar elements might appear to give us the needed stability to get through these chaotic times of momentous change. But in reality, they only hold us back. Many of us are still living in normal houses filled with objects that help anchor the energies of duality; we are still wearing normal clothes and doing social activities that keep us stuck on a certain level. This clinging onto normality doesn’t help us shift into the New Reality.

In order to get ourselves onto the New Level, we need to stop trying to be “normal” people. We can no longer hide under the cloak of normality and pretend that we are the same as everyone else. All this does is to prolong the state of duality. We have to let our full presence be seen and openly be True Ones. We need to unleash our love and let it be felt wherever we are.

This is especially true for sensitive people, such as those carrying strong angelic or fairy lineages. It’s essential that they move themselves onto the New Level in order to survive. If they remain on the old level, the tumultuous events in the outer world will be too harsh for their heightened sensitivity and they might find it difficult to remain on the planet.

As more of us remove our energy from the dying world of duality, it will hasten its demise. And as we increasingly inhabit the New Landscape, its resonance will become ever stronger, enabling ever more people to experience this wondrous New Level.


Jewels in the Crown was the keynote of the final 11:11 Activation
that took place in November 21 -22, 2012.

As we emerge from our journey through the 11:11 Doorway, we leave the dimensional patterning and move into the infinitely larger patterning of octaves. This means that we are no longer residing in the old 3rd, 4th or 5th Dimensions. Instead, we have reached what is known as Octave Seven. This is the place of the True Ones.

Each True One is a shining jewel. The crown is us as One Being. It is green because this is the color of TRUE LOVE which corresponds with the number four. The crown also represents our collective True Purpose in the vastly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. Now it’s time to take our appointed positions as Jewels in the Crown. Once we do this, our old Known World of duality becomes greatly diminished.

Although we can’t see it until we take our positions in the crown, our crown has two tiers. Those of us here in physical embodiment are the jewels at the “bottom” rim of the crown. The ones who are not currently in physical embodiment are the jewels at the “top” of the crown. (I use the words “bottom” and “top” for simple explanation; in truth there is no “up” nor “down”.) The “top” of our crown is magenta, the color of PURE HEART TRUE LOVE which corresponds to the master number 44. Together the two tiers of the crown represent the colors of AN, the Sun and Moon united as ONE BEING.

In order to make the massive shift in evolutionary spirals from duality to Oneness on planet Earth, it requires that there are beings positioned on both tiers of the crown. This is what makes it possible to turn our old reality inside out and transform duality into Oneness. It’s not enough to just have disembodied beings such as angels, star beings and ascended masters at the top of the crown. IT HAS TO BE US.

Many people close to us have left the planet during the past few years. We know deeply in our Heart of Hearts that THERE IS NO SEPARATION, yet some illusion still permeates our temporal reality that they are gone. We can feel them close by, but not in the old sense that they are staying close to Earth out of attachment or fear of the Unknown. There is a very new feeling of their great joy at being liberated from the earth plane. If we tune in, we can feel their love so strongly, as well as their sense of tremendous awe at what they are now experiencing. In the 11:11 cosmology, I would describe where they are as Octave Eleven. My feeling is that they haven’t left us; they have simply repositioned themselves. We are still very woven together as One Being.

This is perhaps one of the reasons that so many of our highly evolved loved ones are leaving the planet during this time. Some of us will stay in the physical world to serve in various forms. Some will become the new Anchor Points on the physical Earth; others will serve as the topmost jewels in our crown. The ones of us who are becoming the new Anchor Points will also need to live in Octave Eleven, even though we are still in physical embodiment, in order to fully align with those who have already left the planet.

“Aerial” View from the “top” of the crown, looking “downwards”,
showing the alignment as ONE between those on Earth in Octave Seven and Eleven
and those who have left the planet who are now residing in Octave Eleven.

The sooner that we get into position as Jewels in the Crown, the sooner the worlds can turn themselves inside out and the New World can be born.


In 2013 many of us started exploring the New Landscape of the vastly expanded realm of the Diamond of the Unseen. What is remarkable is that with every step we take into the New Landscape, a piece of duality disappears from the Earth. This fading away of duality is continually lightening up the energies of the planet and allowing more people to awaken as never before.

