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After so many years consciously on the voyage to Godhood, we are well enuf experienced at eclipse passages to realize that when we are deeply immersed in such major transformation, we are mostly unable to interpret any of it.

In walks the Pleiadian perspective. The starbeings take great delight in witnessing the extraordinary changes that are taking place within us…AS they are taking place…just prior to our integration and understanding of said transformations. This cycle of change is no exception.

Part of the reason why they allow us to go thru most of the process before they report on our collective happenings is so that we have the opportunity to flesh out these realizations on our own first, to witness our own inner-guidance system as it is validated by their confirmations.

RIght now there are many of you reading this who are finalizing some very important details from your 3d dimensional experience of life…what the Pleiadian High Council calls our “past life in the present incarnation experience”. You may not completely comprehend the full purpose behind the sudden myriad of surfacing events yet, but that part doesn’t really matter…what matters is that you keep your sight on yourself and know that the details that we are all facing in one way or another are those that must be dealt with so that we are free to fly, post eclipse season.

If you are feeling severely derailed, it’s likely that you are in the midst of a major initiation, a “testing phase” if you will, to see just how prepared you are for 5th dimensional life. And by prepared I mean: non-reactive. Detachment is key right now and thru this solar eclipse in particular…if you allow everything that arrives its purpose, without resistance, you will be able to let go of your old fear-based responses and sail on thru to the other side with just a gentle breeze. If you hold up the process by attaching to it…be-lie-ving in the illusions presented…you won’t fail, but you will make the already-decided-destiny much more uncomfortable.

We are becoming not only aware of, but literally capable of creating our reality as GOD(s).
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We are all being taken for quite a ride to our own freedom, twists & turns abound…we take a step forward, then suddenly a new, unexpected route appears. We think we are going in this direction, and then WHOOSH, the rug gets pulled out from under us and we need to rebalance and go in THAT direction. This is common erratic eclipse behavior and we have to be super flexible to survive it, but depending on the level of clearing work you’ve done, the so called less-ons really less-en in density until we become so detached from outcomes and anchored so deeply in trust, that we are unfazed by all the intensified uncertainty.

Regardless of where you find yourself on that frequency scale…and you will know based on how fastened you are to neutrality and how much effort is still required on your behalf to command positive change in your life…the formula is always the same: allow what-is to be. If you do that successfully, you will find that the road powerfully rises up to meet your every next step and that you are wholly supported in the direction of your highest good. That said, and this much is certain, you will not be permitted to ignore, suppress or avoid what you need to resolve thru this gateway. There is just too much light on the planet to stand in the shadows any longer so don’t delay the inevitable…use this unprecedented opportunity to step up and out of any remaining darkness in your life.

Major endings are here…and not just any endings, we’re talking endings of epic-proportion, those that will inevitably change the entire course of human history…which also means massive new beginnings are about to burst forth, to be born from the wreckage.

For me personally, this is showing up very literally as closing a major chapter in my life…ironically, Chapter “13”…no accident there. The 5 year bankruptcy journey that I embarked upon in October of 2009 is (synchronistically) being finalized and discharged during this very powerful week of endings and simultaneous new beginnings. Some of you know that back then I was in foreclosure and facing the loss of my home at a time when I was being called to really step up and walk thru some deep fears around security and self value.

When I look back at who I was then, prior to the overhaul and resurrection of my financial well being, I am humbled and completely amazed by the transformation. For any of you who may be currently facing similar scenarios, I am happy to report that this restructuring process, when used consciously as a tool for inner expansion and growth, is beyond powerful. My new life, post-bankruptcy, is unrecognizable in comparison.

Our paths are all different but what remains the same in this moment is our ability to stand in our fully realized God power, to release the struggle for good…even bless it’s divine purpose in aiding us to arrive here…so that we can resurrect our lives and world to match this newly possible state of being.

Realize that all of the closure we seek is not only serving us to move more fully into our true state of being, it also carries with it the potential to cauterize our past to a point of absolute amnesia. We have already expanded so far beyond our 3D perception of self…and the hologram that houses it…that, once we let go, it is becoming nearly impossible to tap into those outdated parts of us that have honored limitation for so very long. Yes, we are currently reviewing many scenarios of the past, but if you pay close enuf attention you’ll notice there is a safety net that wasn’t there before…a buffer of protection from the depths of 3D that prevents us from slipping all the way back, from falling to the bottom of that bottomless rabbit hole that we have called ‘home’ for a dozen years or more.

In fact, if you stay riveted to the higher mind & heart, you might notice that moving into this new reality system can be felt like some kind of bewildering disappearing act…like suddenly centuries of suffering just never happened. POOF! gone. It is one of the strangest, most freeing experiences to witness…one that I imagine will eventually normalize (whatever that means) but for now, this push-pull dynamic of the past and future coming into our present borders heavily on the psychedelic side….like in an angel dust way. (That’s PCP, for any woo’s in the audience who are at risk of taking that literally.)

And this merging is exactly what I am told is happening thru this very gateway. For those who have been forging ahead at warp transmutation speed, we are moving into an “integrated dimension” of past AND future experience, one that will accurately reflect our burgeoning God-realized state.

Translation: we are becoming not only aware of, but absolutely and literally capable of creating our reality as GOD(s).

