Your Dogma Bit My Karma

Karma is the law of equilibrium seeking to resolve itself over time. The resistance of density and negative emotions “creates” more time. Resistance increases the time lag between cause and effect. This becomes a problem when we can’t see the relationship between what we think and what we experience; we forget that as conscious beings, we are both cause and effect. The Matrix uses the time-lag effect of duality to keep us asleep to our own creative power; it uses the belief system and emotional output of the collective consciousness to create and recreate itself.

As you increase your consciousness, you decrease time and things “speed up.” In a system of higher vibration, karma is not possible, since without the buffer of time, the results of your actions are realized instantaneously; your thoughts are manifest as you think them. Like a car wreck, effect crashes into cause, and the old timeline collapses. It is not possible for anyone to want to commit crimes or have ill-thoughts at all, since the effects of the cause they send out (their thoughts / emotions) come back immediately like a boomerang.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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The Avatars of Eden is the sequel to Unplug From the Matrix, which depicted a Matrix-like world of domination and control. The Avatars of Eden proposes an alternative vision; a future of peace, harmony, and abundance for all, embedded in our minds as the ancient legend of Eden.

The Avatars of Eden is about us — the first wave ascension crew.


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