Insights and Reflections of a Fellow Traveler – December 16, 2016 ~ posted Dec. 15, 2016

[Editor’s note: a fascinating read]



When I look ahead to December 16, what I see is that the road I am traveling on simply comes to a complete end. What I see beyond it is a fertile void without form, which I sense contains many new potentials that are still potentials and have not yet been breathed forth into form.

The barrier I have referred to can be thought of as an infinitely high and wide brick wall, past which nothing that is part of this Creation can pass.


The road I am traveling ends at a barrier that is like a massive brick wall.

However, that is not all there is to the picture. This immovable threshold or barrier marks the end of this Creation. It literally is the “end of the road” we are traveling on through 3D.


The road we are traveling on through 3D literally ends.

On the other side of…

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