WEATHER ROULETTE: Gaia’s Wobbulations Have Begun; Aunt Ethel Inbound

Via Schrödinger’s Öther Cat, 30 December 2015

It begins.

Folks, the earth’s wobble is back. It never really left, but now it’s getting worse. And since the mainstream media and our “leaders” refuse to directly tell anyone what’s going on, we’re gonna be the ones who come right out and break it to you. Others already have (Da-da and Lynn have, on their sites), but we’re here to reify all that.

Put simply, the sun has a gravitationally heavy companion, a brown dwarf which is at the heart of its own system, surrounded by planets and flotsam and jetsam. That sister sun — we call her Aunt Ethel (less historic overhead that way) — is a neutral thing, a widebody visitor transiting our system every XX thousand years and affecting ALL the planets and moons — and our main star, in the process; the sun and the planets have been showing signs of something getting closer for the past few years (just look at Neptune and Uranus). Ethel’s gonna make things weird for a while as she moves in, unpacks her things, and starts smoking your cigars. How long is she staying? Could be three to four years. You’ll probably find this explains a lot of recent earth changes.

There is no cause for alarm… unless you really really hate change. We’re basically going to be living through a period of history raddled with tremendous denial by idiots in power, and some serious weather roulette. The good news is that this will all eventually end, and Aunt Ethel will go her merry way.

The bad news is… Ethel’s gonna make it snow one day, be 80 the next, and foggy the days in-between. It’s gonna be foggy A LOT. Plants and animals will be confused. Weather patterns will also become more aggressive. There will invariably be an increase in earthquakes and geophysical weirdness. You may also see other planetary bodies in the sky. You may hear weird sky noises as the earth expands and reacts to the intense gravitational fields. The sun is going to get hotter and whiter for a time. Flying could be more treacherous. (That German airliner that went down in the French Alps because of “atmospheric sloshing”; if there’s no air, wings don’t lift.)

In regards to the weather/heat image above, here’s this from Lynn @ Psychic Focus:

Heat from the sun entered the atmosphere (through weak spots in the magnetosphere) and it collected on the East Coast due to the wobble. We’ll have hot spots and cold spots, but it’s all related to the wobble and the breaches in our protective barrier.  I also see that other planets are having similar experiences (ultimately caused by the “red comet“).  Global warming to some extent is a farce b/c it isn’t something we can control, but they are trying to make money at solving it (which can’t be done).

A lot to take in, but try to remember that people who panic tend to die a lot. Try not to let this happen. We have a lot more faith in you than your governments do. Don’t let us down.

Put simply, you who are reading this (yes YOU) have been chosen to be one of the truthkeepers and guides to those who will either be freaking out, or going along with whatever your various governments are going to tell you. Some may step up and tell the truth; more than likely, they’ll hint at the truth without actually saying it. Giving up information gives away their power.

Save this writing quickly, as it could be “disappeared” without notice. However, if enough folks get the word out, it may stay up. Either way, it’s time to pull together.

No, this is not due to global warming. Mankind has precious little impact on an object the size of the earth, regardless of what “scientists” say. Like you, the earth will be basically living through this little epoch as best she can, with grace whenever possible. Try to do the same.


FYI, Da-da wrote about this a while back, here and here.

Basically, if you like fog, then this planet’s for you, as it’s gonna be foggy — a lot. Da-da called it way back in 2013. Be sure to check back here for updates.

Wobble, wobble.
NOTE: By referring to our friendly brown dwarf as Ethel, we’re trying to take the curse off all those terrible names she may have had in the past… you know, in the days before people had a really good grip on fear. Ahem.

Source: WEATHER ROULETTE: Gaia’s Wobbulations Have Begun; Aunt Ethel Inbound