“The New Grid is in Place” ~ Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew

February 25th

In order to fully explain what I “saw” this morning, I need to back up to year 2007, when I first remember this strange phenomenon started for me. At least I assume that is when it started, however I was not fully aware of it until sometime in 2009.

It actually started much earlier, sometime in 2001 when I reached the hypnogogic state during meditation. A window would open up in my mind’s eye (while my eyes were closed) and I would see a moving picture in the frame.

Hypnagogia is the experience of the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep: the hypnagogic state of consciousness, during the onset of sleep. In opposition, hypnopompia denotes the onset of wakefulness. The related words from the Greek are agōgos “leading”, “inducing”, pompe “act of sending”, and hypnos “sleep.” ~ wikipedia

In the state between wakefulness and sleep — called the “hypnogogic state” — I began to be aware of a precise image that would show itself to me as I started to awaken, or as I started to fall asleep.

The image I was getting was the well-known “matrix” image:  green numbers/characters moving vertically on a black screen.


The numbers and characters were moving; the image seemed “alive” somehow. I tried to observe the characters but I could never tell if they repeated, if there was any pattern to them; I couldn’t even recognize them as familiar characters or numbers.

The meaning of the word “matrix” is very interesting; in the following dictionary excerpt, notice the strangely synchronistic example phrase showing the usage, which I have boldfaced below:


1. an environment or material in which something develops; a surrounding medium or structure.

“free choices become the matrix of human life”

  • the substance between cells or in which structures are embedded.
  • fine material. “the matrix of gravel paths is raked regularly”

2. a mold in which something, such as printing type or a phonograph record, is cast or shaped.

Once I passed through the “screen” —the barrier, test, or illusion of the old Matrix — I saw the outlying, greater reality of the starscape —the universe outside what I call the “bubble reality” —the consciousness experiment of the artificial Matrix.

It was only last year when I found myself writing a book about the Matrix, Unplug From the Matrix, in which I incorporated the image I had seen as the background for the cover, which I changed it to electric blue.


Then, suddenly in 2009, after a huge personal transition, when I deliberately let go of certain connections to the collective conscious and collective history, the Matrix was replaced with a new image: a night sky studded with stars.


This image was very comforting to me; it, too was “alive” as the star pinpoints twinkled and pulsed. As with the former Matrix movie screen, it presented to me as a moving image, vital and real. And I could easily access it by shifting my consciousness into a certain state. I had the feeling that the image was “teaching” me how to access that state.

It’s interesting to note that I published my third book, Celestial Navigation at that time, which incorporated the above image into the cover. I am in the process of republishing this book.


Then, this morning I saw something completely different: a grid, like a graph paper filled with lines of colored light. Magenta, electric blue, and chartreuse green. These are the colors that make up white light on the computer. There are three elements that project each color, and the three colors combine to make white.


But this image didn’t move like the others; it was static. I could examine each line, and noted that the dark space between the lines seemed to be exactly 1/8 inch.

When I asked, I got the following cryptic message:

The new grid is in place.

Then, as I dozed off again, I saw my totem animal guide: a white eagle or falcon hovering in the “air above” me. A good omen.


I can’t help thinking of what Lisa Gawles said about February 24th in her article, The Black Hole of the 24th:

a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can “we’re nearing the event horizon of the presidential election”  (We are nearing the event horizon of the Mountain of Zion, the Heavenly Jerusalem.)