This has a very different meaning and connotation from a 3d dimensional perspective where separation is the name of the game, but from a unified perspective you simply cannot create as anything but GOD…for when you bask in the resonance of your souls truth, you create via the Source of not only who you are, but of ALL of creation.

This means so many things vast and incomprehensible to you at this point, but what IS comprehensible is your feelings associated with this new level of existence. Because of that, we would like to take this opportunity to discuss these new feelings with you in detail…

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Cosmic-Human Hybrid: becoming gods | Think With Your Heart.

Is The Water on Earth Older Than the Sun? – Waking Times

New research reveals that a big portion of the Earth’s water is older than previously thought, and actually predates the age of the Sun. Moreover, the findings of the study suggest that water – and life – could exist on exoplanets throughout our galaxy and beyond.That bottle of water sitting on your desk is really really old.. Actually, unfathomably ancient.

This is an important step forward in our quest to find out if life exists on other planets,” said Professor Tim Harries of the University of Exeter, a member of the research team. “We know that water is vital for the evolution of life on Earth, but it was possible that the Earth’s water originated in the specific conditions of the early solar system, and that those circumstances might occur infrequently elsewhere…

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Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing

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gaia_energy1Sweeps of Light engage all surface dwellers.

Gaia connections now require all to access Inner depths of BEing.

Surface activities decrease as all awaken to the Higher Inner as Gaia collective awakens to the Higher collective Inner.

Transformatives engage hu-manity with full magnitude of awakening Light.

Brilliance embraced.

This time moment is marked.

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51 places you need to visit before you die

286Wednesday, June 25, 2014 in Image

Around the world there are secret places and stunning, whether in forests, beaches, islands or even in urban areas. Discover 50 beautiful places some of which are little known to the general public and which deserve to be discovered if you have the soul of an adventurer traveler . The scenery breathtaking for most!

1 China: The spiral staircase

55-amazing-places-on-earth (2)


Portugal 2: Palace Regaleira

55-amazing-places-on-earth (33)


3 Bosnia and Herzegovina: the small town of Blagaj

55-amazing-places-on-earth (23)


4 Romania: Merry Cemetery Săpânţa

55-amazing-places-on-earth (43)


Italy 5: The small island of Procida

55-amazing-places-on-earth (12)


6. Malta Popeye Village

55-amazing-places-on-earth (20)


7 Iceland: Falls Litlanesfoss

55-amazing-places-on-earth (7)


8 China: The mountains rainbow sky

55-amazing-places-on-earth (22)


9 Italy: The Cliff Restaurant

55-amazing-places-on-earth (9)


10 India: Chand Baori

55-amazing-places-on-earth (26)


11 USA: Bishop’s Castle

55-amazing-places-on-earth (50)


12 Russia: psychedelic salt mine

55-amazing-places-on-earth (21)


13 Brazil: The natural pool at the white sand Fervedouro

55-amazing-places-on-earth (5)


14 Italy: Craco ghost medieval village

55-amazing-places-on-earth (27)


Samoa 15: To Sua Ocean Trench

55-amazing-places-on-earth (37)


16 Burma: The village of Bagan

55-amazing-places-on-earth (8)


17 Portugal: The colorful umbrellas of Agueda

55-amazing-places-on-earth (11)


18 Tanzania: Lake Natron

55-amazing-places-on-earth (6)


19 Germany: Bridge Bastei

55-amazing-places-on-earth (3)


20 Sichuan: The Leshan Giant Buddha

55-amazing-places-on-earth (53)


21 Spain: The Alcazar of Segovia

55-amazing-places-on-earth (24)


22 Turkey: Tombs of Myra

55-amazing-places-on-earth (31)


23 Netherlands: Fort Bourtange

55-amazing-places-on-earth (54)


24 Bhutan: The Monastery Taktshang

55-amazing-places-on-earth (39)


25 Portugal: The island of São Miguel

55-amazing-places-on-earth (13)


26 Italy: Santa Maria dell’Isola

55-amazing-places-on-earth (28)


France 27: The Gardens of Marqueyssac

55-amazing-places-on-earth (47)


28 Philippinnes: Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

55-amazing-places-on-earth (14)


29 Iran: Mosque Nasir-ol-Molk

55-amazing-places-on-earth (48)


30 Russia: Pillars Nature Park in Lena

55-amazing-places-on-earth (51)


31 Thailand The White Temple Wat Rong Khun

55-amazing-places-on-earth (4)


32 Singapore: Park Gardens by the Bay

55-amazing-places-on-earth (44)


33 United States: Kansas City Library

55-amazing-places-on-earth (19)


34 Ukraine and Russia: Mount Ai-Petri

55-amazing-places-on-earth (25)


35 Egypt: The Library of Alexandria

55-amazing-places-on-earth (17)


36 France: Le Moulin de l’Abbaye

55-amazing-places-on-earth (46)


37 Peru: Huacachina Oasis

55-amazing-places-on-earth (10)


38 Mexico: The Marieta Islands

55-amazing-places-on-earth (34)


39 Sri Lanka: The lion rock Sigiriya

55-amazing-places-on-earth (18)


40 Portugal: The Fort of São João Baptista

55-amazing-places-on-earth (45)


41 Canada: Montreal Botanical Garden

55-amazing-places-on-earth (16)


