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2020 Spiritual Vision


Okay… just noting some of the possibilities energy wise.  There have been some energy pow’s… and I mean POW’s.  Years ago they used to feel like energy incoming and then/now very much energy awakening inside of one.  Internal and organic… and in moments may feel…

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Alignments with the Light are followed and promoted


Alignments with the Light are followed and promoted.

Elements of collaboration present.

Fronts of the Storm are visible.

Salacious elements are revoked.

The Lightning Illuminates all.

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Preparing for Another Trajectory Shift | Sandra Walter – Ascension Path

The unified collective intent and ceremony of the 11.11 portal brought massive influxes of Crystalline Photonic light codes. Our Gateways are wide open, and adjustments made for the trajectory shift set for November 21-25, with November 22 as our focal point. We are in its pull already, and this month continues to align these interdimensional pathways of Ascension. Our focus is embodiment, which requires an open, purified heart

Source: Preparing for Another Trajectory Shift | Sandra Walter – Ascension Path

Fish oil in the news again: but is it snake oil? | TreeHugger

New study on fish oil benefits has some foibles, the least of which is it’s not fish oil.

Headlines declaring the benefits of fish oil once again appear poised to pump up the demand for omega-3 supplements. Given that depleting the ocean of fish in order to squeeze out the good stuff and put it in a pill seems like a trend a TreeHugger should question, we looked into the science behind the headlines and found more than just sustainability questions…

Source: Fish oil in the news again: but is it snake oil? | TreeHugger

JENNY SCHILTZ – Tsunami Energies assisting with Timeline Shift – 11-3-18 – Ascension help, Energy Update, the guides, My perspective

Higher Density Blog

Tsunami Energies assisting with the Timeline Shift.

Many are feeling as if there is no push, no motivation, and no direction and in fact no solid ground to stand on. What was once clear and directed may now feel fuzzy and vague. It is uncomfortable, to say the least.

There feels to be a lack of stability in what we call our reality. That is due to the shifting of the grid system, the collapse of lower timelines and the opening up of new higher dimensional realities. How this can be translated into the human form can be quite dramatic.

Many are feeling anxious, exhausted, stressed in body and spirit, and directionless. I woke the other day with massive anxiety that swirled through my chakras. My mind translated it into one of my old fears about financial stability, yet I knew that this wasn’t accurate. When I connected into the feeling I came to realize that the…

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Energy Update: 11/15/2018 and My Two Cents


When I talk about the 3 groups we are in. I am getting the information from Dolores Cannon’s book ” The Three Waves Of Volunteers And The New Earth”. She calls them waves. I call them groups because we have daily energy waves and it can be confusing. This is an excellent book and I highly suggest reading it.

The reason why you may have finished kundalini 2 years ago and are going through it again is we have 4 body’s that this energy is working on or going to work on. I am on my third body the mental body (2018), as I have gone through kundalini/ ascension through my physical body (2016) and emotional body (2017).  You finish with a body after you have mastered that energy. I finish emotional kundalini/ascension after I mastered my emotions. I will finish mental kundalini/ascension after I master my mental body and…

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Ascending struggle

2020 Spiritual Vision


Just wanted to check in on the current energy.  Sleep may be needed and one may be feeling significant heart expansions.  I remember when these started for me, they were borderline alarming.  Now I smile, roll shoulder blades back/open up and take a few slow and deeper breaths. 

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Energy Update: 11/13/2018


Just a quick update I can no longer put off my errands. They have to get done.

It looks like the magnetic poles are beginning to shift. I was told “rapid pole shift happening”.

Here is my post from my energy updates page”

You may have just got nauseous all of a sudden. I asked what was going on and was told this is the beginning of a rapid magnetic pole shift. It can affect the weather causing earthquakes, hurricanes, and/or tsunamis. It can affect us by giving us headaches, nausea, and diarrhea. I also have a feeling of indigestion and slight heartburn. My head was ringing every time I woke up last night and the back of my neck was sore. Hang in there.

As I was posting this Metatron says to let you know “Don’t worry everything will be ok”


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Rest In Peace

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

659D23B1-B18C-4874-A17E-D3641056C46F.jpegWhat if you were dead?

I’m not saying this to frighten you, but to make a very important point. If you died tomorrow, and left behind friends, family, kids, parents, whomever, they would of course mourn you.  But you can’t deny that things would go so much easier for you.

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to Brenda's Blog

Life Tapestry Creations - Blog Banner LTCLife Tapestry Creations - Brenda Black PhotoChanneled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestryCreations.com

Summary of Brenda’s November 9, 2018, channeled “Creation Energies” show at BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman:  You’ve completed the final test for the most difficult class you’ve ever experienced – clearing your 3D being – and you’re waiting for your grade. Even though everyone received an A, you’re worried your grade might be a B or C. You’re also concerned about your recently acquired free time. This free time is for you to discover your joy.

