Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: the Portal of 12/21

Since I began this process in 2000, seventeen years ago, I have encountered many points in my path which my psychic vision revealed as a “black hole” —a place where I could not discern any glimmer of light from the future. This black hole vision represents a major node—a branch where the timeline goes off into a vastly different unknown. It is a portal, a door, a gateway. In fact, the whole of this millennium represents this portal, because the numerology of the beginning of the number reduces to a 2 (2+0=2).

This year combines the 20 with the 16. In the Tarot, the 20 is the Judgement/EPIPHANY card, while the 16 is The Tower/THE AWAKENING card. Both of these are cards that are rough to experience: the Judgement card is about exposing all—the good, the bad, and the ugly—to view, while #16, The Tower/THE AWAKENING card is about the breakdown of the old. And we have been seeing this in both our inner and outer worlds. This vibration was kicked off in 2000, the year that the dot-com bubble burst, and I began my long journey out of the 3D matrix. The Matrix movie had been released only the year before, in 1999. The numerology of 1999 was #10; the Wheel of Fortune in the tarot (1+9+9+9=28/10/1). Poetically, the turn of the millennium was also the turn of the Wheel of Fortune for us individually and for humanity as a whole.

The tarot is a map for ascension, both personal and global. It is one of the surviving vessels of ancient knowledge disguised as a card game. The major arcana consists of 21 cards with a hidden 22nd card, called The Fool. It is said that the Fool travels through the deck, as he travels through life on his way to enlightenment/ascension. When he “gets the game” he pierces the veil between the illusion of 3D and the higher realms of consciousness. Here is the meaning for the theme of the first part of the year as the #20 card:



Rider Waite Smith Tarot
The ANGEL Gabriel blows a clarion call to wake up the Self mired in the game of duality. He doesn’t just do it at the moment pictured in the card, he does it all the time. No matter when you live, no matter how you live, no matter what your past, no matter how old or young you are, you have the opportunity to awaken from the dream of duality.

Judgment seems to be about being judged at the end of your life by a “higher” being. But the card is not about judgment — in fact, this card means the opposite of what we may think it does. It is about the equality and balance of duality seen from a higher state of consciousness; this is the consciousness that can be obtained by following the path of the FOOL, the map of the Tarot.

The number Twenty brings the Two together with the Zero, and this means that duality is brought together with Spirit; or rather, Spirit now infuses matter at a higher level than previously (when it was just a two, the number of duality)…

Tarot of Creativity
The title on the card in The Tarot of Creativity is THE EPIPHANY: an epiphany is a sudden breakthrough in understanding.

This card is the final step in the Fool’s journey, when he “wakes up” to the real life of consciousness through a transcendent moment called an EPIPHANY. The whole path up to this point has been a series of gates that when opened, revealed another passageway to another door.

The Fool’s path is one of self-awareness. There is no other path; there is no bigger game to play. He has journeyed through life and through all the other cards in the Tarot to find out that the thing he has been seeking has been inside himself all along.

He finds out that he can bring this consciousness into the denser plane he exists in by bringing it into himself. The energy is not actually outside him, but he has to deal with the rules of physical existence, otherwise called “The Game;” everyone has told him that what he seeks is outside of him. And that is the rule of the game of material existence: that you begin the game by first forgetting the connection that is YOU. Then the game is that of RE-MEMBERING the self; of putting back the pieces to the puzzle, one by one…

At the point where he [the Fool] has the EPIPHANY represented by this card, he is about to ascend to a higher state of being, let’s call it helium, which is lighter than air. Thus he loses the density of unconscious emotions and floats free of the third dimension.

The ability to lighten one’s state of being, or more precisely heighten one’s vibrational state — is true ALCHEMY, which is nothing less than the enlightenment of the egoic self, the “normal” mind. By changing his own state of being, the aspirant has become a conscious creator emitting a new, higher frequency. As a consequence, The Law of Resonance requires that everything around him has to vibrate at the same frequency. Thus, as he changes, the world changes to align with him. The Fool has REMEMBERED that he is a creator being. The mirror-game of duality has been broken. He has emerged from the cocoon of lower consciousness into a new world.

The physical plane is one of contrast and separation; it is a theatrical play, where consciousness has taken different roles. At Key 20, The FOOL sees beyond the game; he knows the game/bubble was created so that consciousness could see its own reflection, no matter what role it was playing. He came to play in the game with a blindfold over his eyes. As long as he wasn’t aware of the game, he could still play it because the object of the game was to awaken to his own self, to see himself in all that is. Once he realizes his true nature is also the nature of his reality — game over.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul, copyright 2015, Aliyah Marr


The 21st card is the trump card of all the cards—it is at once the highest card of the entire deck, and the end of the cycle of learning on this plane.



Rider Waite Smith Tarot
The number of this card, Twenty-one, symbolizes the marriage of the Divine Feminine (2) with the Divine Masculine (1); the play of the wave and particle; the implicate with the explicate. The product of this marriage is the Divine Child (3).

…The World shows that The Fool has completed her journey through the Tarot, and through life on the physical plane. She has transcended the world of illusion (the ego) and gained The World of her Higher Self. She has successfully integrated all parts of herself. She has re-membered (see The High Priestess/MEMORY) the totality (divinity) of herself and the divinity of all things, expressed or unexpressed.