42 Thailand: Phraya Nakhon Cave

55-amazing-places-on-earth (32)


43 Western Australia: Pink Lake Middle Island

55-amazing-places-on-earth (49)


44 South Korea: Jeju-do Island

55-amazing-places-on-earth (55)


France 45: The Ark Breakthrough Chartreuse

55-amazing-places-on-earth (52)


46 Turkmenistan: The Gates of Hell

55-amazing-places-on-earth (1)


47 China: The sunken city of Shi Cheng

55-amazing-places-on-earth (41)


48 Morocco: The souk of Fez

55-amazing-places-on-earth (30)


49 U.S.: The Fly Geyser

55-amazing-places-on-earth (2)


50 Belize: The Gran Blue Hole

55-amazing-places-on-earth (3)


51 Brazil: Mount Roraima

55-amazing-places-on-earth (1)


Sources: Secret Places + Google searches and Wikipedia

51 places you need to visit before you die.

Golden Gaia News Roundup: October 23, 2014 « Golden Age of Gaia

Happy Thursday, dear friends!

I am very happy we have this time together today to share the news, before we all run off in different directions, so let’s get to it.Our focus today is on the Ebola situation around the world, which is showing many small shifts in a positive direction, and we can be of great help, by flowing our love to all beings who are affected by it. We then jump around a bit from there…

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Universal Mother Mary: Inertia to the Creation of Nova Earth and Nova You « Golden Age of Gaia

Universal Mother Mary talks of inertia… that moment of quiet, that moment of stillness, it is that moment of stillpoint where all the energies of her Tsunami are re-gathered, re-integrated, deepened, before the final battle… and that final battle is our surrender to Love. Below is a discussion from Linda before Universal Mother Mary’s channeling.

Linda: Before we begin I just have to say, “Thank you to everyone who attended either electronically or spiritually or physically to Lake Tahoe.” It was phenomenal… for me it was such a gift and it was the Mother’s workshop and boy, she’s not finished with us!

I have this rule of three. When I hear something consistently, in meditation and/or in individual channelings, I wait until I’ve heard it three times and when I do, I go in and look at it deeper to see if this is something that is applicable for the collective. This next information on inertia fits this category of three.

The Council, especially Universal Mother Mary, has begun talking about a new phase in terms of our Ascension process that we are just entering. It’s an exciting phase called inertia.
Now, I always think of inertia as being a second cousin to sloth because it’s when there really isn’t any movement. But the more I meditated on it the more information came through. The COL actually gave my client, Carol, a wonderful visual in terms of this term inertia, which we have misunderstood.

As you well know, the Council has been redefining language and understandings behind words for us, particularly in the last year. I remember the kafuffle that started with the reaction to the word tsunami… ‘Oh my god, why are you using that word, it’s so destructive?’ … etc.… So, here we go again with inertia.

The example they used with Carol was this: When you are really busy, perhaps doing spring cleaning, attacking every nook and cranny of your house and you’re busy, busy, busy, and you’re sweating and you’re working hard… we’ve all done it probably once (laughter)…

Then what happens is at the end of the day four o’clock comes and you take a seat on the sofa or the chair and you’re just done. You know there may still be some dust bunnies somewhere in your house but you don’t care, you just sit there like a bump on a log… and you’re cooked.

You want to either curl up on the couch and watch a movie or have a nap or just stare at the wall… which is always a good thing to do… but that’s what the example the COL was using to explain inertia. It’s when you have been extremely busy and the point comes when you are in that place of what they are calling ‘healthy exhaustion’ and you’re just being still. Well, we have all been, particularly we who are light holders and Love holders, extremely busy working on the mayhem, the chaos, the reluctant, the recalcitrant, and on and on and on.

What the Council is saying, and this is what’s exciting, is that the collective has reached this place of inertia as well. Now, if you think of this, inertia, that place of stillness and no movement is very akin to coming, in a natural, physical rhythm, to stillpoint. And we know at stillpoint is where creation, in terms of the creation formula, is fertilized, implodes/explodes. So, stillpoint and inertia is where we are right now, not just individually but again collectively, resetting our inner mechanisms as it were.

The Council, Mother Mary and Sanat Kumara have been very actively explaining that it is a necessary part of the process of Ascension because you can’t be fighting and working, working, working, working without stopping to do the reset. You can’t do the reset while you’re in full forward thrust. You have heard the Council use the term ‘the pause’ and the term ‘ full ignition’, well this is that pause so that we can proceed to full ignition.

My thought had been following the incredible gathering of 21 countries coming together for the Lake Tahoe Lovestream, that we would continue exploring Union and Reunion. But what we’re seeing is that the Council is already guiding us to think several steps ahead. So while we’re still working on that Union and Reunion, it’s basically them saying, “Okay you’ve got the basics, you’ve got the tools, you’re working on that, now let’s go.” And in terms of ‘let’s go’, let’s go and stay perfectly still.
That’s probably why a lot of you are feeling, not just the exhaustion that we have felt in the past couple of years as we’ve had these increases in our frequencies and our vibration, but a slightly different quality of “I just want to sit down and be still.

It’s not that I’m so exhausted, it’s that I want to sit down and enjoy my interdimensional self because we’re becoming more aware of that interdimensional self. What we’re doing in inertia and in that stillpoint is being still enough that our stranger and our interdimensional self can be active, go off doing things, as we can become increasingly aware of what it is they’re doing. This just has me completely jazzed!

