I AM a Force for Good

Just the other day, I had the amazing experience of seeing the ordinary people around me as beautiful for the first time. And this was not just children–no, it was EVERYONE. This, from a someone who has never liked humans much at all. Yeah, I loved kids, animals and Gaia, but people have always only engendered disgust from me.

How did this happen? I have been focusing on dumping everything that doesn’t belong to my natural self–you know, the original, higher self that we all came in with. The Self we were before we were conditioned and polluted by other people’s limitations, doubts, fears, needs, emotions, ideas, hierarchies, power plays, religions, governments, etc.

I keep only what is natural to me–a list of qualities related to love, abundance, acceptance, etc.

Then I realized that humans are naturally good; they have been co-opted by negative forces that have exploited them. Not a new concept to me, and not one that engenders the slightest fear, anger, disgust, or victim-hood in me anymore. Not even sadness or pity.

I used to feel anger and disgust when I would view my unconscious brethren. But when I realized that they chose their path, and their choice has nothing to do with my ascension or even my well-being, I could let it all go. Yes, I came here to experience a shift. Yes, I came to help the masses shift, but my work is done. It was extremely difficult, and rather painful, but it is done. All I have to do is observe and hold a neutral focus. Stand my ground, keep my vibration on my new set point of neutrality and appreciation.

So now, the people I see, I see from the aspect of my higher self viewing their higher selves. In that space, all are good, all are perfect.

The phrase that came to me last week was, “I AM a force for Good.” I repeat it to myself every day; I live this as my core truth. I AM a force for Good. I represent and broadcast Goodness every moment of the day.

I AM. Good surrounds me, my cells float in a sea of good, I radiate Good, and Goodness fills my life.



divine+love+love+Gaia = Man (freedom)