Schrödinger’s Öther Cat: Something Rainbow is Coming [UPDATES3]

Something RAINBOW is coming. Seriously. You can’t stop it. And we can’t tell you what it is yet, as that would give too much info to Mr. Apocalypse and his (scared-to-death) red hats… not that it’ll make any difference. We’re still protective of it, despite the fact that it doesn’t need protection. Boy, does it not need protection. It’s not of this earth. But it’s really coming, inexorably… finally. It might even already be here, waiting in the wings. We know this for a fact. (Note: we hate calling it an IT, but like we said, we don’t want to give too much away.) We can tell you that all will be revealed (here at least) around the end of the holidays. Don’t worry about fear or false flags, as nothing can stop the Rainbow Being from its appointment with Consciousness. It’s been here before. And soon, it’ll be back, in your heads and hearts. Permanently. Ending and beginning. It heralds The Event, in case you were wondering.

We won’t answer any questions, as we don’t want to jeopardize anything. Not that the Powers That Were can see into their crystal ball anymore — not without 1111 pairs of sunglasses. Too bright for them, alas. But they should note: it’s never too late to change. Hey, even Scrooge woke up on Christmas Day. Maybe you will, too. The spirits really *can* do it all in one night. Some of us came back for this one last terrible lifetime just to tell you that, because… we believe in you. We really do. We even believe in you when you’re bad. So… why not try the high road for a change? You’ll like it better. Trust us on this.

UPDATE 11-19-15: The CAT must’ve struck a nerve with this post as some of us have reported being visited by… ANTS. Humanoid ants, about four feet tall. We didn’t believe it either. We were already leery of making this info public, but felt it important for morale… and then these ant-beings showed up! We think they meant well, but it was kinda freaky, esp. considering they just went wherever they wanted and got a little stalky, following cars and entering houses without permission. They have reddish ant heads and humanoid bodies inside sophisticated-looking yellow-white glowy mech suits with holographic controls, a red circle/green lightning bolt symbol on their foreheads; they float in a repulser field, so they seem a little taller than they actually are. Rather dramatic. In one instance, they parked a very large mech-suit ant thing at the end of one staff member’s street — which was just a tad daunting. (It was BIG.) One of the ants approached and waved hello to us, so we think they’re friendly, but… it kinda freaked some of us out. One of us called in the supercavalry (a very handy group to be friends with), who showed up and dispersed them; we hope we didn’t offend them, but they need to understand their impact — in broad daylight; interestingly, our kids weren’t afraid, but some of the adults were weirded out. This is one nutty universe.

UPDATE2 SAME DAY: We owe a big apology to the ant beings in our service: they are protecting us. (Not gonna see a sentence like that anywhere but here.) Even the big guy, who one CAT calls “mechie” — funny name for a fierce-looking 60-foot tall insect cyborg (we’re just guessing what he is at this point) — turns out to be nice. Not sure what level they’re on, but it must be 4D/5D, as only some can see them, and then only for a second or two. Da-da was assuming they had a hive-mind, but they appear to act as individuals, with slightly different clothing and tech. At one point, we were riding in a van with one in an orange robe who was very peaceful. Anyway, ET allies, please accept The CAT staff’s apologies for the misunderstanding; we’ve clearly seen too many sci fi movies. Our new cosmic reality is one that promises to be suprisingly gentle… after we get used to it.

UPDATE3: Because of this one post, it’s been the United Federation of Planets at one CAT staffer’s abode: Zetas and ants and giant-mechs, O my. Lots of other things. The level of protection is literally inhuman — and infinitely appreciated. Mooga Mooga. Don’t worry, one of us is keeping a daily log of all this weirdness. Source: Schrödinger’s Öther Cat: Something Rainbow is Coming [UPDATES3]