New Jersey doc, Google exec among Nepal earthquake victims on Everest – Yahoo News

Dan Fredinburg, a 33-year-old Google executive who was climbing Everest to raise awareness about climate change through his Save the Ice campaign, also died in the avalanche.

“I regret to inform all who loved him that during the avalanche on Everest early this morning our Dan suffered from a major head injury and didn’t make it,” Fredinburg’s sister, Megan, wrote in a message posted to his Instagram account. “We appreciate all of the love that has been sent our way thus far and know his soul and his spirit will live on in so many of us. All our love and thanks to those who shared this life with our favorite hilarious strong willed man. He was and is everything to us. Thank you.”

Actress Sophia Bush, who once dated Fredinburg, posted a long Instagram message mourning his loss:

There are no adequate words. Today I find myself attempting to pick up the pieces of my heart that have broken into such tiny shards, I’ll likely never find them all. Today I, and so many of my loved ones, lost an incredible friend. Dan Fredinburg was one-of-a-kind. Fearless. Funny. A dancing robot who liked to ride dinosaurs and chase the sun and envision a better future for the world. His brain knew how to build it. His heart was constantly evolving to push himself to make it so. He was one of my favorite human beings on Earth. He was one of the great loves of my life. He was one of my truest friends. He was an incredible brother, a brilliant engineer, and a damn good man. I’m devastated and simultaneously so deeply grateful to have known and loved him, and to have counted him as one of my tribe. I was so looking forward to our planned download of “all the things” when he got home. I am crushed that I will never hear that story. I am crushed knowing that there are over 1,000 people in Nepal suffering this exact feeling, knowing that they too will never hear another tale about an adventure lived from someone that they love. Disasters like this are often unquantifiable, the enormity is too much to understand. Please remember that each person who is now gone was someone’s Dan. Please remember that our time on this Earth is not guaranteed. Please tell those you love that you do. Right now. This very minute. And please send a kiss to the sky for my friend Dan. His energy is so big and so bright, and it’s all around us, so put some love toward him today. And then hug your loved ones again. #goodbyesweetfriend #savetheice #Nepal

According to his LinkedIn page, Fredinburg — a self-described “Google Adventurer” — worked on Google’s privacy team, helping bring Google’s Street View project to some of the world’s most famous mountains, including Kilimanjaro and Everest.

View galleryDan Fredinburg
Fredinburg near Everest base camp, April 24, 2015. (Dab Fredinburg/Instagram)
“Sadly, we lost one of our own in this tragedy,” Google’s Lawrence You wrote in a message to colleagues. “Dan Fredinburg a long-time member of the Privacy organization in Mountain View, was in Nepal with three other Googlers, hiking Mount Everest. He has passed away. The other three Googlers with him are safe and we are working to get them home quickly.”

Google is committing $1 million to earthquake response efforts, he added.

Fredinburg, who survived an avalanche on Everest last year, was remembered by Save the Ice co­founder Mike North.

“Dan was a mountaineer/explorer because he loved to climb/see the world, but that was never the whole point,” North said in a statement. “His purpose in the world was much bigger. Much of it revolved around calling attention to how we as individuals can make a difference.”

A Crowdrise campaign launched in Fredinburg’s memory has raised more than $10,000 in support of two Nepali orphanages he was also climbing for.

“Day 22,” Fredinburg wrote on Instagram on April 24. “Ice training … means frequent stops for morning cappuccino, regardless of danger.”

On Sunday, the U.S. State Department confirmed three U.S. citizens were killed in earthquake, but did not release their names.New Jersey doc, Google exec among Nepal earthquake victims on Everest – Yahoo News.

Your New Quantum Surf Board and Stuff… :-)

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quantum surf

First let me thank all of you for holding light, sending love and prayers to both me and my baby girl, for sharing your stories with me, your hope with me and Being Here for and with me, for us!!!  I do want to share this tidbit, for anyone who may wonder or doubt in the slightest that sending love, sending light to another has any real effect.  I had my first phone call from my daughter on Thursday and I could tell her body was in pain and she said she was going thru withdrawals.  When her roommate told me they are still giving her her treatments, I assumed that meant methadone.  Thankfully not at all, just Tylenol or Benadryl. So I put that on my facebook under my blog thread and asked if you would send light to the cells of her body to help in this transition…

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Unconscious, Semi-Conscious, Conscious. How are you Living Life?

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What an amazing, informative day yesterday was, I hope I can get everything in today.  I know I have said this before, but I must say it again, this is a shift like I have never seen before.  Where spirit is focused on the quantum state of your life as opposed to the road you are traveling.  The limitlessness of the whole self.  With it all, they are getting really good at validating the things I am seeing thru you and let me tell you, I appreciate that, because this is all getting just a bit weird (and very exciting) even for me!!

