Archangel Michael: Your World is Changing. This is the Transformation – Golden Age of Gaia

We welcomed Linda Dillon and Archangel Michael back today after Linda’s recuperation from shoulder surgery.

AAM spoke about the greatly-increased energies at this time. Of it he said: “The most extraordinary change that you are experiencing right now is this shift into love like you have never felt before.”

There is much clearing of the decks and residual letting go. But primarily we’re being asked to allow this rising of transformative love.

“Your world is changing,” he said. “When I say your world, I mean your experience of what it is to be human, personally and collectively.”

He discussed how the consciousness shift must precede the megachanges, megatrends, mega-events.

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To lightworkers who are hanging on by their fingernails, he reinterpreted the place they were at as a place of new beginnings. What they need to do immediately is to let go, so they can begin again. “For many of you this will mean a slight hiatus, a reboot.”

He added: “When you are stripped bare and you realize that the only important thing is love and that you are love, the feeling of bliss begins to simply take over. The pure standing there in the truth of who you are, that is liberation. … And it frees you up to proceed as you are choosing.”

The changes we’re experiencing are “up-close and personal” and will unfold like a contagion. “This is the transformation,” he said.

The consciousness shift has to precede the building of Nova Earth because we can’t change the structure if the participants remain unchanged.

We talked about how new core issues will emerge as we expand our responsibilities. “Most of you in the reboot are being prepared for expanded or new responsibilities,” he explained. That means the many people who are at the end of their rope.

These issues will arise but they have nothing to do with truth or whether you are ready and prepared to play a multitude of roles. We’ve prepared over lifetimes for our role.

There is no room in transformative love for things like issues.

This is some of the discussion we had on Archangel Michael’s return to the program. Sue Lie and the Arcturians will return next week. Linda may need more surgery so we’re waiting to hear how any operation will be scheduled.

Source: Archangel Michael: Your World is Changing. This is the Transformation – Golden Age of Gaia


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