(98) Lisa Transcendence Brown

Depending on the dimension you occupy, the amount of inner work you have done, your ability to maintain EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS is how all move through these higher frequencies now. Just being conscious, as in having an open heart, that won’t fly anymore. It takes unification of all aspects back into love. The higher heart/higher mind working to unify at the same frequency, the physical body upgrading in light FAST, realities speeding up for the human, slowing down for the higher self aspects/merging multi-dimensional being here…. this is what determines your actual physical reality now. Many “got by” for a long time, just holding a space of love, many are moving into this space, where they had not been before, many “thought” things were resolved inside, only to find there is always more, many having to sleep to anchor the lucid dream/wake up, others stepping into their power/into service and confused at how to do this, many waking up and watching that outside world and where they still hold that inside of them, getting all caught up in it/dealing with it where cellular programming needs to have energy burnt off. For those who still hold karma, we are going through mass karmic clearings. This includes the land, the animals, children, physical structures too.

Everything has to hold light, be cleansed, cleared, purified.So many different timelines in every moment. Anchoring all these different realities here is often confusing. Weeding through the old ones, moving them (and all that represents) out, where transformation is not an option, as many are not open yet, while things are happening to move everyone into a new place/space.

More love, more light, more awesomeness, more abundance, while the opposite occurring for many on the other end of the polarity spectrum working to awaken, transcend, ascend in physical or non-physical form. Mass awakening, mass confusion, mass triggering, mass activations, mass everything for the transformation of HUmanity into the higher realms.Yet, your physical reality adapts as fast as you open up & tune. Resistance & fight within yourself creates chaotic physical realities. More coming to stand in their power and be done with the old, we are continually moving out and shifting into what has been awaiting to come forth.

Examine your own inner resistance to what is “right” with your heart, right for you, true for you and see what your driving force is with anything you do. This will give you awareness and cause you to see easier. Unity means everyone working together to hold the NEW Earth Gridwork in place, all of the time. This means standing in your power, being love, being light and not wavering when something is in your face to test you to see what you will do.

Walking on NEW Earth is a completely different existence than before. It requires all of your attention and dedication and becoming/Mastering the ENERGY of all from within. This is taking that sacred connection and not disconnecting anymore. This means gratitude in every moment, love in every breath and our actions reflecting a higher vibration in everything we do, say, transmit.The intensity will continue to build, for the purpose is to push out all separation that was held within each one of us so that all can live on NEW Earth.

We have powerful cosmic/galactic light upgrades all day every day now. Very few breaks/windows to catch your breath, then it activation time again. The only way to navigate this journey with great ease, is to embrace dealing with yourself, dealing with that out there, dealing with all as energy, seeing through NEW EYES without judgment, the old programmed beliefs and being open to that which is uncomfortable, unknown and tests your faith that when you do everything from within that everything is going to be okay. Now though, it ends up being more than okay. We were the ones standing in our own way.Coming through the intensity, it can be beyond extremely emotionally/mentally/physically painful. Basically, it sucks.

Yet, this is important, for we have to move through the energy and move that energy out of us. The moment we come through it, that’s when the shift occurs. That’s when we truly understand what everything was. How we held on, how we created all, how we believed, how separated from self-as-Source we were. A new birth of self occurs. Beauty, freedom, happiness, peace, joy, bliss was all hidden deep beneath everything we held onto, that fear, that judgment, that “not enough”, that need to hold on. It was our block to magnificent abundance.

Whatever you dominantly hold within, will continue to become visible in your physical reality so that you can see it, experience it, play with it. The way we maneuver is by working in a multitude of dimensions, in the waking state. We intentionally collapse timelines and move into new ones, affecting physical realities by the vibrations we hold here. ♥Remember, while everything is collapsing in one dimension, it’s coming together in another. What you

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Polarity Integration: neutralizing opposing realities | Think With Your Heart

Where to begin, where to begin…there is so much taking place at the moment, on so many levels of our being, and and yet so little in comparison is comprehensible as yet.

I will do my best to translate what I have a context for, but know that the information that I can currently put words to is only the very tip of a mammoth iceberg becoming visible for the first time. Aka, we are just beginning to peel back the veils to reveal this whole new world (from within) that we, as unified BEings, get to explore and create simultaneously.

