Energy Update – 11/18/13 ~Matt Kahn

Matt Kahn
3 hours ago
Energy Update – 11/18/13

If the past few months have been a strange mixture of energies, I hope to put your mind at ease. Last night signified the end of an old outdated 3D cycle, which allows today to celebrate a brand new cycle without the imprinting of the third dimension influencing your experience. For most light workers, ascension is imagined as an act of stepping into the 5th dimension. While this is true, it is not just a journey into the 5th, but an opportunity to watch the 3rd dissolve as well. Over the past few weeks, many outdated timelines that carry the 3rd dimensional vibration have been released out of your field. As this occurs, any soul contracts that needed to be fulfilled were rushed to the forefront of your experiences. This may have looked like revisiting old behaviors just to squeeze every last tidbit of insight out of a pattern that no longer is present in your field.

During this time, many found themselves consumed in old compulsive habits, along with waves of panic, worry and fear. For many who are unaware of the movement of energy, any type of fearful feeling doesn’t suggest that anything has gone wrong in your life. It more so confirms the very moment when outdated timelines are released out of your energy field. As old outdated timelines are released, the consciousness from collapsing timelines merges into your current timeline to expand your consciousness and root you deeply into present moment reality.

As this collapsing of the old serves to bring you deeper into your body and ground your expanding vibration into 5D reality, it is normal for this phenomenon to affect your adrenals. Whether this was sensed as a sense of fatigue, apathy, withdrawal, frustration, flu-like symptoms or even boredom, the key is to allow self-care to be your ongoing spiritual practice. Whether this means more naps whenever you can find the time, sending “I love you’s” to your heart on a more consistent basis, improving the quality of your food intake, or even slowing down the pace of your body, relief is always a few deep breaths away. This doesn’t mean you’ll go from exhausted to excited in one single breath. Instead, you’ll take the insufferable edge of worry out of your experience, so you can allow your mind and body to catch up with the progressive nature of your ever-expanding energy field.

A few months ago, I spoke of a new flux of cosmic excitement, which is here to be tasted, as the old timelines continue to collapse. If cosmic excitement hasn’t been your experience, you have nothing to worry about. It just signifies how the opening to cosmic excitement is occurring at a more gentle speed, so you can integrate it at a faster rate as your newly emerging natural state of being. For those who have been purging attachments to collapsing timelines, the emergence of cosmic excitement begins with a renewed sense of trust and harmony with the physical body. You may begin to feel more rooted in your body with the ability to notice things without the need to be triggered into such a deeper state of present moment awareness. It also may feel as if life is now a faithful companion, always here to guide, support and cheer you on.

Another sign of the emerging 5D cosmic excitement is a willingness to be supportive of others without getting entangled in codependent relationships. This means you are able to empathize with the circumstances of others without needing to limit your own experience. If you think of your life as a movie, each of us have starring roles in our own lives, as well as supporting roles in the lives of others.

In the new 5D model, you are able to consciously interact with the storylines of others, without abandoning the movie you are starring in. This is where you begin to love yourself and others through the growing pains of life without needing to take the pain away, change the way anyone perceives their experience, or even diminish your own experience until theirs improves. Instead, you are able to lovingly support the innocence of every heart through the growth inspired by the inevitability of change and loss.

Whenever you are fully participating in the movie of your life, you also begin to notice how the energy of other people’s movies cannot influence your behavior or inundate your energy field. Ironically, you only feel the heaviness of what’s unresolved in the collective whenever you are captivated by any other movie but the one you’re starring in. This doesn’t mean you should ignore others around you. Instead, you are able to welcome them into your movie, as supporting characters, who motivate you to reach out and support their growth as a means of expanding your own gifts and abilities.

In 5D reality, the spiritual journey is less concerned with shifting the collective, since the wisdom of the 5th dimension already knows the collective is transformed at the rate in which the individual blossoms in consciousness. Unlike the 3rd dimension where individual growth was pursued at the expense of helping the collective, in 5D reality, the individual grows as an act of loving service to transform reality for the well-being of all. From this space, a conscious being asks nothing of the world, but the chance to be inspired by however the world unconsciously behaves. This means daring to make the most honorable and loving choices that seem absent in the lives of others.

In the 5th dimension, when others don’t listen, we listen deeper. When others are impatient, angry or frustrated, we slow down. When others are sad, we become more loving. When fear is present in the world, we find more time to celebrate the joy of being alive. Remember, what you act out in the world gives the world something new to copy and energetically reflect back to you.
As you begin to explore 5D reality in the absence of outdated 3D timelines, the joy of simplicity and self-care soon replaces any desperate hunger to control life or judge it through beliefs in comparison. During this time of energetic reorientation, it is helpful to think of your heart like a newborn in an exciting new world. As often as possible, take your time with every encounter, so you may allow the joy of deeper, more meaningful interactions to be welcomed into view.

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May these words help you turn your life into the movie it was always meant to be – one relaxed breath and “I love you” at a time. May the radiance of your light awaken so deeply, it reminds the world how brightly it shines. No matter how anything feels or appears – all is well.

Many blessings to one and all.

Matt Kahn