In 2014, many of us will step completely off the old map and fully inhabit this wondrous New Landscape, rather than just exploring it. There are many good reasons to inhabit the New Landscape as quickly as possible. First of all, it is the safest place to be. It is much more fun. Everything is easier and makes more sense. There is a huge creative surge for us to surf. And we are no longer subject to the distortions of fear, karma and illusion, as well as the manipulations of duality.

Of course, in the New Landscape we can no longer live our lives on autopilot, making unconscious actions and default decisions. This may be scary for some. And in the New Landscape we no longer have control over what is happening. Instead, we must put our years of experience developing the mastery of surfing into practice. Some might think that it takes great courage to live in the New Landscape, but living in duality actually requires much more courage because it’s more difficult and limited.

Inhabiting the New Landscape is essential at this time because this means that we are finally leaving behind the world of duality and moving into a totally New Paradigm. This is what we’ve been waiting for! This is what we’ve worked so hard to achieve! And now it is finally available to us, HERE. NOW.

During this momentous year, some of us will finally move to our True Homes. As we do, this will clear the path for many others to do so. This doesn’t mean that everyone has to move to a new location, although many will. You might already be in your True Home, but if so, you will feel the urge to completely recalibrate the energy there. Residing in our True Home is a state of being. Once we do this, expect profound changes and a whole new way of living.

The New Reality is already here ready to be revealed, but we may see our True Homes only when we make our full commitment to live there. It’s vitally important that we get into position this year with our Right People, Right Places, True Homes and True Purpose. For this is the place of our new True Lives.

The New Landscape is the realm of our Wildest Dreams. The deeper we immerse ourselves into it, the more of our Wildest Dreams will be fulfilled. This is joyous beyond words and fills us with deepest gratitude. The fulfillment of our Wildest Dreams has already begun!


Whenever there is a major paradigm shift, when an old world dies away and a new world is born, there always have to be Anchor Points. These serve as stabilization pinions that hold everything in balance during the momentous transition between reality systems.

Back at the beginning of this world, ancient tribal peoples scattered all over the planet served as the Anchor Points. Now however, many of these ancient tribal groups have died away. Many of the remaining ones have long been split by internal strife and have lost their trueness.

This leaves us in the position of currently not having sufficient Anchor Points for the upcoming shift into a totally New Paradigm. Because of this, it’s essential that the new Anchor Points get established as soon as possible. This is why some of us are doing our utmost to create new Anchor Points which are firmly planted in the New Reality.

One such place is our Heart of AN Center in Peru which we are working so diligently to create. To serve as an Anchor Point, we need to be ultra real and true with deepened love and compassion. Living in a supra-normal reality while in physical embodiment. We must fully inhabit the New Landscape and serve as Sacred Pagodas which influence their entire landscape by the truth of their being.

In order to make the shift into a totally New World / New Paradigm, these new Anchor Points must be in position. Without the Anchor Points in position, this momentous evolutionary shift cannot take place, or if it does, it will not have the desired result.

If you are called to be part of a new Anchor Point, you will know it within your Heart’s Knowingness. If so, it’s time to make haste to get into position in your Right Place with your True People.


2014 is a very intense, super charged year full of powerful forward movement, Fast Track action in Zoom Mode, immeasurable deepening, Green Lights and quantum breakthroughs. This power-packed year contains energies and events that are exciting, baffling, tragic, exhilarating, terrible, scary, brilliant and wondrous. And somehow, we will surf it through it all….

This momentous year will bring us the full spectrum of experiences coming from two very different reality systems. The New World is being born right in the midst of the old world that is dying all around us. Births of such a monumental scale often make things messy and chaotic, requiring us to deal with extremely mixed energies. Throughout the year, we will have to surf simultaneous waves of highs and lows which sometimes splash and crash together creating very Choppy Surf and dangerous riptides that can divert us from our True Direction if we’re not ultra alert. But no matter what happens, we have to stay true to our Heart’s Knowingness that ALL IS WELL.

2014 will bring us many events to shock us out of any remaining complacency that we are living normal lives in normal times. Volcanoes will wake up; there will be floods, earthquakes, forest fires and unexpected events as our planet shakes off the old energies of duality. There will also be man-made disasters, extremes in weather and politically-motivated events which will further wake us up.

