Release your creative genius ~Aliyah Marr Creative Consultant for Social Entrepreneurs

You have always known you were destined to do great things—it’s time that you realized your biggest dreams. When your mind meets mine the sparks will fly.

Even da Vinci could have used a coachDo you have a creative block? Perhaps you want to develop your creativity, or you are starting a new enterprise, and you need some high-level advice. In either case, I can help you. I am a creative projects consultant and creative coach for those type-A creative misfits like you and me.

Release your creative genius
You know you are missing something. Like losing the keys to your car, you can’t go anywhere until you find the key to unlock your creativity.

As a coach and inspirational speaker, I consider it my sacred privilege to empower others to step into their highest dreams. I assist you to become who you want to be, and life your life as you wish to live it. My clients are social visionaries who want to create sustainable businesses and ventures that support a “world that works for everyone.” As they achieve their dreams, they empower others to do the same.

Through my experience as a teacher and coach for creative individuals, I have come to know that inside every person is their higher self, which is their creative self; AKA their “inner child.”In many people this “creative soul” may be blocked, thwarted, or starved of nourishment. I assist in the activation, unblocking, and nurturing of your innate creativity to help you connect with your higher self; once these parts of you are fully engaged in a healthy partnership, you can manifest your dreams.

People come to me from a wide gamut of professions and fields, but they usually have one thing in common: they want to make a world that works for everyone. I call these highly creative people “social entrepreneurs.” They know that they can be successful and help others at the same time. They know, as I do, that we can channel our creativity towards creating services and products that support a sustainable economy and do not stress or the environment or exploit others.

No matter what they want to accomplish, I can help my clients with a broad range of practical advice. I use my experience as a creative director, graphic designer, communicator, multimedia / publishing / elearning specialist, and entrepreneur to provide solid ideation, branding, marketing, media, and promotional advice.

What are you waiting for?
Take the first step to realizing the life of your dreams. Special Discounted Rates!

Parallel MIndzz – Aliyah Marr • Creative Consultant for Social Entrepreneurs

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