You also have many parts of you that are interdimensional, your stranger is not your only helper; you have your guides, you have the circle… and most people are under-employing their stranger, to say the least. Remember you are the director or manager of all your aspects. We’ve all seen or experienced managers and supervisors who keep so busy doing your work that they never stop long enough to actually give you clear instruction about what your job and your tasks are. What we are doing in inertia is being the manager, heart and telepathically communicating to our circle, and fully employing all the help that’s available to us.

In this you can revert to some of the issues or questions that we are covering and addressing in the Union and Reunion segment of the Council work, such as “Am I honoring myself? Do I really Love myself? Am I really taking care of my boundaries? Am I really doing what I want with my life?”
When you’re running you’re not really answering those questions, you don’t create the space. We all know people who want to run a million miles an hour so they don’t have to look at stuff. So, this stillness, this inertia is our next phase.

The other thing that the Mother has talked to us a lot about is the nurturing and the joy factor. Archangel Gabrielle has talked to us about this, about the joy factor of really nurturing ourselves. She has given us many exercises, many gifts, many tools about working with Joy. She is our go-to ‘Joy archangel’; she has given us the golden rain, the keys to the kingdom, the keys to our heart, the golden bubbles.

The list of what Archangel Gabrielle has given us for Joy is long. What we have done in the past is worked with the joy prescription or exercise and that is to choose at the beginning of the day a 15 minutes of joy ritual which subsequently grows.

Yet even this simple exercise has shifted to a new level. What the Council is encouraging is expanding this joy awareness in our consciousness, and do it on the fly. For example, you’re living in the middle of a city and you come across a flower pushing its head up in the middle of a sidewalk; now often we would look at that and we would simply say, “Oh, that’s pretty” and walk on. Or we would see the way the light is coming through our windows, sparkling and sending rainbows, because now we have a crystal hanging in the window, and we’re saying, “Well that’s pretty” and let it go.

Now what the COL is suggesting is that when you come across those moments of beauty or of joy, is to really look at it, grab it and bring it into your heart; just bring it all the way into your heart, to take that ‘pause’ moment and to realize ‘Oh my gosh, this is my Joy gift today.’ So you bring it in,savor it, let that joy fill you up and then you give thanks and gratitude for having gotten the gift.

Again, it’s us being more conscious which is one of the fundamental elements, not only of being the New You but of creating Nova Earth. It’s seeing that joy and beauty and claiming it for ourselves in the little things, and of course in the big things, every single day.

It’s us expanding our relationship with all the kingdoms, whether it’s the tree or the flower or the elementals, the fairies or the birds. It’s us pulling that ray in, the color in to our heart, the qualities of that tree or that flower or that animal. We’re pulling in the dimension.

We know, for example, that the animal kingdom is ahead of us, as Gaia herself is already anchored in the 7th dimension. So when you see these little joy gifts, it’s the flower or the bird or Gaia giving us the energy of that 7th dimension and often higher. Often people say, “Well, how am I getting used to being in the higher dimensions?” Well, this is a really easy, obvious way. Our cohabitants of Earth aree saying, “Okay humans, pay attention.”

Everyone is talking about the 5th, the Council has always, never varied, talking about the 7th; we’re going through the 5th and that’s great and it’s opening us up but why would we want to stop there? We’re going to the 7th which is Christ Consciousness and Love and that’s where we want to live. And that’s where Gaia is living, that’s where the heart of Gaia is anchored.

She is brushing the top of the 8th, she’s brushing the top of the new 3rd, but if we want to go to her heart go to the 7th. Once we’re anchored in the higher dimensions, we access all the dimensions because it isn’t a hierarchy, we can’t operate without the 1st dimension of knowing what the idea of who we are is and them morphing on up. So, it’s not exclusive, it’s inclusive.

The biggest challenge that I have noted in the people really working and applying the Creation Formula (Intent + Stillpoint + Action = Creation) the Stillpoint piece.

With this phase of inertia the Mother is bringing us, in physical and in every other way to that place of stillness. Inertia is when I can’t move even if I want to… so it’s like I’m going to be in the stillness but it’s still going to be in that bubble of joy and gratitude and Love. As always the COL continue to teach us and we’re so lucky.

The Mother keeps telling us that the most precious gifts are the intangibles; a lot of that treasure chest has nothing to do with things that we see, smell, touch, at least not in what we perceive as the 3rd dimension. But what we’re doing is we’re touching and seeing and feeling them interdimensionally with our hearts.

We are ready! And what it sounds like is the collective is ready! But it feels like… here we go, here we go! And the affirmation that Mother Mary gave us the very last day at Lake Tahoe is, “I am prepared to receive.”

In Lake Tahoe Mother Mary asked us “what lies… (a strong word!) are you telling yourself?” We all do it, unconsciously from old patterning. Think of it as, “What are the barriers that I’ve been putting up and I didn’t even know about?” And now, “Am I prepared to receive?”