We will have much to deal with on multiple levels. Things like Fukushima radiation, the widening use of drone airplanes, loved ones leaving the planet, the rapacious greed of the 1% causing ever more hardship to the already struggling poor, the poisoning of our food through GMOs and chemicals, the meaningless brutality against the defenseless and innocent and the rising corruption all around us. All the while, it will be increasingly difficult to keep sweeping things under the carpet and pretend they aren’t there. All will be revealed.

We need to be aware of what is happening with clarity, yet not let ourselves be affected by outside events. These events don’t need to fill us with fear or depression, but should serve as a method of propulsion to propel us forward to inhabit the New Landscape in order to create a New World.

For some people it might feel like the WORST year ever because the books of their old stories will be ripped out of their hands and their old life will disappear forever. Yet for many, it will be a HUGE A’ MU’A year because we are going to move to our True Homes in the New Landscape and our Wildest Dreams are going to come true!!!

This is why we can’t simply pretend to be “normal” anymore and continue to live our lives the way we used to. We have to keep our focus on what is TRUE and REAL, continually going deeper into the New Landscape until it becomes our predominant reality and we actually live there. We need to move onto the New Level and we have to do it NOW!

2014 is full of wondrous opportunities. We can experience deep fulfillment in the midst of chaos. We can choose to manifest our Wildest Dreams or we can remain stuck in the nightmare of the collapsing world of duality. If we still hold onto hopes and wishes that the world will suddenly turn all soft and rosy without any sharp edges, rough experiences, dangers or violence, we need to realize that this simply isn’t going to happen.

This year requires an abundance of courage, clarity, honesty and Trueness. It requires that we not only listen to our Heart’s Knowingness, but that we actually live it. This is the year to honestly speak our truth, leave jobs that are too stressful, to walk away from relationships which aren’t supportive, to create the lives we’ve truly want, to believe in our Wildest Dreams and take whatever steps are needed in order to manifest them.

All year long, we will be aided by the continual deepening of our ever expanding LOVE. This PURE HEART TRUE LOVE will carry us through the challenges, strengthening our compassion and weaving us together as ONE as never before. In the midst of these dramatic changes, there is a deepening energetic centerpoint of Love and Trueness within us that is ever expanding and bringing Love, Peace, Calm and Empowerment.

As we continue to close the books of our old stories and let go of all that is untrue, myriad elements will finally click into position. There will be strong creative surges all year long. As our creativity reaches new levels, we will enthusiastically bring forth talents we never knew existed. We will create houses, gardens, relationships, artwork, music, pathways, communities and a whole new True Life which is the expression of our unbridled, unleashed creativity.

This will be a year when we need to be refined light beings, but at the same time very strong, full of confidence, seeing and accepting the Ultra Greater Reality as the only acceptable reality; then we will be able to see that PURE TRUE LOVE is all there is…. and all will be perfect.

We are learning how to step off the old map of our Known Worlds and have become much more relaxed in trusting that we are being supported with each step. We are doing our best to stay in the present moment, using deeper intuitive skills for natural navigation, instead of limiting ourselves to what our minds can comprehend and figure out. Some of us feel as though our candle has been furiously burning from both ends, and it has! Duality is burning to the middle where complete ONENESS is born in a massive explosion of Pure Heart’s Light! No matter how exhausted we feel in this process, there is an underlying excitement in knowing our New World is being born!

In 2014 many of us will become free at last from duality. We will remove the final hooks which have kept us long attached. This will happen because duality’s hooks are much more obvious than before. We will experience the True Liberation which comes from fully inhabiting the Expanded HERE and NOW.

This is a powerful year of Completion and New Beginnings happening simultaneously. All realities and timelines are merging into ONE. It’s like the Ouroboros with its tail in its mouth, the perfect circle of life and death and rebirth which spirals us onto a completely New Level.

We are growing accustomed to the expanded realities and deepened feelings of being True Ones, immediately recognizing other True Ones and instantly seeing our shared purpose. There is a massive convergence of True Ones which is taking place this year as the Jewels place themselves in the Crown. All year long, we will reunite with kindred beings. We will reunite with lost or forgotten parts of ourselves. We will reunite with our True People, True Places, True Homes and True Purpose.

