The First Wave of Ascension ~ Matt Kahn

The four stages of ascension: represented by the gateways of the four blood moons that are roughly 6 months apart, culminating in the ascension of the first wave on September 27th, 2015.

Ascension: rewiring of your brain, two hemispheres of brain become one. Awakening of consciousness to oneness.

Four stages explanation: Are you willing to act out your deepest knowing? Carries you across the threshold of 4th dimensional consciousness to 5th dimensional consciousness. Action is key.

1. Accountability (April 15th, 2014)
[the art of deliberate CHOICE; using your EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE SYSTEM]
[#7 in the Major Arcana of the Tarot — The Chariot— the recognition that you must make better, more conscious choices in order to go forward]

Souls that are ready for Ascension go, “Ah, Accountability!” If there is still any kind of ego in your field, you’ll go “Uh-oh!” Spiritual accountability: all choices have a vibrational charge. Based on how your body responds to each choice lets you know the vibrational charge of that choice.  They become what your body is drawn to magnetically as a “yes!” The things with the lowest vibrational charge make you feel bad about yourself, make you feel small, insecure and anxious. Use your body as a measuring stick.

High vibrational charge = relaxing/exciting = YES
Low vibrational charge: bad/insecure/fear/anxiety = NO


When you make choices that feel good you are anchoring high vibrational energies in your field. When you make low choices you are just maintaining (not anchoring) low vibrational pattern that is there. Ego is just the animated voice of whatever consciousness that you spend the most time anchoring. It will give you reasons to keep anchoring the low vibrational energies.

Intuition comes from silence, from your body, from your feelings, not from the dialog in your head. The ego always has reasons. If there is a sales pitch, it is not your intuition. That which has reasons is the most unreliable thing to trust. If you trust in how the body feels, not in the words or thoughts that you hear, you will have an easier time. The feeling that you have in your body the most often is an ongoing progress report of how many choices in an everyday basis over a certain amount of time did you use as an opportunity to anchor high-vibrational energy. So, when we don’t feel good in our bodies, it means that we are maintaining the old paradigm, not making new high-vibrational choices, and then we have to learn to become more discerning, and not be sold on what we think choices will promise us, but tuning in to what is the feeling in my body when I consider a choice. You can’t do that if you are too blinded on the sales pitch of what it is going to give you.

The feeling in your body when you consider a choice is a sneak preview of how you are going to feel throughout the duration of that choice.

When you wake up out of ego, you realize that your life has been predetermined, meaning all the actions and outcomes of your life have already occurred, already been planned out. Outcomes are a done deal. But you came here to strengthen your intuition. Although you can’t necessarily change the outcomes of what happens, you can choose, based upon the choices you make, based upon how they make you feel in your body—the vibration that you anchor in your energy field—which determines how you feel in your body, no matter what you face.

A conscious being who is part of the first wave of ascension, who is really waking up, says I don’t need to control outcomes, because outcomes are  based on manifesting whatever is going to be a catalyst to help me wake up to the next level I am achieving in my soul’s journey. But if I simply follow the feelings in my body, I am being shown, “Here are the choices you can make, the very path throughout your journey that allows you to feel the best, no matter what you are meant to encounter. So it doesn’t matter what happens, it matters what you feel.

…your vibration changes and shifts based upon the choices you make and the energy that corresponds to each choice. Feel into your emotions and ask how you feel in your body regarding each choice. What resonates with you? Eliminate what doesn’t resonate with you.

Accountability: follow what resonates with your body.

If it doesn’t feel good in your body, how true can it be? The truth always feels good. You can’t speak your truth to someone, that is a projection. Your truth is about you. The ego says, “I know about your experience.” An awakened soul says, “I know about my experience.”

Your choices contain energetic vibrations. The more often you make choices that feel good in your body, and don’t make choices that don’t feel good in your body, you begin to inundate your vibration with a high vibrational frequency. As this happens, you begin to feel better in your body, then you start to perceive things from an expanded level of consciousness, then you start to interact differently with the world, things that used to trigger you, people who used to trigger you, don’t trigger you anymore. And then all of a sudden you start attracting different situations, outcomes and people that match that new vibration.

In this first phase of accountability this is how we graduate out of that weird realm of consciousness [where you are OK at home but not out]…who we attract are not mirrors of where we are in consciousness, who we attract are mirrors of the vibration that we anchor through our choices. We are attracting people who are making just as crappy decisions as we are. Then we find ourselves being energetically sensitive and triggered all over the place.