The analogy is so played-out but the anticipation of what we are becoming feels a little like Christmas, only we don’t want to tear into all our presents at once…we want to savor in each glistening moment, handle each gift with measured restraint, with the attention and care it deserves, as we feel ready to open (to) it. And of course, “ready” is relative to our own process and how much greatness we are prepared to embrace within.

The challenge is 2 not resort 2 our expired ways of creating, but 2 open 2 the flow of ALL things.
Speaking of prepared…not that any of us expected it, but it certainly hasn’t been the easiest time since the 11:11 gateway. Depending on where we still hold resistance to our full divine Self and new life experience (read: what wants to be), the pressure has been enormous for the purpose of forcing us to break any chains that still bind us, hold us back from goodness, from our greatness, and/or disempower us.

The last 30 days under the scorpio sun really upped the ante in this regard, adding the extra alchemizing element of (core level) transmutation and relentless resolve to decalcify those stuck places within. With scorpio’s unforgiving archetype (Pluto) lending his always-enjoyable transformational intensity to the already intense resurrection process, there is only one real guarantee: discomfort.

Luckily, we are wizards at finding comfort in discomfort by now. 😳

Now that the quick, but condensed revisit to our shadowland is over…save for the full moon this week…hopefully you are finding your formerly-fragmented self back in one piece and can see more clearly what was hidden and/or still waiting to be transmuted/transcended prior to that soul jaunt to the netherworld.

All things considered, and since the final blood moon and eclipse series in September, moving out of this year is proving to be both exhilarating and daunting, like climbing up a massive roller coaster in preparation for the inevitable free fall that is right on the other side. And yet, with the absence of separation between what is and what will be, we are living the free fall and the climb at the same time!

Tho we are still anchoring in this new consciousness, one thing is clear…our training wheels are officially off and it feels as if we are speeding into 2016 face-first, gliding thru time and space as tho we hit a wicked patch of black ice. At times, all we can do is pray that we don’t spin-out of control and land in a ditch…at other times we are able to handle our new multidimensional Selves with aplomb, with the poise of a master even.

The last three months of every year is a bit much to manage because we are both reaping our harvest from the three seasons prior as our conceptualizations and creations are made manifest in our physical lives, while simultaneously opening to the upcoming year’s energies and planting the seeds required for germination in the spring.

This always gives the effect of walking between worlds, a time of split-focus and extended busyness…of endings and new beginings…of letting go of the old and opening to the new. But this year, as many complete the integration of our higher Self in form, the changes that we are navigating are off the chart type changes…we’re talking endings of epic proportion, not just for us personally, but for an entire earth age of human existence. It’s impossible to grasp at this point, but here we are.

We are so deeply submerged in multidimensionality now that “simultaneous” is taking on a brand new meaning as we learn how to handle multiple focuses at once. For example, at the moment creation is wildly accelerating and we are being called to contend with a myriad of life situations at once, and yet we are also needing to keep a grounded pace and give much needed attention and nurturing to the resurrection phase that is also demanding our focus. Both are vital at this time, and yet we find that if we try to separate or compartmentalize those clearly simultaneous happenings, we can’t.

This can be quite challenging to navigate with any measure of grace, but it’s on purpose. We are learning (experientially) how to work with the universal (cyclical) creation model and our old habits of linearity…of wanting to focus on one thing at a time and bring said thing to completion before we begin the next thing…are being sorely tested.

The deeper we move into the merge of our higher and lower selves…the more we realize that our divinity acts as a governing overlay to our humanity and that this thing called life is a separate-but-equal endeavor, one that we oversee with christ consciousness. On a good day this can amount to the ability to “do it all”…we can tend to our humanity and all that entails, while also acquiescing to our divine directives and all THAT entails. On days of distortion this can amount to internal conflict…to not knowing which “self” to follow or how, and so disharmony ensues.

The key is in tempering a balance between selves, finding common ground that creates harmony and accord. This balancing act of unifying form & formless/seen & unseen will persist in demanding our focus as we continue to move our physical selves and lives into unity.

Meet everything with non-resistance.

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The #1 Weird Way to Remineralize Teeth and Heal Cavities | Natural Society

Modern society is the first to routinely fill teeth cavities with toxic materials as soon as they occur. But we may not need to turn to these modern practices if we simply take natural precautions. In fact, we may actually be able to remineralize teeth and heal cavities naturally with some natural solutions.