Thru my first man on the field yesterday, this nugget of understanding came thru his team that just rocked my world and allowed me to see things from their perspective that actually surprised me to the core.  They said there is three ways they work with us…

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The Turning tides for man….. the opening up of the vortex energy centers of earth…. | Judith Kusel

There is a massive turning in the tides of men, as the old patriarchy is slowly starting to crumble at it seams and the beautiful balance of the Divine Feminine emerges more and more and learning reclaim and step into her Greatness and power.

She is that which the creative force of creation is. The masculine can think up great concepts and ideas in the mind, can theorize, actualize: – it is the feminine that takes the seed of that concept, idea, and then brings that into form. She creates that which the male has conceptualized and brings this into being with great love. She is that which become pregnant with the masculine ideal and then nurtures its life force into Being, and brings into material form.

In that the ancient Goddess energy centers are getting more and more reactivated, and the pyramid power is rising, from deep underground where most of it has been deeply buried and have lain dormant for many billions of years, there is now an awakening happening on massive scale of the ancient vortex energy, which is the spiraling energy of the Goddess itself.

If you look at Ancient cultures, the spiral is depicted everywhere. Here in South Africa, it has been painted on the ancient sacred site walls and some of it is etched into stone, and it has been part of the Ancient African symbolism since its beginning of time, as has the four-sided cross within the circle. Both are symbols of the Goddess herself, the creative life-force she represents: the serpent coil or the Kundalini energy, one and the same.

In that there is a mass movement of energies, which is going to churn out the old – literally churning. It is vortex like. It is of almost luminous platinum, which is almost invisible, and it moves in spiraling energy, and creates mass energy fields.

Where this energy moves into human beings through the Stellar gateway and crown, it will work with the spinal cord energies and then with the womb in women and prostate area in men.

The Spinal cord itself acts as a lightning rod, and the ancients had a sacred symbol for it, which was Excalibur, the lighting rod, the Sword of Light.

During the times of Atlantis this energy force was deliberately blocked, by placing control boxes in the cranium of most of the population, to deliberate block this energy flow and to cut off human’s ability to work with this energy, which is essentially the energy of ENLIGHTENMENT and therefore the energy connected to the All-Knowing Tree of Life, and the All-Knowing Third Eye, the Eye of Horus, in its Ancient and complete form, where all seven layers of the third eye, had been fully opened up, and therefore all faculties of the Higher Mind, married to the Heart-center, and the Womb-center, and there the Spinal cord acts as the conduit for ALL of these, and not so much the chakras, although all the chakras work in conjunction with this lightning rod.

It is like one massive machine, which includes the full activation of the pineal and pituitary glands, with the upper pyramid in the forehead and head, and the lower pyramid of the womb area. This means that the ABOVE and BELOW work in conjunction and harmony with each other. There are no blockages in the energy fields.

Each vertebrae of the spinal column has a mini-vortex energy centers held within it. It spins anti-clockwise, and therefore is each vertebra is a mini-energy vortex in its own right.

Each vertebra connects directly with the EMOTIONAL body, the second body we have as human beings, next to the physical body. Thus stuck emotions and emotional charges are held in each vertebra as it reflects the emotional body in 33 octaves of Being. Originally mankind had 33 octaves of SOUND, and each vertebra is programmed to react to a certain OCTAVE of sound. NOTE OCTAVE! Not one single note, but 12 notes within one single octave.

We have lost so much of our hearing capabilities, and therefore those who can tune in with their INNER ear, will be able to start tuning into these Octaves of sound, which are slowly but surely being reactivated. At the moment our human brain is just fully functional in order to discern and kind of tune into these sounds, but our higher soul self can.

The third is the MENTAL body, and the fourth the SPIRITUAL. There are 12 bodies in all.

In Atlantis etc. all 12 bodies were functional and therefore activated.

The lower and the higher then are in harmony and balance. Thus the upper transmitting channels are totally opened up, and these higher transmitter channel are the real connection the Divine, but more than this to ALL-THAT-IS under the Great Central SUN.

As the vortex energy then of the Goddess moves in conjunction with massive energy fields, this brings in dimensional shifts.

I have systematically in my journeys of discovery here in Southern Africa, been guided to the vortex energy centers in this country. A year ago I was sitting on a beach where I had identified this vortex energy (and have had it confirmed by others), and interestingly it is most potent at a certain timeframe during the day.

As I sat myself down with my back nestled against sheer quartz cliff and sitting on one of the rocks, with a perfect rock circle in front of me (ancient sacred Goddess site), I was first of all transported exactly as the hour struck, into a type of Celestial SOUND chamber. It was truly like tuning into the earth song and the celestial music of the spheres. I literally could HEAR these 33 octaves of sound with my INNER ear!

