The Fall from Grace

The Fall from Grace

And so, in the Eden of the eternal now, dropped the stone of false belief, called FEAR, shattering the Eternal Now and fracturing the experience of Being into the realization of Time. The traumatic effects of this identity-smashing event has haunted humanity with a deep feeling of loss, culpability, and shame for untold generations

A fragmented god litters the surface of the Earth, present but hidden in all the pieces of his original creation; in the plants and animals, which man came to exploit and abuse in his grief and ignorance. The fragments of the original truth still lie on the ground, and as man views himself through the shards of the mirror, he sees only an irreparable tragedy; the loss of his wholeness and the shattering of Heaven, reflected as pieces that he can no longer interpret or feel. Once he lost his sense of the whole, he became “mortal” — a being that has forgot that he is the god he longs for.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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The Avatars of Eden is the sequel to Unplug From the Matrix, which depicted a Matrix-like world of domination and control.

The Avatars of Eden proposes an alternative vision; a future of peace, harmony, and abundance for all, embedded in our minds as the ancient legend of Eden.


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