…I registered that the timelines were indeed separating from one another, and although I could witness things like Clinton’s attempts to further the agenda of her controllers, it felt like it was occurring in a different compartment of reality altogether, had nothing to do with me personally, and my thoughts then turned to the significance of December 16, one week away.

If I am correct in my understanding that after that point, the timelines will each play out independently of one another, I realized that would also mean that we would only experience those elements that were particular to our timeline after that date occurred. It doesn’t matter WHAT the “elites intend.” If it’s not an element on our timeline, we won’t be affected by it, or the effects will be different than they will be on another timeline.

For example, I have been told that some of the other timelines will also experience a Pole Shift, but it will be more like the one that was portrayed in the movie 2012 — a temporary displacement of the oceans and huge, destructive tsunamis, but not the total elimination of the oceans altogether, as I saw in my vision in 1982 (and which explains the “sea was no more” portion of Revelation 21:1)…

Source: Emergence


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