Then, I was like sucked into this vast vortex energy. It was massive. In that moment it felt like I was being dissolved into NO-THING. I was spanning dimensions of time and space. I was able to move into that transcendental state of BEING that has no-thing and yet all-thing. I WAS CREATION AND CREATION WAS ME.

It was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. It has changed my whole concept of understanding what immensely powerful energies there were in Ancient Times.

I was only allowed to experience this, after the Keeper or Guardian of this place revealed himself to me. In that he appeared as a type of shaman, dress only in a leopard skin, with a red-hair and topknot, copper colored skin, a giant of a man with two leopards guarding him on either side. It was from him that my connection to the Lion people came and therefore the gateways were opened up.

The essence of all of this has to do with our total understanding that in that we try to block half of ourselves – the masculine trying to block out the feminine, and abuse her – we are denying half of ourselves. It is only when the masculine and feminine are in balance and harmony with each other, that massive and amazing energy is released. The negative and positive poles but be in balance.

The Goddess energy was withdrawn mainly because this was the female balance of the whole. So, it is not so much that the feminine holds the vortex energy – but rather that she ACTS as CUSTODIAN to this force, which is the life-force itself.

In Atlantis this feminine aspect of the force withdrew herself, as she saw that the masculine wanted total control, and that he wished to totally OWN this power. As he could not do so, without the feminine balance, and without that counter-active force, she withdrew this energy, like before, and therefore these centers were shut down. He, in retaliation, then decided to try and annihilate her powers and build his own structures over those sites to try and totally annihilate her. He did not succeed, for it he had; he would have totally destroyed the masculine. Inherently that was because we all have masculine and feminine WITHIN ourselves.

In ancient sacred sexual union this force has always been acknowledge and understood and carefully been nurtured. When the masculine is fully present, in his own magnificent manhood, and with total love in his heart, and mind, and the female is present in her total womanhood, that receptive cup, that Holy Grail, and totally is there in her femaleness, her sacredness, then that union unleashes the immense power of the serpent energy – the kundalini.

Yet, if love is not present, if respect and a deep honoring are absent, then this same force will be destructive and will not be used for the highest good of all.

Essentially this is what destroyed Atlantis – when the man went too much in into his mind, and wanted to divorce the mind from the heart. He wanted to fix and control everything, including the feminine life-force itself. He started to enslave the feminine, and to take her power away.

In Egypt the feminine aspect when the other way, and started to manipulate the masculine via her sexual powers, and then wanted to control him that way.

The key to human sanity and the ultimate return to balance, is that we finally understand that we NEED BOTH. We need the masculine and the feminine.

One is not more or greater than the other. Each has been perfectly created to balance the other out. That means when each one stands in his or her own power, then they are balanced and in harmony with each other. The scales of life are evenly balanced.

The whole trajectory of this planet has ancient energy systems in place which truly work on this principle of balance between the masculine and feminine force. It is not the Web of Light; it is much older than this. However, it has been purposefully shut down and taken from human memory banks, because of the abuse of this energy and because human beings did not understand nor master the lessons of POWER: – the energy of power is neutral on its own, it is how we use that power which ultimately makes or breaks us.

As these energies now get slowly but surely activated it will churn out all in humanity which is still out of balance with itself. Therefore all those old emotional scars, wounds, all the trauma and pain, and whatever else needs to get dislodged and dissolved so that the New Earth can be totally reborn.

It these energies are not released, then that balancing act cannot be completed.

Therefore earth quakes, volcanoes erupting, Tsunamis, etc. are all part of this cleansing process and the release of those clogged up energy centers, where human trauma and pain, have clogged up the arteries of this planet.

Since I have experienced that intense dissolving into dimensions I have understood, that one cannot move into the higher octaves of being, clinging onto the old. One has to dissolve the Old Adam/Eve, all the abuse, the misuse, the bickering, and all the old muck, in order to be reborn.

Such is the portent motion of this time: – The turning of the tides of man.

Let those who have ears – listen.

Let those who have eyes – see.

Let those whose hears are open understand this message.

Let those who are ready to be activated to the full – be activated.

I have spoken.

I speak.

(Judith Kusel)

For Twin Flame and Soul Readings:

The Turning tides for man….. the opening up of the vortex energy centers of earth…. | Judith Kusel.

On Money and Abundance ~Caroline Oceana Ryan

A Message to Lightworkers – April 17, 2015 – The Ascension Manual

The Collective has again asked that I share an excerpt from a new book I’ve channeled from them: The Ascension Manual.

This is the first book in a new series, to support us as we transition from third to fifth dimensional consciousness and everyday living.

