Why George Orwell Became A Tramp | Roman Krznaric

It was exactly 30 years ago that George Orwell set the opening of his novel 1984: ‘It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.’ Most people know Orwell for this novel, and his satirical tale Animal Farm. Less well known is that he was one of the great empathic adventurers of the twentieth century. In the following short clip from my RSA Animate The Power of Outrospection, I describe how Orwell learned to step into other people’s shoes when he became a tramp on the streets of East London in the late 1920s. Orwell was one of the major inspirations for my new book Empathy: A Handbook for Revolution.

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The tale of one woman’s radically simplified ‘built-it-myself’ life | Spaces – Yahoo Homes

Ask for a tour of Dee Williams’s house, and it won’t take long. The 84-square-foot space is no bigger than a parking spot.

There’s no running water, no Wi-Fi, the fridge is a cooler, and the toilet is compostable. Williams knows how extreme this sounds. Before she downsized, she used to worry about the mortgage on her three-bedroom home, how to outfit her kitchen with matching appliances, and the endless string of home repairs.

But in 2003, after suffering congestive heart failure in her early 40s, Williams decided to simplify. She shed most of her belongings and sold her home in Portland, Oregon.

Now 51, she moved into the miniature house in Olympia, Washington, 10 years ago. Williams describes the self-built home on wheels in her memoir — “The Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir,” being released today to coincide with Earth Day — as “a mobile gingerbread house, or a cuckoo clock on wheels.” She spends her workdays teaching others how to build their own tiny houses through her company, Portland Alternative Dwellings, and also works at the Washington State Department of Ecology in Olympia.

While hard numbers are difficult to come by, Williams estimates that there are hundreds of tiny houses around the country. She notes that since she built hers in 2004, “interest in building tiny houses, particularly from the DIY market, seems to have redoubled every year.” She adds that workshops that once drew a couple of people are now routinely sold out.

By the way: They don’t have to forgo running water, Wi-Fi, and flush toilets. “But I don’t regret my own choices,” Williams told Yahoo Homes.

The gingerbread house on wheels sits in the backyard of her neighbor (who is very generous with her shower, as are other friends; more on that below). There’s a kitchen with a sink, pots and pans, a water jug, and a one-burner stove. Most of the space is taken up by what Williams calls the great room, a living area that’s about the “size of an elevator” but feels bigger due to 11.5-feet-high ceilings and plenty of light.

Then there’s Oly, her 30-pound Australian shepherd: The pooch gets a lift up the 7-foot ladder to Williams’s lofted full-size bed at night. A skylight provides a view of the clouds, the moon, and, often, the rain. (It is Olympia, Washington, after all.) Being more connected to the outdoors was an unexpected perk, Williams noted.

“If you’re living in a house with a roof that’s 5 feet, 4 feet over your head, you’re going to hear it when the rain comes in,” said Williams. “Nature is in your face a little bit differently. I didn’t realize what I was missing before I moved into the smaller space.”

After an initial home-building investment of about $10,000, Williams these days keeps warm using a propane heater for about $8 a month. It’s her only home bill. Her power comes from solar panels. The frugality and low maintenance are a huge benefit of living small.

She does miss having her own shower, though.

“It feels inconvenient. It never felt horrible,” she said. She has plenty of bathing options thanks to generous friends and neighbors, who all gave her the keys to their houses. “My possessions have grown exponentially small. Except for my keychain. I have this massive keychain.”

When nature calls, there’s the compost toilet that works without water. After use, the waste is covered with sawdust. Williams admits to taking advantage of shower facilities at her Department of Ecology office, too.

In fact, Williams has found that the smaller the house, the more she depends on the people around her, and neighborhood necessities like the local market and the public library. “I thought I would be so contained in this little house with no running water,” she said. “The big surprise, of course, is the smaller you go, the more you absolutely have to lean into your community. It gets smaller and bigger. It gets to be this big, tiny thing, you know?”

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Be Part of the ’144,000 Open Hearts Concert’ Global Livestream – Help Raise the Planet’s Consciousness « Golden Age of Gaia

The 144,000 Open Hearts Concert is a unique, higher-frequency light and sound event inspired by the concept of bringing together a global audience of 144,000 people to enjoy a special music concert performance while helping to raise the planet’s consciousness at the same time – and we’re all invited to participate in it!

