Bashar – abundance, abundance, abundance

Editor’s note: I like to take notes so my head can hold this info without having to view the whole video again. Here are my notes:

Abundance, abundance, abundance

How can I be more abundant? — You can’t.

You are already abundant. You can only be abundant in different ways. Choose your focus.

If you have a belief in lack, then you have an abundance of lack.

The issue is “what am I defining abundance to be.

Abundance: the ability to do what you need to do when you need to do it.

Representing abundance only with money only limits your abundance.

Relax, let it come to you however it needs to come to you.

There is enough for everyone.

You will get it when you need it, at exactly the right time.

You are unconditionally supported at all times. The universe is willing to support you in any belief about reality. If you believe that you are undeserving, etc. your reality will reflect these ideas. On the other hand you can choose to believe:

“I am creative, I am loving, I deserve.”

When you spend less time judging your choices, when every choice is equal, it is easy to choose what you prefer. If you are afraid of certain choices and devalue them, then you are devaluing a part of creation and yourself. You will be forced to focus on the choice you don’t want–you are putting energy into it–“This needs to be bigger and more important than any other choices.” You are putting undue energy into making it stand out. Until you can relax your insistance that it needs to be so important.

Allow yourself to know that it will not control you, it will simply respond to you in whatever shape and form you start choosing to respond to the idea of yourself.

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