Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew

A message came in a dream I had this morning that I am called to share with my “team,” the First Wave Ascension Crew: just before I awoke I heard the number sequence 455 622.

I repeat it as a mantra to accompany my breath.

In breath: 455

Out breath: 622

The following interpretation of the sequence uses numerology and the meanings of the Major Arcana cards from both my deck, THE TAROT OF CREATIVITY (TOC), and the (Rider Waite Smith tarot).


4 = the number of the Earth INSIGHT in my tarot deck (The Emperor in the RWS)

5 = the number of change, INTUITION, higher guidance (The Hierophant)

55 = Master Number, the number of change accelerated

4 + 10 = 14, the number of ALCHEMY, magic, the blending of Spirit and Matter (Temperance RWS)

Interpretation of 455: Change comes to planet Earth through the ALCHEMY of Spirit and Matter.


6 = LOVE (The Lovers in the RWS tarot)

2 = MEMORY (The High Priestess in the RWS tarot)

22 = Master Number meaning the Master Builder

6 + 4 = 10, ACCELERATION (The Wheel of Fortune in the RWS Tarot)

Interpretation of 622: A time of ACCELERATED change, through the application and blending of LOVE into the spiritual.
(Love is the higher vibration of 5th dimensional Earth).

14 + 10 = 24 = 6

6 = LOVE (The Lovers in the RWS tarot)

Then I alternate this mantra with another one:

“I,  LOVE you.”

In breath: “I”

Out breath: “LOVE you.”

The in-breath is Spirit and its movement is counter-clockwise. The out-breath is Matter (the physical body, the physical plane, Earth), and the spin is clockwise. We are essentially converting Spirit to Matter with every breath. We do this unconsciously, but these mantras are a call to conscious creation.

By combining the numbers or words with the breath, you are essentially creating new worlds based upon your intent. In the “I LOVE you” mantra, the “I” of your higher self expresses love to your physical self, and thus infuses love into matter, the Earth or your physical (mental, egoic, “lower self”).

In the “455 622” mantra, you are telling the universe that you are consciously “spinning the Wheel of Time (Fortune) to “dial in” another world, one of your creation. A conscious world based upon the vibration of LOVE.

By alternating these mantras, you are effectively doubling their power. I find them very soothing in these powerful times of turbulence and change.

Copyright Aliyah Marr

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