The Prism of Love

The Prism of Love
Duality is nested inside Oneness like a fetus in the womb. The implicate surrounds and nurtures us, supplying the energy for all material existence. No matter how dense or dark our world becomes, this energy is still there, nurturing and informing us. As our consciousness evolves, we become dimly aware that there is a greater reality outside ours.

Oneness created duality as a bubble of space-time. The wall of the bubble is a prism that splits the pure white light of Love into three rays, colors, or principles when it enters physical reality:

BLUE: 6th chakra/head/air element. The unifying nature of love.
Equality unifies people without homogenizing individuals or ignoring distinctions. In a civilization with true equality, government is not necessary. A healthy society rules itself.

GREEN: 4th chakra/heart/water element. Love for diversity and difference.
Respect allows for all kinds of diversity. The French say it well: vive la difference, meaning “let’s celebrate our differences.” Respect for diversity recognizes the sovereignty and free will of the individual; it is an expression of love for difference and variety, an understanding of the divinity in duality.

RED: 1st chakra/root/earth element. Love for and connection with the Earth.
Equal access to resources makes a utopian society possible. When you have everything that you could want, the drive to have more than you need goes away. Only a glutton keeps on eating when he is full. Greed disappears when the survival instinct is superseded by the higher vibrations of generosity and sharing.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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