Tarot of Creativity
The title of The World card in The Tarot of Creativity is TRANSCEND.

…Coming from the indistinct and undifferentiated heights of oneness and traveling through the valley of duality which allows the experience of separation and individuation, the Fool comes to realize that individual expression and the experience of duality is just another form of Oneness, like a twin yolk inside a single egg. The richness and uniqueness of individual experience is what the Fool sought all along: what she gained in experience has exponential and evolutionary effects in the realm of Spirit…

As the individual ascends, so does THE WORLD — together they go to a higher level of awareness. Consciousness has remembered itself. It doesn’t just recognize the oneness of Spirit behind the mirror of physical existence, but sees the surface of the mirror too — duality as an expression of divinity. In remembering and reconnecting all the pieces of herself, she has reconnected all the pieces of The World as well. And all that she sees is perfect and whole, as it always has been.

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul, copyright 2015, Aliyah Marr


We have been in a holding pattern for a long time. From a galactic or even world perspective it is a mere nanosecond, but it feels like a gazillion years. When you wash your hair, you are admonished to “rinse and repeat” — well, we have been rinsing and repeating without pause for many years. Although I have been doing this for most of my life, the most grueling phase has been since 2010—for me, it has been a 17 year passage that actually began in 2000, and accelerated in 2010, with major highlights of excruciating passages on 2012 and 2016.

In many ways 2016 has been 2012 redux. Whatever you started to unearth and cleanse from your system in 2012—eons of enslavement, emotional reactions, beliefs, and expectations has had to finish in 2016. We, in the 1st wave don’t have any more time to “mess around” with anything from our past (personal and collective). The lower emotions “waste” energy and keep us attached to an old 3D version of Earth. We must let go of that ballast, or we won’t be able to “ascend.”

And what did we have to let go of? For those of us who are ready to leave the old Matrix for good, the process has demanded a total surrender of all our hopes, dreams, desires, expectations, ideas, visions, plans, goals, needs, and relationships. We have before us a null point, a portal, a gate. The future can’t been seen because it doesn’t resemble anything that we have yet experienced. As builders of a new world, we were not to simply renovate the old kitchen by facing the cabinets with new veneer, painting the outside with a new color, or retiling the bathroom floor; no, we have razed the building and removed the old rotting boards from the site. The new world we were born to build cannot be made from the materials of the old.

While the term “ascension” may have certain religious or spiritual overtones, it only means a rise in vibration. Any rise in vibration involves a conscious decision; either to do so as a goal, or as the result of a conscious choice between options, one representing a higher vibrational awareness among other, lower vibrational options. Reactionary behavior is always unconscious—a lower vibration. When our thoughts trigger old emotional reactions we are having a moment where we dipped down in consciousness. When we make a decision to take a different path—even while in the moment of reaction— we rise in consciousness.

One practice I found useful a few years ago was to smile at any judgemental thoughts and/or emotional reactions. Smiling naturally raises your vibration, and pops you out of the reactive track. It’s hard to keep a helium balloon down. I set this practice a few years ago, and find myself doing it very naturally (almost unconsciously!) now. This simple practice has “reset” my base vibration to a higher level.

In Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: the Centrifuge, the message was about how the polarity of the chaos on Earth was separating the denser elements from the lighter. We are advised to hold ourselves separate, and keep our vibrational spin at the highest possible set point even as we see the world break down into apparent chaos before us. This gives us practice at holding our “assemblage point” at a point of our conscious choice. And while I talk about choice, there is only one option—holding ourselves in a state of self-love. Self-love in its true expression is the only thing that keeps us in the more rarified air of ascension.

In The Avatars of Eden, we are reminded that Eden is just a memory, not of people, places, or things—it is a memory of our “home” vibration. We have to remember this original vibrational reality, and Eden manifests before us.


We took a long journey through the dense realm of the lower dimensions and now we return “home” with the memory of our experience. When man remembers that the true nature of the universe is Love, he gains the perspective of a Creator god. Rather than longing to “go home” to the Beloved, he becomes the body of the Beloved — Love manifest in the physical world.

Heaven on Earth will come because we have made it so. As we return to our natural state of creative empowerment, we become the living embodiments of Love in Action. At the moment when we recall the Divinity in all things, seen and unseen, we can feel an unseen third element — this is the gateway, the portal to alignment. The bridge between dimensions is Love itself.

~ The Avatars of Eden, Bringing Heaven to Earth


On the 21st of December, we encounter a portal into a new consciousness. The 21st card of the tarot is The World/TRANSCEND. The mirror of 21 is 12, The Hanging Man/REVERSAL. At the magical date of 12/21, we experience a bit of “hang” time, where the normal laws of the “universe” such as gravity, are suspended. We are “in suspense” as to the outcome of this particular 12/21 because it is the end of a 9 year cycle, marking the threshold of the new “1” year of 2017 (2+0+1+7=10/1).

Hold onto your hats! We have done the work, we only have to choose to be ourselves, as we originally were—we have to remember the vibration of Eden and we are home.


Copyright 2016

avatars-unfurled-300 tarot-key-cover2

The Avatars of Eden: Bringing Heaven to Earth

The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

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