Then again, black holes were pretty prevalent in the readings then too.  All of this was.  We had two years to absorb it, become it, live it.

~~~~ In an earlier article, she refers to February 24th:

I heard that we have three intense activation dates coming up.  One on the 24th (of course, this I now call black hole day due to my calendar anomaly) and not surprising on the 20th of March, the equinox and some date in between these two.

My interpretation of these three “screens” — the first screen showed me the structure of the artificial Matrix. Now, I am seeing the new grid of light, which underlies or is outside the universe; it is the new Matrix of Light, the new grid of Shamballah that we have formed with our intention, our consciousness.

As I have stated, the way to create something absolutely new in the new Earth is to start with intention and energy, not with conditional, heavy “concrete” reality, as we used to do. The new Earth requires energy mastery, intentional masters of creation: that is you and me, if we have done our work.

Here is how to create the world of your dreams:

1. Be impeccable with your thoughts, and choose your emotions. Remember that you recreate the old Matrix with the lower 2/3 of the emotional scale, and you create the new Earth Matrix with your conscious, directed intentions and feelings.

2. Generate the feeling of what you want and this feeling emanating from you will “beckon” the matching vibrational “reality” that you want.

So if you want financial abundance, you don’t want the 3D physical abundance, you want the “freedom” that you think (have been taught) that the finances will bring.

Generate the feelings that match the world you want. The new grid is waiting for you to build upon it.

Other Messages for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew may be found HERE.

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The Magnetic Fields of Heart Energy on Steroids!!

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earths magnetics

Well, today should be the end, which of course, gives way to the brand new.  It has been a week since I have been able to connect to the field outside, via readings or ET-ville.  It is not even like I feel like i have been blocked from seeing it like I had been, in my attempts to connect yesterday, it simply felt like whatever was out there before that we experienced, no longer existed.  If it wasn’t for my pure constant inner odyssey this past week, I would be having melt downs that I broke my antennas somewhere along the way.  But, like an alcoholic who hasn’t had that fix in a week, I am jonesing to find out what is out there now, who and what are we in relationship to the enormity of change.  Not to mention, I LOVE the charge that runs thru me when you…

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StabiliZAtion of Form : : OverRiding 3d : : The StairStepsOfOctaveHarmoniques : : AlphaOmegaAlpha

Originally posted on Blue : : YOD : : Daphne' Karan Danis : ::

by Daph’n’Ah KaRaDa’n’ : : IS

(daphneKarandanis : : daphnaKaranDanis)

[these ARE constituent soundForms of the proto~variety, the basic tonalities which make up the physicalization of perceived matter]

~~a beautiful message came forth this morning through my awakening I AM self/consciousness DaphnAH (AscendingHuman)~~

Beloveds ~~ You have before you now, in the Infinite Containment Vessel of the Grand Design of the *Hotel* of Life, a Stabilization of the New Proto~Forms of Gaia :: we say again, a Stabilization of the New Proto~Forms of Gaia.  This is a Star~Seeded Platform of Crystalline Alignments which shall enable a further harmonization and balancing of duality poles, which are quickly being integrated, as the last vestiges of non~ integrated aspects of ego mind are coming to the Zero~point functionality to be Awakened.

Because, YES, you ARE being awakened from a vast and infinitely deep slumbering of unfathomable proportions, a kind of Galactic Night the…

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Save the whales! | SumOfUs

SIGN HERE –>  Save the whales! | SumOfUs.

New Zealanders have witnessed more than 100 distressed pilot whales stranded in recent weeks, not far from where oil exploration companies have been ceaselessly firing sonic booms to map the seafloor. Around 103 of the whales couldn’t be saved, despite tireless efforts by volunteers to comfort and refloat the highly social creatures.

Local conservationists are calling for urgent research into the impact of seismic survey activity on whales — something the government should have done anyway before granting licenses to the oil companies.

The New Zealand government is sticking by its oily friends for now, but we know they monitor the country’s green image closely, and rely heavily on it for tourism and exports. That’s why an international outcry could tip the government in favour of the whales.

Tell the New Zealand government to halt all seismic testing and launch an independent study on its effects.

The seismic surveying methods used during oil and gas exploration generate exceedingly loud sounds which may travel large distances through water.

The New Zealand government has allowed an unprecedented amount of seismic testing for deep sea oil to take place in its waters this year, particularly by Norwegian company Statoil. It has happily granted permits to test in marine mammal reserves — including off the West Coast of the North Island, inside a sanctuary intended to protect the highly-endangered Maui’s dolphin.

Seismic testing is the first step of oil exploration. It is done from a ship firing off repeated sound blasts every few seconds, day and night sometimes over weeks or months.

The blasts, created by large underwater air guns, generate a pressure wave that penetrates the seafloor and the reflected sound waves are then recorded by an array of sensors dragged on long cables after the ship. The seismic explosions can be heard over 100kms away.

