What Happened When You Incarnated into the Matrix

Incarnating into the Matrix

When you incarnated on this Earth plane, you split your original energy into three parts:

PART 1: Higher Self / Super Conscious / Higher Mind
PART 2: Mental Body / Ego / Self-Conscious
PART 3: Emotional Body / Subconscious / Physical Body

When this split happened, several conditions or issues emerged:

1. Descent into the lower vibrational reality of the Matrix required that you forget the Higher Reality outside; you had to forget the greater reality of Love.

2. The Matrix inserted a new base level of programming in the Self-Conscious: the experience of separation and limitation.

3. The experience of separation engenders fear. Fear puts us into “survival mode” which cuts off the higher functioning of the brain, and keeps us in the lower vibration of the Matrix. Fear does not exist in the larger reality outside, since separation does not exist. Fear is an essential part of duality.

4. Duality is a system that always seeks equilibrium. Like algebra, one side of the equation has to equal the other side. Karma developed to create over time, thus “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” became the primary thinking on the planet. In a space-time continuum, cause and effect can be separated by time.

5. Fear traps us in the Matrix by creating resistance. Resistance is a natural brake to the flow of desire: it creates time, which gives us more experience. Since the law of resonance requires that the vibration of our “exterior” reality match our internal vibration, fear-based thoughts and emotions keep us imprisoned in the Matrix, while higher vibrational thoughts and feelings allow us to “escape” it.

~ ~ ~

The apparent freedom and self-assertion of our personal being to which we are so profoundly attached, conceal a most pitiable subjection to a thousand suggestions, impulsions, forces which we have made extraneous to your little person. Our ego, boasting of freedom, is at every moment the slave, toy and puppet of countless beings, powers, forces, influences in universal Nature.

All life is the play of universal forces. The individual gives a personal form to these universal forces. But he can choose whether he shall respond or not to the action of a particular force. Only most people do not really choose – they indulge the play of the forces. Your illnesses, depressions, etc. are the repeated play of such forces. It is only when one can make oneself free of them that one can be the true person and have a true life — but one can be free only by living in the Divine. ~ Sri Aurobindo, “The Hidden Forces of Life”

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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