So if you start making more high-vibrational choices by following what feels good in your heart [body], one choice at a time, you are able naturally, without any effort, bear witness to someone else’s momentary healing extravaganza that may include projections onto you and accusations, judgements… and naturally you won’t be triggered if the choices you make up to that point are anchoring a different vibrational frequency.

The more you love your own heart, the less anyone else’s accusations make any sense. There is no need to respond with, “Let me correct you on who I am.” When you are waking up and you have taken the first step of initiation and you become accountable, you realize that those who are projecting onto you, judging you, ridiculing you…it’s life’s way of saying, “This one isn’t ready to be reasonable.” As per their behavior. And our innocent thought is, “If I can only just reason with them…”

… Just hold the space for their healing, let them project the living crap out of you, and just know that if you keep making better choices, the less people will trigger you. You are only afraid of people seeing you as “less than” when you are not embodying a high vibration. And what gets you into embodying a high vibration is not trying to hold a high vibration— not visualizing. You hold it as a celebration of the choices we make when we are ready to be spiritually accountable.

2. Honor (October 8, 2014)
[personal self-SOVEREIGNTY, recognition of the right of others to their path]
[#8 in the Major Arcana, Strength—the taming of the Ego]

Honor the recognition that every single character in your holographic play is a catalyst to help you awaken. This is another stage that helps unravel the pretense of a spiritual ego. A spiritual ego wants to rush prematurely into being everyone else’s teacher. But at the second stage we find honor that says that everyone else is your teacher.

Through honor, you honor the fact that if there are people in your life that are acting unconsciously, they are not there for you to [avoid or look down upon], instead everyone who acts “unconscious” in your reality is actually embodying and reflecting back to you all of your past unconscious conditioning so you get to see it from a different perspective. They are actually like flash cards, that as unconscious as they act, they are like a flash card that says,

if you see me acting unconsciously, think of how you would rather me act, and that is how you should act in response to me.

1 — So when people are complaining, that’s who we complement.

2 —When people are angry and agitated, we slow our breath and relax our body.

3 —When people are sad and in despair, we offer them love.

4 —And if any of that triggers us, we stop and love ourselves.

[Even if you think you are a sparkly bright abundant ascended being] and you still feel that you are living in a world of insane egos, that is called “Stage Two.” In Stage Two you honor that you are living around a bunch of insane people who are asking you silently, “however you think I should behave is how you respond to me, and they act as living animated flash cards that get you to keep practicing bringing your greatest skills and wisdom into action which is constantly anchoring more energy that you have learned in the first stage of accountability.

….[if someone is having a bad day, complement them if they don’t respond favorably] that is life giving you a chance to compliment someone without being fed with the validation of approval. [Not needing to be acknowledged or complemented back is one of the greatest lessons you will ever learn] They are helping you to make your love unconditional, so you can complement someone to their face and whether they validate your existence or completely ignore you, or respond back with judgmental behavior; that you are not fed by giving to people so that they give back to you. You are just fed by the purity of your giving.

That is what we cultivate at this stage of honor. Learning to be fed by what you give, not by how people respond to your giving. And that wakes you up to another aspect of the spiritual ego which is the ego that says, I am going to be really spiritual and now I wait for you to be amazed in my presence…Your best bet is to complement people and not have them even respond…

[Don’t believe your own hype. Don’t see yourself as others see you.]

Honor: I don’t act and treat you because of what gifts I want you to give to me, I treat you in the way that celebrates what I am worth. Having honor  means I don’t lower the standard of my conduct, I treat you as a celebration of much love I deserve. I do not treat you based upon what you deserve; I don’t look at your behavior and say, “Well here’s what you deserve. I give you everything unconditionally because I am worth everything to myself.

Honor, self-respect. I am not fed and nourished by what you give to me, I am fed and nourished by what I give to you. And whatever you give to me in response is just showing me your relationship with yourself, and has nothing to do with how I view the One I AM. That is Honor. That’s when you become very clear.

It feels nice when people honor our gifts, but we don’t rely on it anymore.