The 144,000 Open Hearts Concert will premiere at the Sedona Performing Arts Center in Sedona, Arizona, USA on Saturday May 3 (that’s just two weeks away). This live experience will feature the uplifting, light-encoded music of composer Marco Missinato, who is aiming to bring a ‘critical mass’ of 144,000 souls together around a full live performance of his most recent and moving work, Unfolding Secrets – A Symphony of the Heart. The mission: to lift humanity’s consciousness.

This means, no matter where you live in the world, you can feel the soul-enriching energy, add your own, and enjoy every note and emotion of this inspirational worldwide music event by participating in the livestream of this concert, online. And you can now do so by booking your US$9.00 ticket via Golden Age of Gaia.

Golden Age of Gaia has had a close association with composer/producer/performer Marco Missinato over the past two years.

His music provided the soothing soundtrack to The 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona in 2012.

He also wrote the opening theme music to Geoffrey West’s InLight Radio news program Cosmic Vision News (which has just celebrated two years on air) and Stephen Cook’s 2013 radio series Lift Your Spirit.

That particular track, Come with Me (To A New Reality), is part of Unfolding Secrets – A Symphony of the Heart and features the haunting vocals of singer Kristin Hoffmann, who will be the star performer with a key group of six musicians under Marco’s creative direction for the Sedona livestream concert.

As well, Marco was Stephen Cook’s special guest on The Light Agenda during the conference in October 2012. (Re-listen to that revealing interview with Marco, who describes himself as a musical healer, here.)

So, as of today, we’ve become an official affiliate for this potentially transformational worldwide concert livestream – an arrangement which will see 20 per cent of every 144,000 Open Heart Concert Livestream ticket sold through this site go to the Nova Earth Foundation to assist our team.

Livestream tickets are just US$9.00.

To Book Now – and for more information about the 144,000 Open Hearts Concert – head here.

Video Sneak Preview:

Composer Marco Missinato’s melody and soprano Kristin Hoffmann’s soaring vocals will captivate your heart and draw you into a musical journey through enchanting scenery, beautiful images of sacred geometry and awaken within you a symphony of love, peace, grace, passion, and Oneness with All.

And here’s Marco talking about this unique global concert concept:

Book Now: http://goldenageofgaia.com/movies/144000-open-hearts-concert-livestream-tickets/

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Former Fox, Warner Bros and NBC TV Boss; Ex-Disney Head; Broadway/Universal Studios Producer named in Hollywood ‘Pedophile Ring’ « Golden Age of Gaia

Stephen: Here we go…more names, as predicted. Yet I reckon this is just the beginning of the end for the Hollywood’s’ hidden’ sexual abuse of children. Watch for this to tip over into the music industry, too.

By Michael Idato, SMH.com – April 22, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/lrbs39v

The 31-year-old man who last week sensationally named Hollywood heavyweight producer Bryan Singer in a child sex lawsuit has filed three more civil lawsuits against powerful Hollywood figures…

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Paxton Robey: The Role of the Lightworker « Golden Age of Gaia

Graham: Paxton Robey is my guest tonight on The Brilliance Within on InLight Radio. Click here to listen to the show: The Brilliance Within: Stepping Into Mastery

By Paxton Robey, July 13, 2012 http://paxtonrobey.org/2012/07/13/light-workers/

Hello Light Workers,

Each and every one of us is here on planet earth on schedule, just as we planned, to do two jobs.

Our first job is to complete the healing of our self after having been on this path for a thousand lifetimes or so. This is the lifetime in which it all can come to completion. This is the lifetime of awakening. When you complete your personal healing you will have made the same healing available to every other being, animal, plant, and Gaia herself. Everything which is in the telepathic pool will benefit from your awakening. Everything in this universe is within the same telepathic pool of energy.

Our second job is to ensure the SHIFT occurs on earth in the most peaceful and expedient manner possible. You do not have to have completed your own awakening in order to be instrumental in the planetary shift. You are an old soul who knows how to pray and meditate. Prayer and meditation are forms of telepathic communication. Telepathic communication has been taught by every master and mystic throughout history. Consciousness creates reality. Consciousness is the only thing that creates reality.

