Visualizations that Help Ascension Symptoms

toroidal field


I have been in this intense physical transition for a couple years. I was an athlete before this started, and now I find simple things very challenging. So, it has been important for me to be patient with my body, and with my mind (which always wants to do a comparison and contrast).

I like to take long walks and do one or more of the following (in fact, you can them anywhere and as often as possible):

1. I repeat certain phrases to myself: I use “she” (meaning “I”–I don’t know why it came out in the third person, but that’s what I channeled spontaneously).

–“She walks in BEAUTY and GRACE all the days of her life.” (I have since expanded it to “she walks in BEAUTY, GRACE, LOVE, HEALTH and PROSPERITY all the days of her life.”

2. “It is an HONOR to take care of this beautiful, strong, vibrant body.” (This is great when you are exercising, or eating)

3. When I have a strong (negative) emotion that seems to want to take me somewhere outside of myself (away from the center of my head) I visualize a triangle, with the base line symbolizing duality, and the top point, as a detached perspective. I put myself at that top point, and become instantly detached from the drama below.

4. Lately, I use two visualizations throughout the day:


5. I see a line of energy coming up from the center of the Earth through my base chakras–the feet and the root, and another line of energy feeding me from the Sun and through it, the Galactic Center. These two streams of energy meet at the HEART chakra, and are transformed into a beacon of LOVE energy that is just right for whatever needs to heal or transform in whatever place–or dimension–I am in. I see myself as a transducer for cosmic and Earth energy.

6. I visualize my aura as a toroidal field. I know that this field protects me from negative influences and that it is clean inside and out. This field is my own magnetic field, and the vortexes at the top and the bottom draw the experiences that match my vibration. Because my thoughts are becoming more and more impeccable, I am able to be more deliberate about what I draw to me.