Greetings, I am Mary, Universal Mother, Mother of Change, Mother of Love, Mother of All, Mother of Ancients, Mother of New, Mother of Future, Mother of Past, Mother of Eternal Now. Surely dear hearts, you did not think that I had completed what I have to say to humanity. There continues to be a great deal that humanity has need to hear. And you, my beloved lightworkers, Love holders, you are my spokes-beings; you are the daughters and the sons of my heart.

I continue to speak to you, even as you go into this phase of inertia. Let me share something with you and normally this would come forth through Archangel Michael. In all great battles, above, below, and in-between, there is a moment of fury and extreme chaos and then there is a moment, sometimes a day, sometimes a moment, sometimes a week, of what we call inertia. It is that moment of quiet, it is that moment of stillness, it is that moment of stillpoint where all the energies, all the energies of my Tsunami are re-gathered, re-integrated, deepened, can I say in this terminology, before the final battle.

Now, I do not talk about chaos and bloodshed, death and destruction. The final battle, dear heart, is surrender; the final battle is surrender to Love, to my Love, to your Love, and to the Love of each other. It is the acceptance of your star brothers and sisters, not merely those who hover over Gaia, but those who are galaxies away. It is surrender to your brothers and sisters of the kingdoms. It is surrender to Love.

From the place of inertia you move to creation, you move to the creation of Nova Earth and Nova You. Many of you, my sweet Annas, have carried the energy of the New You; you have done so for me and you have laid the foundation, you have rewoven the grid, you have reconstructed the paradigms. You have been vigilant, diligent, consistent, in holding the flame of my Love.

Despite appearances that looks like chaos and no resolution, you have held firm. You have done this, not merely for me or for Michael or for Gabrielle or Uriel, you have done it for all… not merely for those of Gaia… you have done it for ALL. You have only a sliver, a glimpse, a brief idea of the magnitude of this undertaking and what you have already accomplished. It is not the task, the work of Union and Reunion; it is the celebration of Union and Reunion; the joy of a job well done.

You prepare for the victory and I will join you in that dance. And then, sweet angels, no I do not call you home for I wish for you to experience the joy of being on Nova Earth, of Terra Gaia, to know the fruition of the work that you have done for eons. Since you were born as Creator Race, you come into the fulfillment of the Creator Race, of the restoration of the original, of My plan; there will be no desire to leave.

Allow yourselves, during this period of inertia, to receive the bounty I flood you with. This phase is not being placed on hiatus or sabbatical; this is an action of stillness, this is a replenishment of your very soul, this is a replenishment of your physical being, this is the restoration. Look in the mirror and observe.

Now, I do not say, nor would I ever wish to infer that during this period that you do not turn to me because I continue to plead with you. On behalf of my sacred self, the Father and I, your guides, the Council, the ascended masters, your star brothers and sisters, your circle, turn to us and ask for help. And yes, sweet angel, prepare to receive.

Go with my Love, go with my gratitude, experience my gratitude, feel what it looks like in tangible form. I Love you. Farewell.

Channeled by Linda Dillon 10-18-14
© 2014 Council of Love Mother Mary: Inertia to the Creation of Nova Earth and Nova You « Golden Age of Gaia.

The 500 Year Old Map that Shatters the Official History of the Human Race – Waking Times

Buck Rogers, Staff Writer
Waking Times

If conventional wisdom on the history of the human race is correct, then human civilization is not old enough, nor was it advanced enough, to account for many of the mysterious monolithic and archeological sites around the world. Places like Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, the Bosnian Pyramids, and Adam’s Calendar in South Africa, beg the same question: if human civilization is supposedly not old enough to have created all of these sites, then who, or what, had the capacity to create so many elaborate structures around the globe?

It is clear that our understanding of our own history is incomplete, and there is plenty of credible evidence pointing to the existence of intelligent and civilized cultures on Earth long before the first human cultures emerged from the Middle East around 4000BC. The Admiral Piri Reis world map of 1513 is part of the emerging more complete story of our history, one that challenges mainstream thinking in big ways.

Mapmaking is a complex and civilized task, thought to have emerged around 1000BC with the Babylonian clay tablets. Antarctica was officially first sighted by a Russian expedition in 1820 and is entirely covered in ice caps thought to have formed around 34-45 million years ago. Antarctica, therefore, should not be seen on any map prior to 1820, and all sighted maps of Antarctica should contain the polar ice caps, which are supposedly millions of years old.

A world map made by Ottoman cartographer and military admiral, Piri Reis, casts some doubt on what we think we know about ancient civilization.

The Piri Reis map, which focuses on Western Africa, the East Coast of South America, and the North Coast of Antarctica, features the details of a coastline that many historians and geologists believe represents Queen Maud Land, that is, Antarctica. Remarkably, as represented in this map, the frigid continent was not covered in ice caps, but, rather, with dense vegetation. How could a map drawn in 1513 feature a continent that wasn’t discovered until 1820? And if the continent had in fact been discovered by one of the civilizations known to have emerged after 4000BC, why were the ice caps not on the map?

The paradoxes presented by the map were of little significance to the world until Charles Hapgood, a history professor from New Hampshire, USA, claimed that the information in the Piri Reis map supported a different view of geology and ancient history. Hapgood believed that the map verified his global geological theory, which explains how portions of Antarctica could have remained ice-free until 4000BC.

