Why… the physical fire/hot and ice/cold? | 2020 Spiritual Vision

[Editor’s note: the sudden cold at the core of the physical body is one way that the body adjusts to a sudden increase in vibration. It is like a car shifting gears. I have experienced these since 2007.]

Energy update at the end this time kiddos.

I, like you, have read many times of the ascending symptoms. They can range from headaches, nausea, body aches and chills, etc. Now though I was wondering why…? Why does the body process light in this way? In particular, last week I had moments of a deep inner chill. I’ve had the heat/Kundalini rising and then spells of being/feeling hot and then cold (lasting for about an hour)… but now this inner chill was quite interesting.

Also lasting for up to an hour and usually when I was resting. I could compare it to, outer space cold. Hmm… and interesting as a cold weather wave was mirroring. Chilled to the bone…?

The guidance I received was brief and simple. The heat wakes up what needs to. It might be a spark/new passion… or to burn off/cleanse/let go of something that needs to go. The ice seems to fortify the new.

It may also tie into diamond light (codes)/dna as sometimes diamonds are referred to as, ice.

If this topic interests you, I will pass along this article I found… ❤ A more detailed explanation can always be found/provided when one is ready/the time is right. 🙂

As far as an energy update, well I initially wrote this several days ago and thought by now it’s, old news. Yet these words many still apply, now. One may have a bit of a hard time sleeping or the other extreme as a spiritual narcolepsy seems to take over. I awoke with strong energy from heart to head. Ha… I am feeling that again this morning as well as some lower back, more like spine “pressure”. I smile because I know this is a good thing and temporary. Ears ringing for days now as new paths/Guides/connections are made. Mood good and feeling blessed!

With it being right before Christ mas, it may be easy to get overloaded. Would less be, more…? As another strong energy wave is incoming/here (an online preview may be available for some), simple may be best. So no overthinking or doing. My hope is for many this wave will bring some clarity as we awake and live in 2017. I smile since I feel a stellar year. Until then enjoy the mystery, process… and moment.


UPdate: As the day has gone on… moving slower. We are anchoring in… expanding. It can feel physical. Smile… move with ease and grace.

Boy, this is starting to feel like the Mother Load…

Source: Why… the physical fire/hot and ice/cold? | 2020 Spiritual Vision


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