To Leave the Matrix, Stop Supporting it

Energy to Matter Conversion Machines
Consensual reality is an agreement that requires the collective support of a great deal of minds. We energize the system individually and collectively through our internal dialogue. As we describe and define reality to ourselves, the Matrix automatically creates a hologram to mirror the vibrational tone of our thoughts.
The Matrix is fueled by emotions generated from beliefs that it has programmed into us. As long as we are not aware, we create a world that matches our social conditioning. We are “energy to matter conversion machines” stamping out ideas into objects like automatic 3D printers.

Most of our beliefs are inherited, however they have been rendered invisible to us by the propaganda of the slow-moving social agreement. We do not realize how many of these thoughts and beliefs are around us, forming what we see. Like a fish swimming in the ocean, we accept the water without thinking about it. Until we wake up to the larger reality, the water will be invisible to us and we will swim in the default direction of the social agreement, not knowing that it can support our thoughts and be at our creative command. Like lemmings in their rush over a cliff, we don’t realize that we have a choice to turn in a different direction, and be free.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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The Avatars of Eden is the sequel to Unplug From the Matrix, which depicted a Matrix-like world of domination and control. The Avatars of Eden proposes an alternative vision; a future of peace, harmony, and abundance for all, embedded in our minds as the ancient legend of Eden.

The Avatars of Eden is about us — the first wave ascension crew.


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