DNA Activations For Gaia Leading To The Ultimate Shift In Consciouness

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

This article is a continuation of the White Horse Prophecy, which was my last article, white-horse-rope-to-heveanwhere I discussed the Mu Chord.  This is is the Tibetan word for a heavenly rope that connects as above to as below, spirit to physical.  Please read that article for an introduction to the Mu Chord. CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE This has been an extremely difficult article to write.  The information I came across clairvoyantly and thorough follow-up research was complex.  Melissa Reed is my co-writer for this article.  As fate had it, she was having psychic experiences that mirrored my physical, and matched my psychic ones as well.  We decided to put our energies together for this project.  Reader beware,  this is not a short article, and will most likely continue.  We are focusing our attention on how the Mu Cord will connect the new energetic Earth with our current physical…

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