The Gift

A few years ago, I saw a change approaching the Earth, a shift so profound that it would affect the vibratory levels of everything in existence on this version of Earth. I call it “The Gift” — it is a wave of light that interpenetrates everyone on the Earth in this time-space continuum. When it happens, it will change everything, and other important aspects of the shift — the more grounded 3D ones — will finally make sense to the populace, because to survive this shift, you will have to have a certain vibrational awareness that the Gift requires. After it comes , everyone will be on the same playing field. Then Nesara, disclosure, and the work of the various lightworkers can go forward without hindrance.

I know it will happen in my lifetime, but I don’t know when.

“Everything Is Happening On A Divine Timetable” One Who Serves, Lady Nada and Ashira

As you are continuing to follow the guidance that is given, the wee spot of small whisper that comes to you, as you continue to do this your lives will evolve in the direction they ae meant to be. If you allow this, go with the flow as we have been speaking of many, many times. Go with the flow in so many different ways, you will find that you are exactly where you need to be in any given moment.
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The Shift of Time and Energy! | A blog to take you deeper into understanding what is happening on earth, and how to move thru it with ease and grace!

Happy day after the equinox, (which is now the day after the day after lol) but most importantly, welcome to the first days of the rest of our lives!! We all have been getting previews, experiences of what this new cycle will focus on within our personal lives these last couple days, well, starting with the 21st. The day before and the day after the equinox consist of one full day in spirits eyes, or so they say anywayz lol.
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Are We Having A Collective Precognitive Memory Of Going Home To The Stars? ~ Gregg Prescott

by Gregg Prescott, M.S.
Editor, WooWoo Media

Many people feel like earth isn’t their home, as if they are visiting here in this incarnation from another planet. Is this a premonition of what is about to come?
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Mike Quinsey Message, September 23, 2016 | Forever Unlimited

Mike Quinsey Message, September 23, 2016  

All over the world there are confrontations and battles as the dark Forces try to stem the losses they are experiencing. It will be to no avail as their power is becoming fragmented and they are losing control of the outcome of events. Their days are numbered as their leaders are no longer able to command their supporters to achieve the outcome they planned. The end of their power and influence is in sight and there is nothing they can do to change the outcome. Viewing it from the outside you would not know the true facts as so much is happening at the same time. However, those working for the end of hostilities and world peace, are placed where they can influence what is taking place and more importantly the outcome.

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THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, September 23, 2016

Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign, complete

Moon in Cancer

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Shodashi, Goddess Who Aligns With the Highest and Best, Goddess of Beauty

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Kathe, God of the South

Skill: lighten up

True Alignments:  HUMOR, guidance for direction, actualizing potential, traversing, legacies, “souvenirs” (memories) of the journey of life, observation, a little wild, pioneering into “new territory,” shielded and protected, constructive, cohesion, bridging a gap

Catalysts for Change:  feeling “in the weeds” or bogged down with tasks and responsibilities, losing perspective, craving support, foolish/playing or played the fool, desire to discontinue, unrealistic, gullible, not able to look away from something mesmerizing, having trouble getting to the other side of something (like a bridge is closed – try to go around)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month: “two heads looking out and beyond the shadows” (seeing beyond duality/divide and conquer, integration, transcending difficulties)

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery” (the renaissance of humanity, transcending difficulties)

It has been a long week on this year’s “magic carpet ride,” but today the adventure continues not by magic carpet, but by bus.  VENUS is discharging the Sabian symbol energetic of “a sight-seeing bus filled with tourists,” advising us to “sit back” and let a Higher Power drive.

In other words, we step back and observe the sights — the things that are happening around us and in front of us.

Most of the time, the tourists (us) are seeing things for the first time, hence the need for a tour guide in order to fully learn more about the sights.  Tour guides on jaunts such as these are a fountain of wisdom.  Spirit is our guide every day, but today it takes the form of a TOUR guide, which means we are going somewhere and seeing sights — learning something.

The “ticket” to getting on board is practicing the skill of “lightening up:”

1- THE SUN is discharging “the light of the sixth race transmuted to the seventh” (carrying forward, moving from one state of being to another).

2- THE EARTH is discharging “a comedian entertaining the group” (humor, fun, less serious).

3- JUPITER is discharging “a group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire”(pioneering, sharing, light and warmth, inspiration).

A we are “lightening up” and seeing a lighter side of things, it may seem as if we are going over something again and again or finally crossing away from it.  MARS continues to travel over the energetic of “an old bridge over a beautiful stream in constant use.”  We are guided to the other side of something, perhaps never cross it (experience it) ever again.

Keep in mind that the Sun is transiting in conjunction with Jupiter, making exact conjunction Monday, and remaining in effect for a couple of days after.  One of the things Sun-Jupiter aspects can do is cause weight gain.  Usually it falls off naturally after the transit completes.  If you are experiencing this, do not beat yourself up about it.  I have heard many doing this.  The fact that the conjunction is in Libra hyper-focuses the issue because Libra appreciates beauty like no other sign.  Libra also leans toward perfectionism, as I mentioned yesterday.  Let’s not make this more than it is — energetic.

The adventure of today calls us to lighten up and let a more knowledgeable force guide us.  Ready to take in the sights?

Happy Friday, wise owls!

Source: THE ORACLE REPORT: Friday, September 23, 2016 | Forever Unlimited

Unexpected events and dramatic transformations | Dana Mrkich | Forever Unlimited

This has been one of the most intense months I can remember, ever. Almost every day I have heard about something huge happening to someone we know, and same goes for a lot of family and friends who are either going through massive changes or having it happen in their circles this month. And it covers all bases: celebratory, challenging, emotional, traumatic.
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Fall Equinox Brings Kali And The Burning Of The Old Self ~ Rebelle Society

I feel like I should warn you. There is a fierce feminine fire building. It is Kali Ma-like, creator and destroyer.

Burner of all that must go so that life can give birth to life. She is the wolf-woman coming, hard and strong and asking you for more than you want to give, but only because she loves you

Source: Fall Equinox Brings Kali And The Burning Of The Old Self. – Rebelle Society