December 2016 Energetic Shift: The End Of (The 0 Energies) & A Whole Physical Body: System Cleansing Before We Transition Into 2017.

Michael C Murdock - Divine Light Phases

smiley-sick010                                               smiley-sick010                                               smiley-sick010                                                 smiley-sick010

Welcome To The Last Stretch of 2016: Fully Out Of The (0) Energies On The 12:12 Portal

Many (Light-Warriors) have started off December 2016 much to the same way that many of us left thing’s at the end of November 2016. Feeling in pain and like not much makes very much sense in this time and place. Yes, i still feel pretty much the same, so this should be a big eye opener that December is going to be like this: and so will the last stretch of (2016) (9) as well. Hang in there, hold yourselves in love, because a brand NEW cycle is just around the corner. How it will be like is not known, however i’m getting the sense that many of us doing this Ascension work will be called on to do…

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