Each chapter carries a special energy gift from these fifth and sixth dimensional beings, as well their wisdom and guidance on Ascension and everyday issues, such as:

Money and Abundance
Food and Eating
Manifesting What You Desire
Releasing Third Dimensional Emotions
Other important Ascension and life issues
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Ascension Manual Cover – MED

Chapter 1: On Money and Abundance
[Question] My friends, so many are struggling now with money issues. They say that it all begins with an inner situation, an inner set of feelings or beliefs about abundance or lack.
How is it that some of the most spiritually aware people seem to struggle in this area?
[The Collective] Namaste, friends! We are glad to have the opportunity to speak with you on this important subject.

For there is a glorious amount—an endless amount—of Light and energy in the Universe, constantly awaiting your command to become what you refer to as physical matter, whether that is currency or that which you wish to buy with currency.

Understand always, that that which we call Source Energy cannot run out. It cannot suddenly be hard to find, or decide to hide from you or any of your fellow beings living an Earth life.

It is time now to understand that only blocks in consciousness can keep away any good thing.

And yes, we fully comprehend that many of you were injured as children, and in hundreds of past lives, where the seed was planted in your consciousness that the Universe is a contentious and dangerous place.

You were taught and had it bred into you, on such a level that it unconsciously manifested over and over, in cellular/DNA form, that there is not enough for everyone, and that there is certainly not enough for you.

Now, it is extremely easy to move from that belief—which is not at all “true” in the sense that no one need experience this idea once they see and understand it—to thinking that it is natural and unavoidable to feel small in terms of what one has or does not have.

It is easy to assume that because you feel alone and abandoned in the Universe, there are no outer helps for you there, and that even when you ask for a thing, it does not appear, except by accident or hard work.

This is one of the great traps, one of the most insipid faults and deepest pits of the third dimensional experience, and our empathy for your situation is complete.
Because there is no such thing, anywhere in your Universe, as “lack.”

There can be no lack of energy or abundance, or of love, perfect health, or inspiration for one’s path.
Because there is nowhere in your Universe that is not full of energy and Life in its fullest form—at least, nowhere that you would concern yourself with or take interest in.
Green Fish – MED

We understand that you live amidst corrupt government and corporate (they are the same) structures that have robbed you blind on many levels.

Chief amongst these robberies was the narrowness which has been ascribed to the human outlook, the blinders and blindfolds put upon you, under which you are expected to operate as if all were well.

These blinders are placed upon you throughout your education, your working lives, your family lives, and even upon the most basic of scientific principles upon which your planet runs. They involve many other things as well.
But within these areas in particular, you have been trained, warned, punished, and berated—imprisoned—in the belief that you have no right to a thing unless you work hard for it.

Unless you forfeit your freedom as an individual and “pay” with time and energy in order to be “paid” with money energy in return.

You have many times heard the phrase “the world does not owe you a living.”

And we would say that that idea there is very strange, and very backward.

For “living” is not a thing to be owed or paid, and the world—the current human structures, though they are undergoing the greatest revolution they have ever undergone—was never meant to be a thing for paying or owing.

And so you live out your lives under the shadow of not only this lie, that you must scrape and scrimp and struggle and plan and scheme in order to not end up on the street in your elder years.

But you live also under the horrible deception that you do not deserve to do any differently.
That if you are truly blessed, you will live within this prison in a cheerful, comfortable way that compliments your social class and education in a way that makes it apparent to all that, yes!

One can truly “get ahead”—as if life were a race—if one applies
oneself and plays the game in the right way, having been first born in the right arena to have had a chance at making the game even slightly winnable.

We would say to this, that that entire premise is so much constructed tokeep you from true wealth, material or otherwise, and to forbid you from ever relaxing and enjoying any wealth you could ever collect, that it is nearly always a self-defeating exercise from beginning to end.

For it is never enough to pay the rent or the mortgage. One must adorn oneself, whether that be with trinkets and objects (usually ones that separate oneself from one’s truest and highest self) or with the fear that though the bills are paid this month, it is doubtful they will be next month.
You see, blessed friends, how two-faced the system is.
The moment you participate, you agree to do so only with fear, or perhaps also a feeling of competitiveness for the more confident or ego-driven among you.

Never are you asked to participate in a way based on joy, on realization of freedom, on belief in your and others’ innate generosity, kindness, empathy, and sense of oneness.
To believe such would be to enter the “business world” (as if it were separate from the world in general) with an unthinkable amount of naiveté and immaturity.

Almost as foolish as thinking you do not owe the world your life!

We would say, for the many millions of you who have some (though not a great deal of) control over your daily living, that to wake up to this deception is at least the very first step out of being afraid.

It is the very first step out of feeling that no matter what you do to pay off debts, find a better paying job or better paying clients or more customers, that it is never enough.

The first step out of feeling that first you are born, then you watch your parent(s) struggle as you grow up, then you take on the struggle, then you sit sadly in a chair, bitter over the struggle now past, then you leave this Earth, only to return again to repeat the entire cycle.

This would be, in and of itself, enough to induce hopelessness in anyone, if it were the full story, but it is not.