For many decades, mercury amalgam fillings were used because the malleability of the mercury allowed for the fillings to completely fill all the small spaces, tiny grooves, and narrow crevices. The temperature sensitivity of the mercury also permitted the filling to expand and contract accordingly.

Unfortunately, this practice of immediately filling cavities precluded the possibility of the teeth regenerating themselves. Plus, we now know that the amalgam solutions pose a noteworthy health risk due to mercury exposure.

With the right natural remedies and proper technique, teeth may actually be able to rebuild their tooth structure. In this manner the tincture of time and patience become the necessary components of a self-healing program.

Using Eggshells to Remineralize Teeth
One example of a reportedly efficacious protocol for healing cavities includes eggshells. Here’s why eggshells are made to make for the perfect ingredient:

“Eggshells contain the perfect amount of the ideal substances for healing cavities – massive amounts of calcium and 27 other minerals. The composition of eggshells resembles our teeth. Eggshells provide the necessary amount of calcium to remineralize teeth.” [1]

The real key to effectively remineralizing the teeth is providing the right minerals in the right balance so that the teeth can rebuild themselves. This process can begin in earnest only after the mouth has been properly cleansed.

By cleansing it should be understood that all dental materials that are toxic or allergenic for an individual are safely removed by a biological dentist. Holistic dentistry should also be utilized to address any persistent infections in the teeth or gums. Cavitation sites, in particular, must be appropriately remediated so that any focal infections are completely treated.

By using only dental materials and techniques utilized by a toxin-free dentist, the naturally occurring bacterial flora in the mouth can be re-established. Likewise, the normal pH of the mouth, which is the most conducive for this difficult type of tissue regeneration, will prevail over the long term necessary for natural cavity filling.

Though it’s recommended to take the previous steps mentioned, one thing you can and should do on your own to cleanse your mouth is oil pulling. Oil pulling is a very interesting mouth-cleansing method that could lead to numerous benefits, and few people know about this practice.

What is it about eggshells that makes them so special?

“Bone tissue is composed of calcium. Actually, human bones and teeth are very similar to an eggshell’s composition. One of the benefits of eggshells is the calcium contained in the shell (93 %), the bone marrow is fulfilling its hematopoietic function better.

Additionally, eggshells also contain mineral elements: magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sodium, potassium, iron, sulfur, aluminum, etc.

There are 27 elements found in the eggshells. Also the protein of a shell is composed of such essential amino acids as methionine, cysteine, lysine, isoleucine. Thus, properly prepared eggshells are the most balanced natural means to obtain calcium.” [1]
Refilling teeth cavities naturally is no small task; therefore, using the very best filling material that nature has to offer is absolutely vital to a successful outcome.

Best Recipe for the Eggshell Formulation
First and foremost, the eggshells ought to come from free range, organic chicken farms in order to avoid any unwanted chemicals or antibiotics. The recipe for this Eggshell Tonic formulation is simple and easy to prepare.

How to prepare:

“Take eggshells and put them in boiling water for about 5 minutes. The boiling will kill any pathogens. Then, air dry the shells and grind the shells in a coffee grinder. Take a 1/2 teaspoon a day. It is important to note that Vitamin D [via exposure to sunlight] greatly aids calcium absorption.” [1]

Homemade eggshell toothpaste can also be made by consulting this recipe. By using both the tonic and the toothpaste together, the odds will be significantly put in the favor of sufficiently remineralizing your teeth so that dental visits can be minimized.

Eggshell toothpaste recipe:

¼ cup ground up eggshells or calcium magnesium tablets
About 2-3 Tbs. coconut oil
1 Tbs. baking soda
Optional ingredients: 1 tsp. castile soap, 1 tsp. sea salt, and/or a few drops of peppermint essential oil.


Rinse eggshells and boil them for a few minutes. This will help get rid of any pathogens.
Air dry.
Grind up the shells into a fine powder.
Combine the ingredients in a bowl, adding coconut oil until it reaches a smooth consistency.
Store in a container (jar).

Every time your teeth are drilled by a dentist, they are undermined in profound and irreparable ways. The most common dental materials in use today are often toxic and further impede the natural healing of the teeth.

Because dental patients are so conditioned over decades to submit to highly invasive procedures like root canal therapy, they are unaware of the safe natural approaches that have no unhealthy consequences.

Eggshell tonic and toothpaste are only two of the ways which can help restore the teeth of those who faithfully follow this holistic program.


