Falling Into the Land of Belief

Paradise Lost

Eons ago, we were thrown into the Matrix of fear. Surviving became a matter of exploiting nature, killing others for land, and amassing more and more wealth. In order to ensure their safety, individuals endeavored to climb the rungs of the hierarchy. If it meant murder, rape, abuse, exploitation, war, racism, and prejudice, we accepted that the ends justified the means; in the Matrix, our personal survival and wellbeing were paramount. We came to accept that these negative qualities were “natural” for mankind and that “survival of the fittest” was the reality of the planet.

The Fall into the Land of Belief caused Earth to spin like an unbalanced top into a spiral of descending consciousness. Lacking connection with our original selves and thrust outside the truth of our physical bodies and hearts, we lost our connection with the divine feminine —Eden — which had nourished our physical, emotional, and creative selves for so long. This was very traumatic for mankind. We carry a wound in our bodies and in our minds from untold eons of survival conditions, violence, and fear.

We lost Paradise when we lost connection with the eternal NOW, and fell into a dream of time and space. When we lost our respect for life; we lost our connection with the Earth, and, eventually, we lost touch with our own divine nature. This unnatural and unbalanced belief system threw us out of the higher dimensional reality of Eden.

The Paradise that we lost is in another layer of reality — very close to this one. It has been there all along, through all our troubles, trials, and tribulations; it is just within reach. A shiver of a vibration, a conscious choice, and we are back in Paradise.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

Copyright © Aliyah Marr. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter or edit it in any way, the content remains complete and you include this copyright notice link: http://parallelmindzz.com



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The Avatars of Eden is the sequel to Unplug From the Matrix, which depicted a Matrix-like world of domination and control.

The Avatars of Eden proposes an alternative vision; a future of peace, harmony, and abundance for all, embedded in our minds as the ancient legend of Eden.


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