Invoking the Power of You, Of Love, As the Guardians of This Precious Earth!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


Mercy me!!  Another night up all night coughing my lungs out, but with an odd twist. Every single time I woke up coughing, I could literally see the people protesting in N Dakota in different formations.  I didn’t get the relationship until I fully woke up for the day (just now) but a few times there were in a fractal formation, a spiral formation.  They were moving energies thru the formation.  The other formation was a blue and black yin yang symbol.  I guess the people were dressed in blue and black I don’t know how I knew any of this when I was up coughing my throat open again, but I could see then as if I was in the sky looking down at them.  This one, while hacking up a lung, I actually did understand.  The little blue and black dots representing water and oil.


Thru what I was…

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