“Innovation Prep Time” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly channeled blog for LifeTapestryCreations.com.

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

Many of you worry that you will not get yours. That all of 5D and beyond seem to be creating their dreams and you alone are stuck in your gray zone of wanting, but not receiving.

Such thoughts are a 3D…

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Special Bacteria is Found to be a ‘Battery’ That Turns Sewage Waste into Clean Hydrogen Energy

Scientists have found that purple bacteria could be a groundbreaking new resource for producing clean hydrogen energy out of human waste.

Source: Special Bacteria is Found to be a ‘Battery’ That Turns Sewage Waste into Clean Hydrogen Energy

How to Stop the Wildfires in California & Elsewhere – Your Help is Needed!

Stepping Out of Duality

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

cropped-e3c75f7b-a02b-4684-8e5a-a4c93c43cf92.jpegIf we look at world events, things seem pretty bleak.  Humanity is still pretty unconscious.  But we reach a point in our awakening where we understand why  the human species does what it does.  We get it.  They are acting out the Galactic story that began before the playground, Planet Earth, a vast duality reality, was formed.

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Cat lovers around the world wish more than anything for their feline companions to live long and healthy lives. With so many marketing schemes and options out I consumer-land, how do we know which food is the best quality food for our cats?


November 2018’s (11/11/11) Gateway: Approaching Completion & Crossing The Bridge Of Light.

Michael C Murdock - Divine Light Phases

large vector warning1 (1) part 11  preview  1 (1) part 11

November 2018 Energies & Absolute Completion(s)

On a personal level November 2018 has not “felt” or “been” a great month so far for me, and I don’t know anyone else collectively, who is having an alright time with these cosmic energetic changes that we’ve been experiencing. However, with that said – these energetic changes are needed at this time. As we continue to acclimate to these new light codes that we’ve been embodying, they will stabilize and so will the current timeline that we’re in now. For those who don’t know yet we’ve entered a new timeline on Nov 6th – and the changes that are taking place right now are very hard to stomach but their necessary for soul development. This will continue to impact us on multiple levels until we pass through the Triple (11) Gateway. Which is tomorrow…

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11 11 Portal Opens


Are you feeling it? Can you sense the edgy, sketchy, disruptive mood Gaia is in? She has had enough. Hold on to your hats folks, Gaia is dropping a gear, gunning the gas and preparing to quantum leap through time and space, again! Phew! We are deep in the Event now, all to play for. Do what resonates. Be selfish. Give what you can, then pull back. Recharge batteries, anchor your light to Gaia, be ready. 60 seconds till midnight cosmic surfers. In love and light 👊🏻🌀💖🙏🏻

#awakening5dhealing #awakening #1111 #1111gateway #1111portal #meditatelovefrequency

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Planet Alert November 2018 |

Editor’s note: a well-written article, worth reading.

We just watched a blue wave of women come to the foreground to help change the energy in the United States government. Our government has been male dominant for a long time and I think we have needed some soft feminine energy in a leadership role. Our election chart had Venus conjunct the moon (female energy) in Libra and both objects were opposing Uranus, the planet of light

Source: Planet Alert November 2018 |

Stepping Out of Duality | Soulsoothinsounds’s Blog

If we look at world events, things seem pretty bleak.  Humanity is still pretty unconscious.  But we reach a point in our awakening where we understand why  the human species does what it does.  We…

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11/11 – 11/17 energy

2020 Spiritual Vision


I usually write of the joy in the journey as it’s always there and easy to see… yet I also have, let’s get real about how this/now feels moments.  Overall and personally I feel as if much (whatever arises) has been more neutral these past several weeks.  Yet trust the me of even a year ago (and in moments now) could provide a list of adjectives, lol.  For some though it may feel like the 9th month of pregnancy where one is…

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Exceptions to the rules is the new rule

aisha north • water speaks • channeled images

Exceptions to the rules is the new rule

as old instructions no longer apply.

Any restrictions have long since exceeded

their statute of limitation,

and are fading away into obscurity.

Allow the dismantling of the obvious,

by avoiding putting your own priorities

in your way.

You cannot choose freedom.

You can only BE free.

For freedom is not a choice.

It is a way of living.

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Hats on Fire: 11/11 Mass Meditation

Schrödinger's ÖTHER Cat


We are at the turning point. This is your LIGHT-KONG wake-up call, baby.

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This luxurious tiny house is powered by coffee grounds (Video) | TreeHugger

For many people, waking up with a good cup of coffee is a well-entrenched early morning habit. But what might not be as widespread is reusing those coffee grounds — whether for making fabric, food or used as a biofuel.

Source: This luxurious tiny house is powered by coffee grounds (Video) | TreeHugger