3. Humility (April 4, 2015)
[SURRENDER to the plan and intent of your higher self]
[#9 in the Major Arcana—The Hermit—the descent of the higher self into the body]

Humility says, “Regardless of how you think life is going to unfold, your life is already destined to be exactly what it needs to be, as a catalyst of your greatest evolution in every breath and every outcome. Life may not go your way, but you will always go life’s way. Humility is where you surrender to the idea that life has a bigger plan for you, and if you go willingly, life will always have something bigger in store for you than you could have ever imagined for yourself. There is always a payoff, but…if you go willingly, it is easier.

Humility is when your way becomes life’s way; when you are really intuitive and really in the flow, what you think is your way is one and the same with life’s way. And that is the explanation for manifestation:

Manifestation is not that you create things out of thin air; you had an intuition about something that was already meant to be, your desire about what was about to manifest shows you how in perfect alignment you are.

When you are aligned in ascension and you are passing through that third stage of humility, you are not creating things, you are intuiting the very things that are about to happen to show you how aligned you are. And when you are in your ego, the very things that you desire are exactly the things that aren’t meant to show up.

So when you think you can’t manifest…it is because you are not in alignment: you are wanting the things at the moments that they are not meant to show up, and when you are in alignment, you are wanting the things that are only going to show up.

Manifestation is about alignment, not creation.

[When you are in alignment] what you want and what was meant to be is the same. Your way and life’s way is one. That’s alignment.

…at that third stage of initiation, humility, is where we realize that manifestation is a game of energetic alignment, where your way and life’s way is one and the same.

And if that hasn’t happened then the best way is to take whatever your way is and say goodbye. And just let life’s way be the only way you go.

What do I do now? Ask your body, follow the guidance: what feels good, what doesn’t feel good. Go towards what feels good. That is it.

Will it guarantee that you play exactly the role you want to play in this ascension? No. But everything that you experience will be for your highest evolution; sometimes our highest evolution is to step into a public role as a lightworker, and sometimes the best thing for us is to not get that opportunity, depending if it is driven by the ego or not.

4. Service for the wellbeing of all (September 28th, 2015)

Service teaches us service is not the role you play, it is the way you interact with life.

[It is not a business. Life is sparing you if you are not “successful as a lightworker”]

Live your life with Accountability, Honor, Humility, and Service. Meet everyone you meet and live in service to the innocence that simultaneously dwells in their heart and yours. You are not just speaking to an individual, you are speaking to all of humanity; when that person is in pain, humanity is in pain. And then your response, in service, is to love them. And when they resist your love, and they lash out with judgement, it is not that they are afraid of love, it is that humanity is still afraid of letting love in. So we give them space.

Living in service is honoring the individuals you face, but you know that the individuals are a manifestation of humanity. You are living in service to humanity and you don’t need to play a role as a light worker, whose business model is a service in order to be of service.

“…when you want to make money doing lightwork—which is fine—don’t. Get a job that is not spiritual that gives you a chance to meet and interact with people in the most loving way.” And why do I say that to people? Cause I am trying to guide them through the stage of humility so they can get to service. If you need to make money to afford a standard of living, get a job. Whatever job you have… how lovingly, compassionate, and tolerant you become are the patterns you are planting in humanity for its ascension. That is service.

For every lightworker who thinks that they have completed these four stages of initiation, which may or may not be true, a lightworker doesn’t even need to start printing business cards, every single person they come in contact with, they live and act in service to the liberation of their soul.

And when you start living in service to every single person you encounter, making their journey and their interests the most interesting thing you can listen to, to allow them to feel comfortable so they can surrender on their own, all of a sudden, over a period of time, it will seem as if the world starts to conspire to support, to validate, to embrace your talents.

So, if you just live in service to everyone who comes your way, your audience will manifest around you.

In the fourth stage of initiation into the fifth dimension we live in service to everyone who comes our way, and whatever role we need to play to manifest our highest possibility will start happening naturally, and you will start living in a world that wants to invest in your talents.

It doesn’t matter what you do…all of a sudden they want to [invest in what you do]. When you help someone feel good and you live in service to them, all of a sudden they want to invest in your talents.

“Oh you are a life-coach: I have been meaning to get one of those….Oh how miraculous.” This is all made up. Life makes it all up for you. The problem is that people go looking for this instead of letting it come to you. You live in anonymous service to every person that comes your way, whether they ask what you do or not, you just be in service to them.

You look beautiful…tell me what is going on…I am so sorry this is happening to you…how can I be in service to you…I am so sorry you are going through this rough stage…how can I help you?