This year is filled with the most unpredictable and magical possibilities which might arrive completely unexpectedly. This happens when we anchor ourselves in the Expanded HERE and NOW which is like the Eye of the Storm. We are building a New Reality by living this way. Every choice we make to consciously live in the New Landscape is a thread in the new tapestry. At the beginning, it may require concentrated effort to weave in our new threads. Our new tapestry may look like nothing. But the more threads we put into it, the easier the weaving becomes. As we continue to progress, we become increasingly excited because we can finally see the exquisitely beautiful, brand new pattern that is emerging.

All year long, the New and True will continue to unfold in a non-linear manner. We will become master explorers of the New Landscape and this will be super fun and wildly exciting. It is essential that we live in ways that are really True for us. There is the knowingness that what is true, sacred and real now needs to be physically manifested. As quickly as possible.

There’s a wondrous New World that is being born right now. Let’s be a vital part of this birth. Let’s put our energies where they are most needed! Let’s be the Jewels in the Crown and inhabit the New Landscape.

Here is a huge XUA!!!! to clear the path into Trueness!THE NVISIBLE: Solaras 2014 Surf Report.


Source: http://www.nvisible.com/

Many of us have been taking a good, clear look at ourselves and our immediate environment in order to see what parts of our old lives are still useful for us and which ones are now ready to be released. We are not only taking stock of the things around us, but of our old dreams, values and priorities. As we look at everything with fresh eyes, we can see that many of them are no long valid for us.

We are feeling a strong sense of finality and completion. We know that we can never return to our old lives. The last bridges to our past have burned behind us, plunging us into ever deeper states of NO DOWN – NO RETURN. We also feel the long procession of people who’ve passed through our lives and touched us deeply, molding who we are. Some of them have now left the planet; some have long disappeared from our lives and others we will probably never see again. Now we are saying a final, deeply poignant, farewell to the people and elements that have left our lives.

The final chapter of the book of our old life not only has been written, but the entire book seems to have disappeared along the way. We may remember some of our old stories, just like we might remember the plot of a movie we loved or the memory of a past lifetime, but there’s the unquestionable knowingness that the past has faded away, never to return.

Once we start living True Lives as True Ones, our entire journey, not only of this lifetime, but our entire cycle of earthly embodiments, now fully moves into the Expanded HERE and NOW. The Past and Future no longer exist.

Our True Homes are the point of convergence between what we previously perceived as our personal lives and our spiritual path. Once we are living in our True Home, we discover that our personal lives and spiritual paths are no longer separate and have now merged into a completely new way of being. Our most spiritual endeavors at this moment are also the most practical ones. (Just like the old saying, “The Buddha is found chopping wood and fetching water.”) The simple act of living a True Life as a True One is deeply fulfilling on the most intimate personal level while serving an infinitely larger purpose.

November emphasizes bringing many things to completion while taking a good clear look at where we are now and adjusting our inner being and outer life to the profound changes we are experiencing. We will shed more layers of our old lives and old perceptions, as well as any remaining weariness we have accumulated, while feeling increasingly comfortable and at home in the New Landscape.

The emphasis of the MEGA RESET is the releasing of our old environment and the moving into our True Position until our beings are completely RESET to the frequencies of the New Landscape. This MEGA RESET will finally unhook many of us from our old environments, from all the expired elements which still clutter our lives and from duality itself. It will act as a homing beacon to lead us to our True Positions and True Homes with our True People.

All the profound changes that took place in this wondrous Windhorse Year have created a brilliant foundation for a totally New Beginning. November will bring us even more amazing possibilities as more elements click into position and we move closer to our True Positions and True Homes. We are all surfing an immense wave of Honest Trueness and it is taking us to where we are truly meant to be.

The next few months are deeply creative as we all have the opportunity to completely recreate our lives to be aligned with who we really are. New ways of living True Lives are being birthed, latent talents are becoming visible and previously unaccessed depths of our beings are rising to the outer surface. An ancient tiredness is leaving us and the planet. Something huge is definitely happening on planet Earth right now. Yet, at the same time, we feel a deep, grounded calmness, with a renewed focus on the practical and ready for action.

The time for manifesting the Ultra Greater Reality on the physical is finally here. Our true core beings are becoming increasingly visible and our outer landscape is starting to mirror this heightened Trueness. The fruition of all we have worked for during our long cycle of embodiments is now becoming visible, viable, real and super alive. And for that, we can only be deeply grateful….

This is a small fragment of Solara’s complete NOVEMBER 2014 SURF REPORT. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

Empowering the Architects of the New Earth

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