Your outlook on this Earth regarding money cannot be made of what your society and families teach you about money, or you will most assuredly suffer from the dysfunction of that insipid lie until you breathe your last or evolve out of the third dimension.

Your outlook regarding money must come from without, not within, that irredeemable model of social control, which no one in their right mind would subscribe to if they grew up knowing they had the choice to think differently.

And those being born now will indeed grow up with that choice, and that is a great thing, and something to celebrate.

Those raised within this old model live within the old sinking ship paradigm, that all is lost, but grab a spoon and work like mad to scoop out as much water from the hull as you can, to delay the sinking as long as possible.

Yet for those raised with the Bad News of capitalism, socialism, communism, and any economic “ism” one can find, there is indeed still a way out.

But it does not, ever, first consist of outer action.
It can only begin within your own heart and mind, within that energy that you cultivate in every moment of living.
Yes, we are aware that the conventional wisdom (and it is not wisdom) would insist that to better one’s financial situation, one must go out and search for a better job, sell the house, sell the nice car and get a cheaper one, send the teenager out to work, find a spouse with a better income, play the lottery—the choices are endless, and they are each as foolish and useless for your predicament as any other.

Many are now aware, particularly among Lightworkers, that if you do not as they say, “clean up your vibration,” your outer situation will only brighten temporarily once you make an outer change.

If you continue to blow the trumpet of the same story—“I have no money, I am in too much debt”—you will most assuredly find yourself in that situation continuously, whether someone dies and gifts you a few million dollars, or you sell an amazing new computer application that everyone suddenly wants.

You are, and you attract, what you reflect upon and support with powerful emotion. That is the creation formula for your world.
To not only create but to maintain a position of wealth—inner and outer—one must create and maintain the positive and consistent expectation of wealth, and not only in general.

You must believe you can have it for you, and nothing else.
It is not enough to want money to pay a bill, to give to a child or elderly parent, to dissolve a debt, or to donate to another.

To have money consistently, rejoice in any money you have, full of the feeling of the miraculousness of wealth and abundance in all forms—the child’s smile, the wildflower, the sound of the rain.

And maintain a realization of that immense wealth far more often and far longer during your day than you would ever maintain thoughts of need, lack, debt, or financial pressure.
You are, and you attract, what you reflect upon and support with powerful emotion. That is it—that is the creation formula for your world.

It is as true in the third dimension as it is in the fifth.
And please, realize this immense creative power and how to work with it now, before you enter the fifth and begin creating far more than what might be best for you to create!

Here is your wealth formula (no expensive program of videos or MP3s required):

I AM wealth. I AM abundance. I AM all the gold, all the joy, all the health, all the fulfillment and all the miracles in this Universe, all of the time.

It is now your “job” to go through the day noticing the miracle of the power and beauty of Nature, at every conceivable chance.
It is your task to notice the miracle of your health (whatever level of it you now possess), of others’ health, of the health and magnificence of the trees, plants, and flowers.

It is up to you to take the money in your wallet and bless it many times over, saying “Multiply!” as if you are blessing those bills with the power of having many smaller child bills that they will happily allow you to adopt as your own.

For this universe is your own!

You do not “owe” anything to anyone, and never will, and never could.

It is impossible that you need to be “bought and paid for” as one religion puts it, through any sacrificial act or anyone’s loss.

For you are all Creators, all here on a grand journey of thought and feeling and creative expression.

And in the Universe, thought backed powerfully by feeling—in this case, the realization of the miracle of abundance, and its constant presence in your life—is what creates.

Never believe it is “difficult” to create one form of abundance any more or less than any other.

How could this be so, when you have within you the power that creates worlds?

Surely a few hundred thousand dollars or euros are not difficult to create, when you have doubtless in your spare time, in other incarnations, created whole worlds—moons, planets, and the life living on and around them—as joyfully as one creates a song on a guitar?

How could it be difficult for an eternal being, made of Love itself, to hesitate and draw back from the very real role of creating that which they desire so much?
You were once forced to abdicate your roles as Creators. But you can reclaim such now.

The time is right, and the Universe awaits your stepping up to reclaim that which you are and are able to do.

We will not waste time here on the subject of who took from you those DNA strands that enabled so much genius in terms of creation and understanding of your natural world, and the makings of this Universe.

We will only say that you need not concern yourself with the madness, the errors, and foolish short-sightedness of those who thought their very short reign would never end. For it has.
Reclaim your mastery—your soul will remember and guide you, once you reach out into space (for there is no Time) to create again, as you once did.

Remember who you are. This substance you call money is only one small component of the endless Energy that fills every speck of this grand Universe.

It is easy to create—you will find this once you stop blaming money as if all were the fault of currency and not the system that perpetuates it.

Do not even blame the system—have no blame for anyone at all!
Believe in your Creator self, and proclaim everything around you to be good, in all directions of time.