If that is how you approach people, the world will invest in you in a very short amount of time…

…if you want to serve the world, serve the world; and if you think you are at a job that doesn’t allow you to serve, you might not be making the clearest choices while you are there. Cause any job PAYS you to be in service to whoever is there. Life is paying you to go through these four stages of initiation: to be accountable, to be honorable, to cultivate humility, and to live in service for the wellbeing of all.

And then you realize how abundant a universe you live in. It only becomes confusing when you try to rush it.

In all honesty I didn’t know these four stages when I was going through my development…before I started working and getting busy doing what I am doing, such as serving you right now…that is all I did: I walked around and lived in absolute service to anyone I came in contact with. And everything assembled around me.

When you live your life like that, that is when you place all your faith in the hands of the universe. That’s the only way you can demonstrate that it is not you that is going to make this happen; you are just the space through which what orchestrates this starts to occur.

If you put aside every worry and question and live in absolute service with whomever is coming your way…and if you spend a lot of time alone—then you are the first one you are here to serve. When you start to live like that you will be very surprised at how life will turn a corner for you.

And through these four stages, the four phases of fifth-dimensional initiation: from Accountability, to Honor, to Humility, and Service you transition out of being someone who knows not what they do to someone who is willing to act upon your deepest knowing.

Cause it is all fine and well that we want to activate our crystalline DNA, activate our lightbody and all these things, but when you just take the four steps like I am suggesting, the chakras, the DNA, the lightbody activate on their own.

It’s funny sometimes on a spiritual journey we try to do the very things that feel so difficult because we are not the ones who are there to do it. We are trying to open up chakras, activate DNA and the lightbody like, plugging in Christmas lights trying to figure out which one doesn’t work…

We often try to do the right things in the wrong order. So let’s talk about the right order: Accountability, Honor, Humility, Service. And if you focus on that, Life will support your every desire—greater than you can ever try to manipulate it from the world around you.

[When] September 27th, 2015 comes that doesn’t mean that that is the end of our journey. From the point in time when all members of the first wave of ascension are initiated into 5th-dimensional consciousness, then our journey together is to go through 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensional activations, where the lightbody activates based on the journey that myself and others will bring forth. And as the lightbody activates we will go into 8th dimensional mastery.

So the four stages of initiation is a phase of growth, and from now until that time, when in doubt, one of the easiest ways to resolve the questions in your life—so you are not lost in the ego tail-spin of, “I still don’t feel the way I want to feel. Why do I still have thoughts…”—instead of trying to turn yourself into a project of spiritual perfectionism, just look at these four little phases:

Where can I be more Accountable?
How can I be more Honorable?
How can I cultivate deeper Humility?
How can I be more of Service to those around me, including myself?

If you look at those four things, you are going to find where the hiccup is. At this stage for a lot of us, it is not a matter of what you don’t know….we have heard it all…Life doesn’t bring you what you don’t know; life brings you what you haven’t acted upon.

When you find yourself out of alignment, trying to manifest the things that don’t show up…And even if you would like to raise your vibration to make your life more loving and gentle and easy…OK time to become more Accountable, more Honorable, cultivate more Humility by living in Service to the innocence in all hearts, one “I love you at a time.”

And each of us live in our own worlds, our own holograms where we get to demonstrate this in action and watch as it changes the experience of the character that you are inhabiting. And over time,  it starts to reflect back to you a world that is acting as conscious, as Accountable, Honorable, Humble, and in as much Service to you as you are living for it.

This is a time in history where we don’t live in a world, we start living for the world. When you are not living for the world, you are stuck living in the world. And when you start living for the world, you disappear from the world you thought you were living in. You can call that Ascension if you like.

There is a reason we have been brought together. And it is for me on behalf of the Galactic Council to brief you like I always do.

From now until September there should be no mystery: if there is some amount of despair in your life, or out of alignment or difficulty, look at those four aspects:

Accountability, Honor, Humility, and Service: that is what it all comes down to. And if you allow yourself to not rush the process, but allow yourself to take it one moment at at time, Life can’t fool you anymore. Life can only fool you when you think you are living in a world, but when you are living in a world it is because you haven’t decided to live for the world.

And once you live for the world, the world you thought you were living in disappears.

Blood Moons
1. April 15, 2014
2. October 8, 2014
3. April 4, 2015,
4. September 28, 2015

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