[1] LivingTraditionally

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Visualization, intention and saliva: a simple but powerful self-healing method applicable to many diseases

The following article written by holistic healer Len Walker (UK) reveals an astonishingly simple but apparently very powerful technique he used to heal himself of two serious and painful health issues (scoliosis and a gallstone trapped in the duct leading to excruciating pain), the former having been of very long standing. The same healing technique is now successfully applied by others he has shared it with, to help heal a number of different health issues. While Len has no experience with using this technique for cancer, he feels certain that it will reduce recovery time.1

We do not know how the saliva used in the technique contributes to the healing effect, but it is interesting to note that qigong practitioners consider saliva (which they call ‘jade liquid’) to be full of life force energy or chi and actively incorporate swallowing saliva for instance in a qigong “walk” particularly geared to help heal a person of cancer (for details how to learn this specific qigong technique without charge, see Self-Applied Qigong for Cancer: Chinese Qi Energy [Wellbeing] Walk Demonstrated Online. When watching this free video, you may notice that the qigong grandmaster demonstrating the technique swallows his saliva repeatedly as if having a surplus of fluid in his mouth).

The reader may also wish to combine this technique with the oil pulling method proposed for detoxification and healing purposes.

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Toothache and dental DIY home remedies (gum problems, abscesses, strengthening sensitive teeth) – natural, herbal, nontoxic, non-invasive

Natural, holistic & home dental remedies

Source: Toothache and dental DIY home remedies (gum problems, abscesses, strengthening sensitive teeth) – natural, herbal, nontoxic, non-invasive

Evolving From Success to Security

Originally posted on Welcome to Brenda's Blog:

cart_headerLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black Photo

Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for http://www.LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s November 20, 2015, channeled, 15-minute “Creation Energies” show at  http://www.BlogTalkRadio.com / brenda-hoffman:  Most likely, you took part in earth’s inception. Some of you returned to earth lifetime after lifetime. Others observed earth from the ethers. For earth has been your project since you created it eons ago. You’re clearing your earth fears and creating your earth joy in 2015. You’ll shift beyond your earth being in 2016 to more of a totality of you.

The title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com “You’re Redoing Your Fears With New Outcomes”

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Perhaps what you thought was your dream is evolving into something you did not anticipate a few months ago. Such was predicted. For as you evolve, so…

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The Earth Plan: A Small Fragment of Solara’s November 2015 Surf Report

Source: The ANvisible


    ~ E MAO MAO ~

E Mao Mao is an ancient Hawaiian phrase for “Beyond the Beyond. It represents the energy that comes from far beyond where we are now. Yet the energy of E Mao Mao is something that we have always carried deep within our cellular memory banks. It’s a direct remembrance of Beyond the Beyond, for this is where we come from on a core essence level.

In November and December, many of us will experience unexpected infusions of pure E Mao Mao. It may happen at any time. It could be a brief experience or could last for a long while. We will recognize these infusions of E Mao Mao since the energy will be so fresh, so new and expanded, vast and extremely powerful. This energy from Beyond the Beyond feels deeply supporting. It feels completely different from what we’ve known before, yet there’s also a profound familiarity to it that gives us a sense of real comfort.

These powerful infusions of E Mao Mao probably won’t happen to everyone. If we’re living our lives enmeshed in the Sea of Distraction, we might well miss it. If we’re waiting for something to come to us, rather than putting our full beings into birthing the New Reality, we might not feel it.

These infusions of E Mao Mao mark significant Turning Points that take us to an entirely new, infinitely vaster level of consciousness. They noticeably expand our perceptions to the degree where we feel like we are living in a completely new world. They enable us to do things that we’ve wanted to do for a long time. They trigger quantum breakthroughs on numerous levels.

E Mao Mao is not the New Reality, but it acts as the quickening agent for it, which helps us birth the New Reality and brings it into the expanded HERE AND NOW.

In November we enter a new sector of our Journey into Trueness. The first phase takes place from now until the end of the year. The second phase happens during January / February 2016, but on a different level. In March 2016, some of us will emerge from these four months of intense transformation inhabiting a totally New Reality.

