Dreaming Bodywork: May the Sleeper Awaken…

Helios Journal™

Prologue: An immense round of gratitude to Henda Zaghouani, a certified Reconnective Healing Therapist, who performs much of her amazing work remotely to all parts of the world, and to whom I am greatly indebted for helping me get unstuck.

Bodywork in Dreaming

In a dream I saw something that I was instructed to pass on.

This is bodywork. Simply explained, and if done with proper intent, its purpose is to transfer the burgeoning spark of awakening from your body to another person who is interested in awakening or who is stuck in the process of awakening and needs a jump-start. It is a method you may try if you run across another person who thinks they are ready to be activated.

This kind of work is probably best suited for people who already do some form of bodywork, such as yoga. But anyone can benefit from any form of healing with…

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