This must stop. We know we need to leave 80% of known fossil fuels in the ground if we are to prevent dangerous runaway climate change. There is absolutely no justification for exploring for new sources of oil — especially when they could contribute to putting at risk the health of whales and dolphins who are already struggling to survive in our changing climate.

We only have one planet, so we need to look after it together. That’s why we’re supporting local resistance against corporate destruction from the tar sands of Canada to the shores of New Zealand.

Sign the petition to halt seismic testing for deep sea oil off the New Zealand coast.

SIGN HERE –>  Save the whales! | SumOfUs.

If You Disagree With Plans To Vaccinate All Adults, Plz Read

Originally posted on OUR GREATER DESTINY:

To smooth transition out of natural and cyclical times of harm and loss, empower your sphere of ‘influence’ [what you can change] instead of empowering your sphere of CONcern [what you cannot change].

Current example; the American government is soliciting Written Comments on the Draft National Adult Immunization Plan.


If you disagree with PLANS TO VACCINATE ALL ADULTS, speak up now to dis-empower this plan, inform others, and ask them to speak up before 03/09/15, to inundate government with fact based evidence that vaccines are extremely harmful to human health.

Since evil perpetrators controlling this planet are extremely well insulated, if you notify local media, government, and others, please do so with compassion, for their jobs, lives, and lives of loved ones, may become jeopardized.

RESOURCES TO SELF EMPOWER AND POST A COMMENT, AT https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/solicitation-of-written-comments-on-the-draft-national-adult-immunization-plan-time-sensitive/

Doreen Agostino
Without Prejudice UCC1-308

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New observations confirm the Galactic Superwave theory

By Paul LaViolette via etheric.com, 22 February 2015

It took over 30 years to confirm a key thesis of the galactic superwave theory, but now incontrovertible evidence has been found. Observations of the active galaxy PDS 456 made with NASA’s NuSTAR space telescope (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array), in operation since June 2012, and with the European Space Agency’s XMM-Newton space telescope, now show the presence of an extremely high velocity wind moving outward isotropically away from the galaxy’s center in all directions at up to 30% of the speed of light. Prior to this astronomers had assumed that the winds produced by active galactic cores issued primarily from their poles in the form of jets.

In my 1983 Ph.D. dissertation, I had argued against this model showing evidence that cosmic rays from active galactic cores (quasars, blazers, Seyfert galaxies, etc.) radiate in all directions, not just toward the poles and that the forward beaming of synchrotron radiation from ultra relativistic cosmic rays gives the illusion that they are confined as jets because due to beaming the cosmic rays coming almost directly toward us are the only ones whose radiation we are able to see. The misinterpretation by the astronomical community that the jet phenomenon is being produced by cosmic rays moving outward slowly in the form of a magnetized plasma had misled the astronomical community for years into thinking that jets are aligned almost perpendicular to our line of sight and that their cosmic rays and gas escape mainly from a galaxy’s poles. The conventional theory had gas motion in the galaxy’s disc moving primarily inward toward its center to feed its supermassive core (mistakenly construed to be a “black hole”). I have been challenging this model for 32 years, in my dissertation, in the 1987 journal paper: Cosmic ray volleys from the Galactic Center and their recent impact on the earth environment, in the book Earth Under Fire, and in various web postings:

• http://starburstfound.org/superwaveblog/?p=334
• http://starburstfound.org/superwaveblog/?p=195
• http://etheric.com/fermi-gamma-ray-evidence-superwaves-traveling-outward-galactic-center/
• http://etheric.com/msnbc-interviews-paul-laviolette/

PDS 456 is an active galaxy over 2 billion light years away (z = 0.18) whose core is going through a quasar phase emitting radiation at the rate of ~1047 ergs per second, a rate about 100 trillion times greater than our own galactic core. Using these new telescopes, astronomers were able to spectroscopically detect the emission and absorption features of high velocity iron atoms streaming away from its Galactic center along with other ionized gas. They discovered that these spectroscopic features matched what astronomers call a P Cygni profile, a spectroscopic blueshift/redshift signature produced by ionized gas streaming outwards in all directions in the form of a sphere or spherical shell. They observed the wind at around 700 AU from the Galactic core (~700 times the Sun-to-Earth distance) and observed that it spread outward over a solid angle of at least 2π, hence over at least half of the surface of the sphere, with the implication that it actually blew outward in all directions.

Quite likely they will be finding similar spherical wind outflows in other galaxies as well. This finding challenges the conventional view that these supermassive black holes are cores energized by in falling material. Because this group acknowledges that with a wind as strong as they are seeing (1046 erg/second) it would be impossible for material to fall into the core to fuel its observed emission. Black hole theorists side step this by suggesting that the “black hole’s” activity was fired up at an earlier date when such a wind was absent and that now the presence of this wind will have a limiting effect to cause the black hole’s activity to shut off. Such reasoning, in my opinion, is pure fantasy. The high velocity wind is there because the core is active, and the core is active not because material is falling into it, but because of its intrinsic energy production through spontaneous energy creation, the phenomenon of genic energy production predicted by subquantum kinetics and proven by numerous a posteriori observations.

