The Pyramid of Beliefs

The Matrix is a holographic dream-reality fueled by the sum of all our collective beliefs. It is like an upside-down pyramid balanced upon a single grain of sand. The false reality system of the Matrix is built upon one central concept—if this idea is no longer accepted by the consciousness of the collective that supports it, the whole structure collapses. Together, all the beliefs form the structure that feeds the Matrix. The Matrix relies upon the unquestioning agreement of the masses. Without our adherence to this social agreement, the Matrix dissolves.

It stands to reason that anyone who wants to be free must question all their beliefs, even their most cherished ones. The cornerstone of this entire edifice—the artificial holographic reality system of the Matrix—is based upon one primary concept, and it is a whopper.

OK, what is the biggest belief you can think of?

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

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