Hapgood’s presentation is so convincing that even famed theoretical physicist and philosopher Albert Einstein wrote the following supportive forward to a book that Hapgood wrote in 1953:

“His idea is original, of great simplicity, and – if it continues to prove itself – of great importance to everything that is related to the history of the Earth’s surface.” -Albert Einstein

Piri Reis
Unquestionably not a hoax, the map is certifiably authentic, but the information on the map is of mysterious origin. Piri Reis himself notes that the map was drawn from information sourced from other, older maps, charts and logs, many of which, Hapgood suggests, may have been copied and transcribed repeatedly since before the destruction of the Library of Alexandria in Egypt, which wiped out the literature of antiquity and vast cultural knowledge.

This hypothesis opens the door to the possibility that some forgotten ancient civilization had the capacity to voyage to the Antarctic, charting the earth, with the technology to make maps, sometime before the ice caps formed. A significant departure from our present understanding of our history.

The absence of the ice caps in the Piri Reis map is peculiar, and in 1960 Hapgood brought his theories on this to the attention of the United States Air Force. Hapgood asked, among other things, if the shape of the continent, as it appeared on the Piri Reis map, was at all similar to the shape of the continent under the ice, as revealed by recent Air Force testing of seismic data on the continent. Their answer was astonishing:

“…the geographical detail shown in the lower part of the map agrees very remarkably with the results of the seismic profile made across the top of the ice-cap by the Swedish-British Antarctic Expedition of 1949.

This indicates the coastline had been mapped before it was covered by the ice-cap.

The ice-cap in this region is now about a mile thick.

We have no idea how the data on this map can be reconciled with the supposed state of geographical knowledge in 1513.

Harold Z. Ohlmeyer
Lt. Colonel, USAF

[Fingerprints of the Gods]

If Hapgood’s theory has merit, as even Einstein believed, then there was a period of time from around 13000BC to 6000BC when Antarctica was located more closely to the equator and was more tropical in climate, much like parts of South America. This was caused by a sudden shift of the earth’s entire lithosphere, he theorized, simultaneously moving all of the continents into their present position, a much different view than the widely accepted explanation offered the plate tectonics theory.

If Antarctica had indeed been further North then than it presently is, and was not covered in ice only as recently as 6000BC, then who was around back then that could have mapped it, long before any known civilizations? And who could have done so long before the advent of the marine chronometer in the 18th century, which finally solved the problem of accurately tracking longitude on the high seas?

Had the entire Earth already been mapped by 4000BC, by a civilization that has been forgotten, as analysis of the Piri Reis map and the theories of Charles Hapgood suggest?

The 500 Year Old Map that Shatters the Official History of the Human Race – Waking Times.

The Public is Being Misled, Cancer Can be Prevented, Even Reversed With Diet – Waking Times

Clare Howard, AlterNet
Waking Times

T. Colin Campbell has set off a war with the food industry.

He says the CIA has shown up at his door with questions. Colleagues have warned him not to pursue his controversial research findings. One of his professional organizations considered kicking him out because of his research, and national panels that once wooed him now ignore him.

But in the end, T. Colin Campbell is a consummate researcher. When his findings belied one of his own foundational beliefs about nutrition, Campbell found himself standing alone at a crossroads: continue a respected and tenured academic career at a prestigious school or go public and advocate for scientific findings that counter established tenets of nutrition, contradict government dietary guidelines, are misunderstood by the medical establishment and belie the marketing claims of major food corporations.

Campbell says he chose the truth. In response to a comment that he picked a fight with a billion-dollar industry, Campbell said, “No, it’s a trillion-dollar industry.”

The professor emeritus in nutritional biochemistry at Cornell University said research has proven that consumption of animal products, including meat, fish and dairy, triggers chronic diseases and impaired health and poses a greater risk than heredity or environment. He has linked casein, a protein in milk, with breast cancer. His lifelong professional focus has been cancer and nutrition, and Campbell says that our national and global fight with cancer has targeted the wrong enemy.

Though he is scholarly and genteel, Campbell is not reserved. He’s impatient and blunt. He dismisses the Atkins diet, Paleo diet, South Beach diet and high protein diet. He’s not a supporter of celebrity physicians who prescribe diets of wild salmon, expensive grass-fed beef and costly nutritional supplements. He comes down firmly on the side of health for everyone, not just the wealthy who can afford pharmaceutical supplements of questionable health benefit and expensive prescription medications for blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

Campbell advocates disease prevention at the end of a fork. He was prominently featured in the award-winning documentary Forks Over Knives, and is the focus of a new documentary Plant Pure Nation, due out in early 2015 and produced by his son Nelson Campbell.

Colin Campbell discounts physicians as reliable sources of nutritional advice for their patients. Physicians, he said, received minimal to no nutritional education in medical school and have not generally conducted investigative laboratory research themselves.

Campbell, however, has spent more than five decades in laboratory research, much of it publicly funded. He’s adamant the public has a right to know his results.

“Diet can be used to prevent and reverse cancer just like it prevents and reverses heart disease,” he said. “A diet high in animal protein increases the amount of carcinogens going to the cells. It increases the enzyme MFO (mixed function oxidase) that causes increased carcinogenic activity.”

In the lab, Campbell has shown that increasing consumption of animal protein alters MFO and activates cancer while decreasing consumption detoxifies cancer. A high protein diet derived from animal products increases cell replication and increases oxygen free radicals associated with cancer and aging.