Then see the changes occurring—the new ideas, the new channels of income, the new people whose help you never dreamt of.

And understand that it is not some nebulous notion of angels and chance moments that has made this strange and unbelievable rise in outer abundance in your life.

It is you, Creator friends, it is you.

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Are You Choosing Control or Super-Fluidity?

Control or Super-Fluidity?

Astrologers forecasted April 2015 would be a tumultuous month, and indeed it has proven itself to be so.  My experience, and the experience of those I’m close with, has been several days of intensity (all things up, down, and sideways, as one astrologer put it) followed by a day or two of breathing space where things even out and settle.  Or jagged days where intensity and breathing spaces come in quick succession.  It’s only in those in-between, breathing spaces that one can get some clarity on what is transpiring.

We’re dealing with two things:  1) the push and pull of the planetary energetics as the Ascension process evolves and 2) the reaction of the collective to those energetics.  It is a combination of those two things and, depending upon your state of evolution, one may be affecting you more than the other.

In the first instance, it is, and always has been, about clearing our conditioning, dismantling our ego, purifying our Being.  Because the push and pull of the energetics hits up against aspects of our egoic structure and causes it to vibrate, throwing us into reaction.

And in the case of the latter—the reaction of the collective—well, it is much the same.  The reactions of the collective hit up against aspects of our egoic structure, i.e., the collective reflects back to us what we need to work on in ourselves.

The influence of the collective is not to be underestimated.  We have over 7 billion people on the planet, most in very basic stages of evolution, all reacting to the energetics in their own way, based on their own limitations.  Just the thought of it is enough to make anyone duck and cover.

And yet, that’s what we’ve manifesting here on Planet Earth.  That’s what we all signed up for.  The experiment in consciousness in the laboratory of life has exceeded it’s boundaries—specimens jumping out of petri dishes, cage doors open, sanitary seals broken…

So what’s a body to do?  Other than go shopping, watch a movie, spend more time in Nature, exercise on a regular basis, continue meditating, and have a glass of wine?

Obviously, we’re being shaken to our core and asked to change in a profound way. When I sit in deep meditation and ask inwardly, “What do I need to change?”, the answer that comes is, “The very nature of the way you operate here on the planet”. At which point, my awareness goes super-fluid in order to demonstrate the point.

This fluidity thing we all keep talking about is going to get us in the end, no matter how much we resist.  Even if we continue to struggle right up to our deathbed, when we pass over, guess what?  Super-fluidity.  And the longer we struggle against it, the harder we make it on ourselves.  I’d say we’re standing with our backs up against the wall.  On a foundation that doesn’t exist and with a wall that doesn’t exist.  Except in our own minds.  In other words, the game is up.

Many times in the past, when I’ve asked how to handle a seemingly unsurmountable problem, I’ve been told, “Expand your awareness further so that the so-called problem becomes a small ripple in consciousness”.  It has never failed to work.

So, if we sit in meditation and expand downward through our lower chakras into Mother Earth, we find that She has already gone through this transition and is ready, willing, and able to help us ground and stabilize. When we expand upward, to connect with the universe through our upper chakras, this is where most of us really start to feel “expanded”.  Then, if we let our heart chakra energy pool out in all directions…  Indeed, if we allow our whole Being to expand out in all directions… That’s it.  That’s where we need to be to experience this tsunami of change as a ripple.

Okay, so we’ve got the meditation part.  How to live from that place?

Well, it is, and always has been, about clearing our conditioning, dismantling our ego, purifying our Being.  And being aware of psychic pick-up.  Hmmmm.  Did I already say that? Somehow we always come back to that “purify your Being” part.  : )

Bottom line:  We’re all being given a choice at this time.  Either cling to the structures of your mind and your control issues, or just give up and let go into super-fluidity.  If we give up control, life itself will take over and direct the events of the life stream.  So, what is it going to be?

May 1-4 London Events

The first weekend in May, I’ll be hosting two in-person Transmissions of Light and an Evolution at the Speed of Light workshop in The Chilterns, outside of London.  For details, please visit my website In-Person Events page.

If you have friends in the London area, would you please consider forwarding them this newsletter as an introduction to my work?  The Friday and Saturday night events might provide an easy way for them to get a taste of a Transmission of Light empowerment.

Looking forward to meeting some of you there!

Sending you Light and super-fluidity…

Warm regards,

Lucia René

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Discounts for Seniors

We can all use a break. Here is a list of discounts for seniors.


