The Emerald City Explained.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

the-new-shambhala“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi

“The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: …Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.”  Luke 17:20 -21

Different ways of really saying the same thing.  We are starting this way to reply to what I am now going to call our Divine question asker (smile.)  Yes, I am referring to the one who asked about Trump that evoked the insertion in yesterday’s sharing.  At the end of that blog she asked another question, which I thought I answered, but seems spirit wants to really expand on this reply today, because it is way to important not to understand and Be!!

Okay Lisa I have another question for you. Where exactly is the New Earth. the Emerald City? Another dimension? Another planet? Another lifetime? Thanks…

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