Time to get off the Wheel of Karma

The Wheel of Karma
Karma is like a huge rotating wheel. The center of the wheel is stable — it is the focal point, the axis of intent. The wheel spins and creates the world. If you are not at the center you are just one of the effects thrown off by the wheel. In the Matrix, the intent of the wheel is automatic, machinelike. Like any organism, it desires stability — continuance in its present form. If left alone, the force of inertia sustains the default vibrational reality. The wheel will continue to spin and spin in an eternal, unchanging circle called karma.

You cannot leave the wheel of karma until you have transcended the social agreement at the center of the wheel. The key for personal transcendence is inner silence, attained when you stop your internal dialogue — the ongoing chatter of beliefs, ideas, and emotions that pursue us for most of our lives. A constant companion that whispers stories of fear and limitation in our ears from morning to night, we cannot escape the chatter of our minds as long as we exist in fear, but once fear is gone, our internal dialogue is stilled…

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden

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