These are not the same old “normal” times which the earth has experienced the last 100 million years. This is the end of the “dark age”, the kali yuga as the Buddhists say. It is the birth time for the Aquarian Age, the age of peace, the age of love. Nothing can stop the birth of this new age and it won’t happen unless each of us is on board, on the construction crew for our new home. This is no longer mythology or Pollyanna new age rhetoric. It is time to believe the words we have been saying most of our lives.

This shift has already begun to pick up speed. From year 2012 through 2017 changes are taking place quickly, astonishingly fast. These changes include shifts in belief systems, in world view, in humanity’s relationship with humanity, which will be hard to believe and accept unless we prepare our minds.

By the end of year 2032 this planet will hardly remember war, economics, and us versus them scenarios. This will be within the present life for most of us. This will be our gift to our children and grandchildren. The time is now. This is not a good idea or fantasy, it is happening.

Can you imagine struggle, pain, poverty, and disillusionment in god’s creation? Absolutely not!

For the next five years, through 2017, there will be struggles for those who aren’t agreeing to change. We are used to struggles of all types, personal relationships, job related, economic, and planetary issues like pollution, rain forests, hurricanes, and global warming. For some these types of struggles will intensify. For some they will lesson and some fall away completely. What is the difference? Who decides which camp we are in?

All decisions are personal. Consciousness creates reality. Nothing is ever imposed on anyone. For those who guide their consciousness closer to the mystical, the divine, the spiritual, life will soon be more ecstatic than we could have wished for. For those who focus on personal gain without the thought of sharing and helping, life will get increasingly sticky.

You are on a good path.

Take the wraps off of your ability to believe in only the best, most loving outcomes.

Trust the universe, god, your spirit guides, angels, or any term you like, to the extent that you will dare to release all, 100%, of your fears. Your friends in the spirit realm have your back. You are safe. You have no choice here. It is the father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom of heaven. You can’t earn it. You can’t work for it. You can’t buy it. It is free when you let go of fear and accept how much you are loved by all that is. Holding on to fear is a belief in our littleness, and it is the only thing that keeps us out of heaven now. Experience total heaven and share it with everyone.

All situations which we have judged bad for millions of years exist only as teaching experiences for the karmically oriented beings who have yet to open their inner vision. Karma is the most expedient form of instruction for those who know no other way.

We cannot fix or correct those who appear to be on the “other” path. As the Course says, “All correction belongs to Holy Spirit”. This means healing comes from the spirit realm, the realm of the whole of spirit. Our egos interfere with our attempts to “heal” our friends and families through words and deeds. Turn them over, consciously, to the spirit realm, or to your favorite angel or master.

In healing our self we learn about “zen mind, no mind”. The logical mind has no answers. The logical mind has NO answers. The LOGICAL MIND has no answers. This is a spiritual universe. Consciousness creates the totality of reality, visible and invisible. You are the agent of god – create heaven on earth. Judge nothing, absolutely nothing, nada, nichts. Have no interest in how evil manifests. See only love for that is what you are.

The universe in which we live is wholly focused on this earth of ours right now. Eyes from a billion light years away are on us now. We are not isolated or separate. Every atom, every planet, every star, is alive. Everything is made of god. God is the only thing that exists. Everything that is alive responds to prayer and meditation, to consciousness. The universe is praying for you, agent of god, to be successful in your mission as a light worker on earth. The Prime Directive states that to be of great assistance to any civilization in this universe one must incarnate into that civilization. That is why you are not sitting on a throne somewhere waving your magic wand and saying “earth be healed”. You came because you are love and you love earth and her family.

The 2012 energy makes all thing possible now. Attempts at healing which had a 1% chance of being successful 50 years ago now have a 99% chance of working for any who have an attitude of acceptance and caring. Out picturing, manifesting, our divine gifts and abilities is normal now. You are psychic. You can heal when you release the “other” into the hands of spirit. You will soon be levitating and talking to the orbs. You are unlimited. This requires a shift in our belief system. We used to believe that if we saw our self as a magic worker or healer we were just setting our self up for failure. It will take a little practice to get over that one.

Seek ye first the kingdom of god and all the gifts will be added unto you.