These recent findings support the subquantum kinetics cosmology which has long proposed that most of the stars in galaxies are formed by matter expelled outward from a galaxy’s core and that is why dwarf elliptical galaxies eventually adopt a spiral shape and then progressively grow in size. These findings then support the subquantum kinetics view of why there is a close correspondence between the mass of a galaxy’s core (Mother star) and its total mass.

Another thing that comes from these findings is the realization that a galactic core explosion can have a direct effect on the billions of stars populating a galaxy’s disc. It is but a small step to conclude from these observations of a galaxy 2 billion light years away, that the same occurs within our own Galaxy. That the core causes fierce winds to blow outward also through the disc of the Milky Way. Moreover it is but another small step to realize that these winds seen in PDS 456 are driven by radially propagating cosmic rays; i.e., a superwave, that spread out in all directions like this ionized iron wind, and that similar cosmic ray volleys have passed through our own galactic disc as well as through our Solar System.

Various media announcements about this discovery:

• http://www.nasa.gov/jpl/nustar/nasa-esa-telescopes-give-shape-to-furious-black-hole-winds/#.VOpEP0uXJlI

• http://sci.esa.int/xmm-newton/55475-widespread-wind-from-black-hole-can-shape-star-formation/

• http://www.space.com/28607-monster-black-hole-belch-transforms-galaxy.html

• http://www.nustar.caltech.edu/news/nustar150219

• http://www.focus.it/scienza/spazio/il-super-vento-dal-buco-nero-che-spazza-la-galassia

• http://www.media.inaf.it/2015/02/19/il-super-vento-dal-buco-nero-che-spazza-la-galassia/

Technical papers and abstracts:

• http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2014HEAD…1420003R

• http://iopscience.iop.org/0004-637X/780/1/45/pdf/apj_780_1_45.pdf

transients.info: New observations confirm the Galactic Superwave theory.

The Earth Plan: How to Open Your Third Eye ~ Infinite Waters Ralph Smart ~ 22 May 2014

Here is a summary of Ralph Smart diving deeeeeeep into the Third Eye/Pineal Gland, based on ancient activation practices.

  • Yoga ~ integration of body/mind/Soul
  • Mindful meditation ~ tuning in to the power of Now
  • 7-Hermetic principles
  • Diet ~ vegetarian, we are what we eat
  • Star-gazing ~ shows us the world beyond
  • Crystals ~ lapis lazuli in Ancient Egypt helps with connecting to the Planet
  • When 3rd Eye opened we are in alignment with Higher purpose
  • Sleeping in the dark ~ melatonin produced, linked to pineal activation
  • “When we are not afraid to sleep, we are more awake”
  • Ayahuasca, lotus ~ “dissolves” world around us
  • Once we know Who We Truly Are, our Third Eye activates!
  • Divine Union via tantra = Oneness
  • Beeswax candles aid in activation
  • Krishna played flute called bansuri, it has 22 semitones and was in alignment with planetary frequencies (432 Hz vs 440 Hz)
  • “We are the Ancients…theWitches and Wizards are back!”

The Earth Plan: How to Open Your Third Eye ~ Infinite Waters Ralph Smart ~ 22 May 2014.

“Pops” of Enlightenment envelope all Gaia inhabitants in short order

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gaia_energy1“Pops” of Enlightenment envelope all Gaia inhabitants in short order as consciousness barriers erode.

Multiple engagements are handled with ease as Higher awareness returns.

Threads of separation resolve to a Common.

Enterprises of Nova Gaia assemble.

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pleiadedolphininfos: Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION ~ February 22-29, 2015

Beloved Ones,

As you sit at the crossroads wondering which way humanity will choose to go, know that you are not helpless ones – you have ability to effect changes to the morphogenetic fields (fields which influence the pattern or form of things) that surround all situations. These are fields of habitual patterns that link all people, fields which influence and are influenced by, the habits of all people, whether of knowledge, perception or behaviour. It is a field that exists where each individual inherits a collective memory from past members of the species, and one which also contributes to the collective memory which affects other members of the species in the future. (See links below.) This is why we tell you that you are more powerful than you know and why mindfulness in your thoughts, words and deeds is so very important. It is through your focused intention, your love, your intuitive clarity and your light that changes to the current patterns in these fields take place. You are the ones that affect them!

It is all a matter of perspective as you work through these fields. Making an assessment of each situation encountered and learning everything about it that you can, looking at all the advantages and disadvantages to decide which road to take that is offered to you, you then choose the best option for you. Trust yourself, make that decision and believe that you are choosing the best option at the current point in time. Perhaps the passage of time will show you that it was not the best way to go, if that is the case, be prepared to face the consequences and make adjustments as necessary and learn from the experience. Life is all about living it instead of remaining a bystander or a passive observer to your own life. Too many people have been conditioned to wait for another person to do what needs to be done. This conditioning must now be changed. It requires your determination and awareness for this to occur. You can do it.

