The Real Matrix: Divide and Conquer

The Controllers’ age-old technique of “divide and conquer” demonizes a group of people in order to produce more separation; this always results in turmoil for the masses and more control and territory for them. Centuries ago, they burned wise women at the stake as witches for their healing knowledge. Intolerance and exclusion, no matter who is “at stake” is an indication of the fear-based, separatist thinking of the Controllers’ mind…

By getting us to believe that power is always outside us, the Controllers keep us controlled.

The Toltec seers said that the Controllers/Predators devised a brilliant scheme that allowed them to definitively dominate us for untold eons; they “gave us their mind.” This allowed them to instill belief systems that made it easy for them to dominate us.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

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