Listen to all your favorite spiritual teachers once again or read their books again. Guaranteed, it will all be new this time, as if you didn’t even hear it the first time. Come back here next week and read this again. Feel the shift in YOUR understanding.

It’s simple. Release all fear. Know you are unlimited here and now. Judge not. Continuously ask for help. Know you ARE the heart of God.

The time is now!

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than you’ve even dreamed of. (Hamlet)

Paxton Robey: The Role of the Lightworker « Golden Age of Gaia.

Higher Self via April Bender: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway « Golden Age of Gaia

Higher Self: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway, channeled by April Bender, April 21, 2014 at http://aprilsairings.blogspot.co.uk

This is just a quick update to confirm that yes, as of yesterday you and the Collective Higher Mind crossed the threshold into the more auspicious period (April 20-26) of this larger April 2014 Gateway and/or window of catalytic opportunity.

You experienced this palpably yesterday, as on an energetic level it felt like you were being softly encompassed and then gently lifted by the first substantial wave or inundation of Unity/Christ Consciousness as it moved throughout the entire 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life.

This wave or cascade of higher harmonics unleashed, seemingly thrust you upwards – way up, into a higher state and/or elevation of being, integration and flow. Like the eagle soaring high above in the sky, this grand movement or light induction has gifted you and other Warriors of Light, a much greater field of vision and space for unhindered, joyful co-creative flight.

In fact in the days leading up to yesterday, you felt a progressive lightening, shifting, and overall change in energetic environment or landscape. It literally seemed as if each day you woke up somewhere different – you’re “normal” life/environment feeling very much different, “off” somehow, though you couldn’t put your finger on it. This is indicative of the many timelines, experiences and information you are naturally merging within Self and within the Higher Mind/Web through the deepening of the overall Sequencing Process.

Your dreams have also been rather vivid and engaging leading into this period, another indication of such activity. Also worth noting is that your breath has expanded dramatically – so much so that it oftentimes feels to you now as if there is no inner and outer you – but instead, only a thin membrane in which the two energies of in-breath/out-breath meet, and this is an indication that you’re vehicle (soul/spirit/energy body) is in the process of expanding/upgrading once again.

As these Cascades of Higher Harmonics continue to be unleashed within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, as this latest induction (collective in-breath) phase now moves into peak intensity, be prepared for even greater shifts and elevations in consciousness along with a deeper sense of Communion with various aspects of Creation itself.

For as you know, these cascades are being unleashed within the Collective Mind/Web in an attempt to harmoniously unite all areas/nodal points of information/connection and even more importantly, to awaken this Mind to its I AM presence of Self – also known as The Event. Also keep in mind that this colossal in-breath is in preparation of an even grander co-creative collective “out-breath,” which as previously stated, will be focused very much on the theme of Reclamation.

So stay centered in your seat/throne of Divine Empowerment, stay intentional in your breath-work and engagement with the overall Sequencing Process. The intensifying cascades of Unity/Christ Consciousness over of the course of the next 4-6 days will see a lot shift, change and rise for release and reclamation, not to mention perhaps catalyzing a miraculous collective moment of “no-time” or “no-separation,” if the cascades are able to flow mostly unimpeded for full activation or “self-awareness” of the Collective Higher Mind.

Things are going marvelously well and you and all the other Warriors of Light, should stand tall and proudly together. For it is your collective co-creation which is about to take its first conscious breath!

Until next time…

Higher Self via April Bender: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway « Golden Age of Gaia.

Grandmothers to Grandmothers: Uniting and Caring Across the World « Golden Age of Gaia

By Sally Sara, ABC Foreign Correspondent, April 21, 2014 – http://tinyurl.com/lka8l99

Usually, grandmothers brag about their grandchildren. But in the small Canadian town of Wakefield, it is the other way around.

The grandmothers of Wakefield have started a social movement – the Wakefield Grannies – which has spread across Canada and halfway around the world to Africa.

It began on a summer night in 2004, when a South African nurse visiting Wakefield gave a talk at the local church hall.

Sister Rose Letwaba spoke softly as she told the story of grandmothers in the South African township of Alexandra, who had lost their adult children to AIDS and were left to care for their HIV-positive grandchildren.