“High-protein bars are crazy,” Campbell said. “Plants alone can easily provide all the protein we need.”

By demeanor and upbringing, Campbell is an unlikely warrior. He grew up on a dairy farm in Virginia convinced of the nutritional value of milk. Early in his academic career as one of the youngest tenured professors at Cornell University, Campbell was researching dietary protein among children in the Philippines and was surprised to see a high correlation between consumption of animal protein and liver cancer. He was further surprised when he read an obscure research paper published by scientists in India linking dairy protein with cancer.

“This was counter to everything we believed,” he said.

The work started a line of inquiry that amassed the scientific foundation for what Campbell calls a “whole-food, plant-based diet: whole foods, no processed foods, only plants, no meat, fish or dairy and no added oils.” He wrote about the diet and his epidemiological studies in his book The China Study. The book, written with his son Thomas Campbell, was published in 2005 and was expected to have a limited audience. It has now sold over a million copies and been translated into 25 languages. Campbell’s sequel, Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition, came out in 2013 and is a New York Times bestseller.

After 50 years of nutritional biochemical research, Campbell views casein as one of the most relevant chemical carcinogens ever identified. He’s critical of the Komen Foundation for ignoring the research and expanding its marketing income by putting pink ribbons on yogurt containers.

Komen spokeswoman Andrea Rader said, “We focus on studies with humans. What we attempt to do is present scientific evidence. There are no large, peer-reviewed studies” linking casein with human breast cancer.

Some of Campbell’s research is epidemiological and based on animal studies, but that does not make it less compelling, said Mladen Golubic, chief medical director at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Disease Reversal. Golubic suggested the Komen pink ribbon should not go on yogurt but on kale, broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

“Campbell’s research is basic science. It’s very compelling and elegantly done,” Golubic said. “When it comes to human cancer, the data is not as clear. But knowing that not a single nutrient in milk can’t be gotten from plants, there is no reason not to avoid milk.”

Golubic said epidemiological studies like Campbell’s work published in The China Study are not flawed, but are weaker than randomized control clinical trials with human subjects.

There have been no large-scale clinical trials with humans to test the efficacy of the whole-food, plant-based diet for prevention and treatment of cancer; however, a small study at the Cleveland Clinic has shown the whole-food, plant-based diet reversed coronary heart disease among patients.

Greg Miller, executive vice president of the National Dairy Council, a dairy industry group, said a claim linking dairy with disease is a misinterpretation.

“The weight of the evidence indicates that a healthy, balanced diet includes fat-free and low-fat milk, cheese and yogurt,” Miller said in a statement. “Researchers have examined the potential of milk and milk products and many of milk’s components (e.g. casein, calcium and vitamin D) to be associated with specific cancers such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. The research overall is inconclusive.”

He claims the science is more conclusive linking dairy consumption with health and prevention of cancer.

Rekha Chaudhary is not so convinced. Program director in hematology and oncology at the University of Cincinnati school of medicine, Chaudhary invited Campbell to present at the school recently to physicians and medical students. She said she invited him because he speaks with the authority of sound scientific research. She credits his research with changing the way she treats her own patients.

“When a cancer patient used to ask me ‘What about diet? What changes should I make?’ my response was ‘none. Go home and eat some ice cream,’” she said. “That’s not what I say now. I’m a very different doctor now. Dr. Campbell has 57 years researching the effects of nutrition on health, specifically nutrition on cancer. I am now very enthusiastic about the role of nutrition in fighting cancer.”

Chaudhary said she had no instruction in plant-based diets when she was in medical school. That was also the experience of Thomas M. Campbell, co-author of The China Study with his father. After immersing himself in research for the book for several years, Thomas Campbell decided to enter medical school. Although the book was called the “Grand Prix of epidemiology” by the New York Times, it wasn’t influencing medical education in this country.

“The role of diet in health is one of the most crucial questions of our time, but nutrition is a forgotten science,” Thomas Campbell said.

Now a family practitioner in Rochester, NY and director of the Campbell Institute for Nutrition,” Campbell said, “In 2001, my father asked if I would help with the book. I read thousands of abstracts and studies, and became more interested in nutrition and health. During this period, I completed my transition [away from meat and dairy].”

He entered medical school with this background in nutritional science and was confronted firsthand not only with the total lack of nutritional education but misinformation about nutrition.

“I put my head down and learned. I decided I can’t advance this idea without experiencing the conventional structure of education and work within the system,” he said. “There were times of intense personal irritation, but it was neither the time nor place to educate people.”

He recalls one lecture during his second year of medical school when a question was asked about whether there was any evidence showing heart disease is related to diet.

“People snickered at the idea. A cardiologist said there is a little evidence, but no one would want to follow the [prescribed] diet,” he said. “I held my tongue, but after the lecture I went to the computer lab with another student, pulled up the Ornish and Esselstyn diets [plant-based, whole-food diets] and pointed out that 75 percent of people who start these diets stick with the diets.”

Today, as a physician, he tells his patients, including children, to avoid all animal products.

“I tell them they can get off their medications and reverse their disease,” he said. “I tell them this is absolutely the best diet for kids and adults. The evidence is deep and clearly established for reversing heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. There is also good evidence of its role in kidney stones and gallbladder. For cancer prevention, there is a lot of evidence this diet helps. In terms of reversing cancer, there is a lack of direct evidence, but there is good evidence nutrition likely plays a role.”