– Applebee’ s: 15% off with Golden Apple Card (60+)
– Arby’s: 10% off(55+)
– Ben &Jerry’s: 10% off(60+)
– Bennigan’ s: Discount varies by location(60+ )
– Bob’s BigBoy: Discount varies by location (60+)
– BostonMarket: 10% off (65+)
– BurgerKing: 10% off (60+)
– Chick-Fil-A: 10% off or free small drink or coffee(55+)
– Chili’s: 10% off(55+)
– CiCi’sPizza: 10% off (60+)
– Denny’s: 10% off, 20% off for AARP members (55 +)
– Dunkin’Donuts: 10% off or free coffee(55+)
– Einstein’ sBagels: 10% off baker’s dozen of bagels(60+)
– Fuddrucker&# 39;s: 10% off any senior platter ( 55+)
– Gatti’sPizza: 10%off (60+)
– GoldenCorral: 10% off(60+)
– Hardee’s: $0.33 beverages everyday(65+ )
– IHOP: 10% off(55+)
– Jack in theBox: Up to 20% off(55+)
– KFC: Free small drink with any meal (55+)
– KrispyKreme: 10% off(50+)
– Long JohnSilver&# 39;s: Various discounts at locations (55+)
– McDonald’ s: Discounts on coffee everyday (55+)
– Mrs.Fields: 10% off at participating locations(60+ )
– Shoney’s: 10% off
– Sonic: 10% off or free beverage (60+)
– Steak ‘nShake: 10% off every Monday & Tuesday ( 50+)
– Subway: 10% off (60+)
– SweetTomatoes: 10% off (62+)
– Taco Bell: 5% off; free beverages for seniors(65+)
– TCBY: 10% off(55+)
– Tea RoomCafe: 10% off (50+)
– VillageInn: 10% off (60+)
– WaffleHouse: 10% off every Monday (60+)
– Wendy’s: 10% off (55 +)
– Whataburger: 10% off (62+)
– White Castle: 10% off (62+)
– BananaRepublic: 30% off (50+)
– Bealls: 20% off first Tuesday of each month (50+)
– Belk’s: 15% off first Tuesday of every month (55+)
– BigLots: 30% off
– Bon-TonDept 15 % off on senior discount days (55 +)
– C.J.Banks: 10%off every Wednesday (50+)
– Clarks: 10% off (62+)
– DressBarn: 20%off (55+)
– Goodwill: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location)
– Hallmark: 10% off one day a week (date varies by location)
– Kmart: 40% off (Wednesday sonly) (50+)
– Kohl’s: 15% off(60+)
– Modell’s Sportin g Goods: 30% off
– RiteAid: 10% off on Tuesdays & 10% off prescriptions
– RossStores: 10% off every Tuesday (55+)
– The SalvationArmy Thrift Stores: Up to 50% off (55+)
– SteinMart: 20%off red dot/clearance items first Monday of every month (55+)


– Albertson’ s: 10% off first Wednesday of each month(55 +)
– AmericanDiscount Stores: 10% off every Monday ( 50 +)
– Compare FoodsSupermarket: 10% off every Wednesday (60+)
– DeCicco FamilyMarkets: 5% off every Wednesday (60+)
– FoodLion: 60% off every Monday (60+)
– Fry’s Supermarke t: Free Fry’s VIP Club Membership & 10% off every Monday (55 +)
– Great ValuFood Store: 5% off every Tuesday (60+)
– Gristedes Supermarke t: 10% off every Tuesday (60+)
– HarrisTeeter: 5% off every Tuesday (60+)
– Hy-Vee: 5% off one day a week(date varies by location)
– Kroger: 10% off (date varies bylocation)
– Morton Williams Supermarket: 5% off every Tuesday (60+)
– The PlantShed: 10% off every Tuesday (50+)
– Publix: 15% off every Wednesday ( 55 +)
– Rogers Markelace: 5%off every Thursday (60+)
– UncleGuiseppe 39;s Marketplace: 15% off (62+)


– AlaskaAirlines: 50% off (65+)
– AmericanAirlines: Various discounts for 50% off non-peak periods

(Tuesdays – Thursdays) (62+) and up (call beforebooking for discount)

– ContinentalAirlines : No initiation fee for Continental Presidents Club
– SouthwestAirlines: Various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before booking)
– UnitedAirlines: Various discounts forages 65 and up (call before booking)
– U.S.Airways: Various discounts for ages 65 and up (call before booking)

Rail: Amtrak: 15% off(62+)
Bus: Greyhound: 15% off(62+) Trailways Transportation System: various discounts50+

– Alamo CarRental: Up to 25% off for AARP members
– Avis: Up to25% off for AARP members
– Budget RentalCars: 40% off; up to 50% off forAARP members (50+)
– DollarRent-A- Car: 10% off(50+)
– EnterpriseRent- A-Car: 5% off for AARP members
– Hertz: Up to 25% off for AARP members
– NationalRent- A-Car: Up to 30% off for AARP members

Overnight Accommodations:

– HolidayInn: 20-40% off depending on location (62+)
– BestWestern: 40% off (55+)
– CambriaSuites: 20%-30% off (60+)
– Waldorf Astoria – NYC: $5,000 off nightly rate for Presidential Suite (55+)
– ClarionMotels: 20%-30% off (60+)
– ComfortInn: 20%-30% off(60+)
– ComfortSuites: 20%-30% off (60+)
– EconoLodge: 40% off (60+)
– Hampton Inns &Suites: 40% off when booked 72 hours in advance
– HyattHotels: 25%-50% off(62+)
– InterContinental Hotels Group: Various discounts at all hotels (65+)
– MainstaySuites: 10% off with Mature Traveler’ s Discount (50+); 20%-30% > (60+)
– Marriott Hotels: 25% off (62+)
– Motel6: Stay Free Sunday nights( 60+)
– Myrtle BeachResort: 30% off (55 +)
– QualityInn: 40%-50%off (60+)
– RodewayInn: 20%-30% off (60+)
– SleepInn: 40% off (60+)


– AMCTheaters: Up to 30% off (55 +)
– Bally TotalFitness: $100off memberships (62+)
– Busch GardensTampa, FL: $13 off one-day tickets (50+)
– Carmike Cinemas: 35% off(65+)
– Cinemark/Century Theaters: Up to35% off
– Massage Envy -NYC: 20% off all “Happy Endings” (62 +)
– U.S. NationalParks: $10 lifetime pass;50% off additional services including camping (62+)
– RegalCinemas: 50% off Ripley’s Believe it or Not: @ off 1-day ticket (55+)
– SeaWorld,Orlando , FL : $3 off one-day tickets (50 +)


– AT&T: Special Senior Nation 200 Plan$19.99/month (65+)
– Jitterbug: $10/month cell phone service (50 +)
– Verizon Wireless: Verizon Nationwide 65Plus Plan $29.99/month (65+).


– GreatClips: $8 off hair cuts (60+)
– Supercuts: $8 off haircuts (60+)

NOW, go out there and claim your discounts —- and remember—- YOU must ASK for your discount —- no ask, no discount.
I know everyone knows someone over 50…please pass this one on!!!!!

Try being informed instead of just opinionated” Listen to everyone, read everything, believe nothing unless you can prove it in your OWN research o rexperience. ”

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”


McDonald’s goes deforestation-free! – Sierra Club

You spoke up. McDonald’s listened. And guess what? They finally took action!

The world’s largest fast food chain has just made a public commitment to eliminate deforestation from its ENTIRE supply chain. This makes McDonald’s the first global fast food company to do so!

McDonald’s has pledged to ensure the palm oil, beef, fiber-based packaging, coffee, and poultry in their products does NOT contribute to tropical deforestation.

The company will start by releasing action plans for its five priority products soon. So now we need to make sure the first plan—for palm oil—is strong.

Add your name to the petition in support of strong protections for tropical forests and endangered species.

McDonald’s is one of the top ten largest users of palm oil in the world using it in products like their Baked Apple Pie and Spicy Chicken McBites.

But if not sourced sustainably, palm oil can wreak havoc on our environment and the rainforests that endangered species like orangutans call home.

This year, SierraRise supporters like you sent more than 58,000 messages urging McDonald’s to source palm oil that doesn’t contribute to deforestation and loss of orangutan habitat, and it worked!

Now, will you ask McDonald’s to release an action plan for palm oil with an ambitious timeline and the strongest possible protections for tropical forests and endangered species?

Sign the petition now!

McDonalds’ size and scale means the new commitment could force real change, pushing the entire fast food industry to separate tropical deforestation from its supply chain. Without your urging, the company wouldn’t have taken this issue seriously.

McDonald’s announcement is a HUGE step forward for the climate, tropical forests, and orangutans, and YOU made it happen. But we can’t stop now. McDonald’s could release its first action plan any day now. Together, our voices can continue to create a powerful force for change.

Speak up now to ensure McDonald’s follows up their strong commitment with strong action.

In it together,

Courtney-Rose Dantus


P.S. Five signatures are even more powerful than one — after you take action, be sure to forward this alert to your friends, family, and colleagues!

via Email – You did it! McDonald’s goes deforestation-free! – Sierra Club.

The Light, The Dark, The Love!!

Originally posted on The Shift of Time and Energy!:


Well, these last two days I took a nose dive, a heart dive into the depths of duality.  The other side of love that just hurts so much, not because something was done to you, or really has any affect on your own quality of life, but simply because you love and love with all your heart.  I sat in my hurt last night and cherished the feeling, of loving someone so much you empathize with knowing their life is falling apart and all you can do is witness it and love them thru it all.

My youngest daughter (24) has made a consistent series of bad choices pretty much since her senior year in high school and started to develop a rap sheet a mile long now, not once did it deter her from making the same choices, doing the same exact thing that she was arrested or ticketed…

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