Many of the Canadian women were so shocked by what they heard that they decided to help, including Norma Geggie.
Photo: Many grandmothers in South Africa have been left to care for their HIV-positive grandchildren.

Photo: Many grandmothers in South Africa have been left to care for their HIV-positive grandchildren.

“It was almost like spontaneous combustion,” said Mrs Geggie, an expat Australian. “Suddenly, 10 women appeared.”

Ten Wakefield grandmothers paired up with 10 South African grandmothers. The idea was to write letters, raise money and give support.

Mrs Geggie and the other Canadian women wanted their South African counterparts to know that someone cared.

“We hear about these tragic lives but we can’t really understand the pain that they must suffer, because there is nothing comparable here,” Mrs Geggie said.

The movement began during the worst of the AIDS epidemic, when fear and stigma ran deep in the townships of Johannesburg.

Lucia Mazibuko did not even know what AIDS was before her daughters got sick. Everyone just said it was flu. But soon both daughters were dead and the older woman was left to care for her two HIV-positive grandsons, Bobo and Bongani.

“There was a big stigma by that time,” Mrs Mazibuko said.

“Everybody laughed at the person who was sick. Everybody laughed and said it was a sin.”

The South African government failed to provide life-saving anti-retroviral medication, despite the thousands of people who were infected.

President Thabo Mbeki was an AIDS denialist. He questioned whether HIV was even linked to AIDS.

I said, ‘Bobo, you’re not going to die. Don’t think you are going to be like Bongani. Bongani was sick and you are not going to die’. That’s what I told him when I was holding his hand.

While he debated the science, an estimated 330,000 South Africans died needlessly because they could not get access to the medication they needed.

Lucia Mazibuko’s grandson Bongani died just as the drugs were finally rolled out. He was only 10 years old. His younger brother, Bobo, survived.

“I’m still having one and I just say ‘God, maybe it was your will’. It was a test,” Mrs Mazibuko said.

She stood at Bongani’s graveside, holding Bobo’s hand.

“I said, ‘Bobo, you’re not going to die’. Don’t think you are going to be like Bongani. Bongani was sick and you are not going to die’. That’s what I told him when I was holding his hand.”

As the AIDS epidemic tore through the townships, South Africa’s grandmothers cared for thousands of orphans. They stepped up as the government debated and dithered.

Without them, many of the orphans would have had no-one. The grannies were thrown back into mothering, a second time, with little support.

These women had already lived through apartheid, township violence, and unrest, only to be faced with the awful toll of the AIDS epidemic.

It is for this reason the Canadian grandmothers have been so valuable. The women in South Africa know they are not alone. And there is great joy in receiving mail from the grandmothers in Canada.
Photo: Lucia Mazibuko’s two daughters died of HIV and she was left to care for her two HIV-positive grandsons.

Photo: Lucia Mazibuko’s two daughters died of HIV and she was left to care for her two HIV-positive grandsons.

“When you get a letter from Canada, hey, you are just like a big boss,” Mrs Mazibuko said.

“Yeah, you have got a letter from overseas and you just call your kids and say, ‘Hey, I’ve got a letter’.”

From small beginnings, the movement has started a revolution.

One of Canada’s most famous diplomats, Stephen Lewis, heard about the efforts of the Wakefield Grannies.

Mr Lewis, the former UN Special Envoy for AIDS in Africa, threw his name and resources behind the campaign.

In 2006, the Stephen Lewis Foundation hosted a conference of hundreds of African and Canadian grandmothers in Toronto.

It was a warm and rousing gathering. The women marched through the streets of Toronto shouting: “Grandmothers united, will never be defeated.”

Now, there are almost 250 grandmother groups across Canada. The women and their communities have raised millions of dollars for AIDS grannies in Africa.

It has been a rewarding experience for those who have been involved, including the 89-year-old Mrs Geggie.

“Yes, it’s quite remarkable,” she said. “It’s done marvellous things for them, but also for us. I think that we’ve learnt a lot.”

Here’s the link to the full 26-minute, inspiring and moving TV report (which I hope can be viewed by those of you outisde Australia!)

Grandmothers to Grandmothers: Uniting and Caring Across the World « Golden Age of Gaia.

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