What is needed are large-scale, randomized clinical trials, he said.

His book, The Campbell Plan, covers the how-to of the diet and comes out in March 2015 published by Rodale Press.

Edward Giovannucci, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health, said diet is the leading cause of poor health in this country and worldwide. His own research findings are compatible with Campbell’s work.

“The diet Campbell advocates, the whole-food, plant-based diet, really is a healthy diet. It is perhaps the healthiest diet people can achieve. But will everyone adopt it?” he said. “If anyone asks me what is the best diet, it’s reasonable to recommend it, but there are other healthy diets.”

However, even as a supporter of Campbell’s work, Giovannucci said the link between casein and breast cancer may be too reductionist and may not cause other nutritional synergies. Even Campbell says focusing on casein and human health is reductionist, but he adds that laboratory science bears out the link.

“I agree with Campbell when he is speaking broadly and holistically, but I’m not convinced casein is the worst factor in diet,” Giovannucci said. “The worst thing in the western diet is eating too much. Body size.”

Despite that, Giovannucci said there is no nutritional benefit in dairy that is not available from plant sources.

The science is sound showing a plant-based diet is superior to consumption of animal products, Giovannucci said, but public health policy continues to recommend animal consumption.

“Why doesn’t the science translate into public health policy? Because public policy is driven by commercial interests,” he said. “Even well-meaning people like pediatricians continue to recommend dairy.”

While it may be valid to choose milk over sweetened beverages, he said, the research does not support dairy providing strong bones later in life.

“Advocating the benefits of dairy is too simplistic,” he said, noting research shows increased dairy consumption actually correlates with increased risk of osteoporosis later in life.

Research that concludes dairy is beneficial must be questioned, he said, because such “research is shaped by commercial interests.”

Although more randomized controlled clinical trials are needed to study the plant-based diet and disease, Giovannucci said it is unrealistic to insist that epidemiological work like Campbell’s is inconclusive.

If we were to dismiss epidemiological work as inconclusive, we’d still be debating the health problems associated with smoking, he said.

Miller of the National Dairy Council said research funded by the dairy industry is subject to the same scrutiny all published research goes through as part of the peer-review process. He cited a Tufts University report comparing dairy checkoff-funded obesity research with research done by the National Institutes of Health that concluded industry research was unaffected by its funding. Countering Giovannucci, Miller maintained that research shows consumption of dairy foods improves bone health.

The Cornell Chronicle, published by Cornell University, was slated to publish an article on Campbell’s work this spring. A staffer at the publication sent Campbell a copy of the piece, but it was later spiked with no explanation. Campbell said this is just another example of a university yielding to industry pressure. A spokesman at Cornell declined to comment or issue a statement about the school’s situation with Campbell.

“Cornell is now working hard to discredit me,” Campbell said.

He understood years ago that researching the health benefits of a plant-based diet would challenge the status quo. When he returned to the United States from China following field work for his massive epidemiological study, the CIA turned up at his door.

“They offered me ‘assistance’ with translation,” he said wryly, speculating that they really wanted access to his collection of blood and urine specimens. He declined the assistance.

Another pioneer in the field of dietary and lifestyle changes, Dean Ornish, said “Dr. Campbell made a very landmark contribution by showing that people in Asia and China who ate a whole-food, plant-based diet had lower rates of the major chronic diseases that afflict not only our country but countries throughout the world” as they adopt the American diet.

As a result, we are seeing the “globalization of chronic diseases,” he said.

Ornish combines his dietary recommendations with other lifestyle recommendations. For the past three and a half years, Medicare has covered the Ornish program, and the doctor said cost savings are significant.

Questioned about the correlation between dairy casein and breast cancer, Ornish said, “There are studies that show a link, but I think the jury is still out to make that definitive.”

However, he said his program combining diet guidelines calling for elimination of meat and dairy with lifestyle changes has shown that progression of early-stage prostate cancer can be arrested and reversed. He expects to see similar results with breast cancer.

“We haven’t studied breast cancer, but we are doing that now, and most things that affect prostate cancer affect breast cancer as well because they are both hormonal diseases to a large extent,” he said.

In his book Whole, Campbell wrote about the effort of key people in the American Society for Nutrition to expel him from membership. The Society did not offer a spokesperson to be interviewed for this article and did not give a written statement about Campbell’s claims.

Today, Campbell divides his time between homes in New York and North Carolina and a rigorous lecture schedule. He is blunt in his assessment of the role of government in public health policy and nutrition, contending government is ignoring science and giving too much weight to corporate research.

A vast, global economy stretches from agriculture, including crops, livestock and agrochemical corporations, to the medical establishment, including hospitals, drug and pharmaceutical companies. That economy, Campbell said, is based on established dietary guidelines calling for consumption of meat and dairy.

“Research shows nutrition can determine if a carcinogenic exposure results in the development of cancer or whether the cancer cells are suppressed. Chemotherapy is really not a good approach. Radiation and surgery are not the best approach. We’ve been on the wrong track,” he said. “The public is being misled with tragic consequences.”
The Public is Being Misled, Cancer Can be Prevented, Even Reversed With Diet – Waking Times.

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