This doesn’t mean that the crumbling world of duality will suddenly disappear. it won’t. It also doesn’t mean that things will immediately get better in the outside world. The upheavals will become even more dramatic and the imbalances more apparent. And there will definitely be a few Bands of Distortion that we have to navigate through. But it does mean that we will be able to immeasurably strengthen the resonance of the New Reality by more fully inhabiting it and this will be powerfully felt all over the world. The energies of E Mao Mao are extremely effective in dissolving duality.

The world around us is in the midst of unprecedented change. None of us know the results of these changes that are taking place all over the world, yet we feel them collectively, no matter where we are. We do our best to stand in love with these monumental changes, to live our Trueness and to embrace it all as Silent Watchers. The way we deal with the changes that are being thrown at us is vitally important as it will set the standard for our future.

This is a small fragment of Solara’s complete NOVEMBER 2015 SURF REPORT. The full Surf Report and Weekly Updates are available by subscription in English, German, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish at the NVISIBLE MERCADO.

We are far more free than we allow ourselves to be!
All material copyrighted 1989 -2015 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.

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Source: The Earth Plan: A Small Fragment of Solara’s November 2015 Surf Report

Gateway Acceleration: November 23 -28 | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe,

Gatekeepers opened for the incoming light yesterday. Our influx is November 23 – 28. My experience with the Shasta Gates is powerful right now; this feels like a strong acceleration. Your assistance is requested to call our Sacred Self-empowerment in and forth. The High-vibe tribe is busy balancing and calling in the acceleration.

We welcome everyone available to assist as the holiday season and dis-empowering agendas tend to scatter focus.

Full Moon synchronization would be complimentary, let us unite as One Heart in Service to the empowerment of Divine HUmanity embodying our Christed Consciousness. Note that the Resurrection phase is intensifying for many. The process itself is changing shape, morphing into a higher expression to serve the Christed Self.

Solar focus: Participation = Activation 

We are receiving/bridging with crystals in the ground (Gatekeepers use every crystal placed by a Lightworker), HUman Heart grid and Crystalline Grid. Hearts open and connecting specifically with Solaris (the SUN). We have a Solar focus right now as many merge with their Solar Cosmic Christed aspect. It serves your embodiment as well as supporting the Light Tribe creating the Christed HUman heart grid for Gaia. As above so below; connect with that Solar beingness. As always, our receptivity allows for amplification; stay focused as a few more layers of the veils are released.

Many of you are entering a new level of Self-realization; please step into your heightened gifts.Own them, and apply them to these Gateways with integrity, HUmility and Pure Intent to Serve.

Resurrection: Part Two

Most of the Part Two material has been transmitted through last week’s conversation with Lauren Galey. I encourage you to listen to my strongest transmission to date, now in video format, with footage from the magnetic shift up on Shasta. We discussed Ascension, Resurrection, Solar consciousness, quantum gravity, the dimensional Shift, what is ahead for 2016, the light pulses of 2017, the layered messages within the intel, Christed leadership, Solar consciousness, using the HUman heart grid, Corey Goode, Gatekeepers, serving in the New Light, and much, much more. Well worth the time and many questions were addressed. Perhaps you will notice the change in the frequency of my voice. Typically the videos do not get re-blogged; I thank you for sharing this transmission, if it resonates, with your friends and groups. Listen/watch the video at https://youtu.be/zT3An8qx1_4

While last week’s video could serve for a year, I hope to write more during the week. Yesterday’s Gateway opening brought in the purest, highest Light I have encountered – and another wave threaded its way into the Gates last night. It created a warping effect on the Gates (and my energy fields), like being torn away from all other options. A further de-construction of the quantum gravity which held 3D in place. That fluctuating pull between old and new realities felt by the collective, amplified by shifting magnetics. High-vibe Tribe holds stability, even through the lift of transcendence. Even though I called in support during the warp sensation, I was granted a further strengthening of my Christed level. We learn so much in allowing vulnerability; truly there is no battle here, simply the urgency of revelation. (Much more on that in the video replay, give it a listen.)

The Light is stimulating; recognize where your thoughts are directed, as the magnetic shifts affect how we interpret information. Vibration = vibration. My focus is on the incoming Light, as it greatly supports the Resurrection phase. We can use all the assistance available with this beautiful activity of Sacred union. Let us step into our Higher skills with ease and grace. All is incredibly well. I Love You, I Bless You, I Thank You.

In Love, Light and Service,

Source: Gateway Acceleration: November 23 -28 | Sandra Walter – Creative Evolution