The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect
In the Matrix of control, domination and greed, creative energy is channeled into producing things that bring profit to the owners at the top of the corporate food chain. In addition, the social system suppresses all the alternative channels that might produce positive change. Once these unnatural barriers are removed, anything can be achieved. Creativity, channeled into sustainable ventures with support by the community at large, becomes a veritable flood of change, toppling old, unsustainable institutions.

How can you remove the basis of our value-based Matrix at one blow? By providing everyone in every country, no matter how poor, with the same amount of resources; in fact an infinite supply of resources. The technology for this already exists under different forms, but it has been suppressed by corporate interests. They know that when everyone has equal access to energy, their days of power are over. With this revolutionary technology, you can produce whatever you need by taking advantage of the energy that is freely available in equal, unlimited supply to everyone anywhere on Earth. When equality of resources is reestablished on Earth and no one needs to compete or fight for survival, the paradigm shifts.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden


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