As the energies upon the planet increase, there is more fluidity in all things and so your ability to affect the morphogenetic field is greatly amplified. Caution is required in your daily thoughts and activities. Begin your day by aligning with your divine essence and stay true to this alignment through all activities throughout your day. Repeat powerful affirmations that reinforce your highest vision and highest outcome, not only for yourselves and those you love but for everyone upon your planet. See yourselves as the powerful and wise beings that you truly are and step into those shoes! Become those powerful beings who wield their power for good to manifest into their world. You have come this far because of your strong will and determination to be here during these times and it is not the time to allow all that hard work and effort to fall by the wayside.

Continue in your efforts and in your allowance to release and clear the energies that are still coming to the surface and remember that they are not always because of anything that you have personally endured and experienced and are personally responsible for. Many times, it is a clearing that is occurring for the entire collective morphogenetic field that greatly influences and affects all life. You are playing a part that was agreed to be played before your current incarnation. It is a time of major release for everyone and everything that has previously been conditioned and affected by the old paradigm systems and as you do this work, keep yourselves as energetically clear as possible. You are one of many major lightworkers for your planet and everything you are currently experiencing is for the greater good of all, even though it may not feel like it in the moment.

You have great ability to transmute the denser energies that are keeping humanity from greater awareness of the true nature of their lives upon this planet. Allow your light to shine like a blazing sun and radiate this light from your heart chakra to everyone and everything that surrounds you. As ambassadors of light and love for the Creator, your actual presence does and will continue to make a difference. You are assisting in bringing ancient knowledge and wisdom into the modern world in a way that is appropriate for the current civilization to absorb and ponder upon and learn from, linking the past with the future. You are the anchors and the conduits, the beautiful rainbow bridges of love and full spectrum light, that diamond light, truly making its presence felt upon your planet.

Until next week…

I AM Hilarion
pleiadedolphininfos: Marlene Swetlishoff ~ HILARION ~ February 22-29, 2015.

pleiadedolphininfos: Bob Fickes ~ Dolphins Holding the Violet Flame

Dolphins are high frequency energy beings much like angels but in a physical form. Their songs help to heal the Earth Planet and all the beings that live here. Together with the Whales, they are constantly adjusting their song to bring the Earth back to harmony and balance with the Spiritual Kingdoms.
You don’t need to see a dolphin in order to communicate with them. The best way to tune in to the Dolphin Energy is to listen to your Heart Song. This sounds like a very high frequency much like a whistle or tiny bubbles bursting in the inner consciousness. If you listen to this sound or just feel the vibration of the bubbles bursting into consciousness, you will feel lifted into another dimension of perception. These frequencies transform your perception into the Ascension Energy of the Violet Flame. The dolphins carry the next level of consciousness and get excited when we tune in to them. They are here to activate the new age of Ascension.

In Lemurian times human beings were non-physical. We had bodies of consciousness known as Light Bodies. Our body was not rigid or dense. There was no weight. We could modify our form and swim through the ocean like a fish or fly through the air like a bird. Everyone once had the ability to tune in to the Heart Song of the Dolphins. The vibration of the Dolphin Song would lead us into higher and more delightful dimensions of consciousness. The problem is that today we think too much and evaluate everything we experience. We have to let go of our analytical mind and just flow like a child with the pulses of energy emitted by the Dolphins. These pulses of energy or bursts of light and high-pitched sounds are everywhere. We can tune in to them any time we are relaxed. Perhaps the best time to try this is just after meditation when your mind is quiet and your heart is open. Some of you may not hear the sound, so instead, just relax and feel the gentle pulse of energy or wave of joy deep inside your heart.

Dolphins are here to raise the vibration of our consciousness and help us tune in to the flow of Life Force that is bringing all life into harmony with Nature. It is this same Heart Song that has opened the doors between the dimensions and has been allowing the gods, angels, and masters to communicate with us. If we just relax, we can open to an extraordinary experience of new light and love. When you start to feel this vibration moving through your heart center, tune in to the dolphins and swim with them into the Violet Ocean of Ascension. Feel your awareness of this Earthly world melting into the multicolored perception of the Divine. It’s a wonderful experience but it requires you to turn off your analytical mind and just feel. Even if you think you are just imagining this, it is working. Your imagination is a powerful creative tool that you can use to materialize good things into your daily life. What we do in our inner spiritual consciousness is just training for how to manifest more light and love in our world. The dolphins have been doing this since the time of Lemuria and are waiting for more human beings to tune in and enjoy the unified field of Divine Love. Swim with the dolphins and learn their song. Set your imagination free and roam the fields of Paradise that were once present everywhere in Lemuria. Bless you!
pleiadedolphininfos: Bob Fickes ~ Dolphins Holding the Violet Flame.

The Architects of the New Earth

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