Energy Wave Blasting Earth From UNKNOWN Source! 12/23/16 ~ Dec. 23, 2016 | roseramblesdotorg


Something is happening, my friends. I have presented three different video’s speaking of a huge cosmic wave that is in space and headed for Earth followed by a video of a “comet” making a u-turn in Earth’s sky. In addition, since Dec. 19, other unusual energies have also been observed in the atmosphere of our planet. The anticipated arrival of this cosmic wave is Dec. 26-27.

Now, this is NOT a fear-porn revelation designed to upset you, however, from a spiritual standpoint…this is quite exciting! No one knows the time of the great “Event”, no one is aware of exactly how cosmic details will occur at the “Event”, no one knows what will happen as the spiritual “Event” will occur, so be aware of what’s happening out there as…knowledge is power, and knowledge is…Light!

It is my understanding that although the energy of gamma waves is fierce (a glancing blow from a gamma wave is purported to have caused the Indonesian earthquake/tsunami in 2004 that killed over 230,000), my knowledge of Love makes me know that the Earth, and humanity, will NOT be destroyed by this wave.

Also, if I remember my investigative readings correctly, this wave has been known about and studied (by the Illuminati) for quite a while and is probably the reason for the numerous “body bags” and huge number of coffins that have been prepared for some kind of public disaster.

This may also be the reason why the Illuminati are scared witless because they CANNOT leave the Earth even though they have developed space technologies and capabilities not known to the public. Many of the “meteors”  humans have witnessed across the globe may been advanced Illuminati space craft rejected by the advanced Galactic citizens who currently “have Earth’s back”.

So…please watch these video’s, be prepared for your future  by using spiritual knowledge, be sure to thank our Galactic brethren in your prayers tonight, and…


“METEOR” Does 180° Turn Over Village? Mass UFO Event Continues!

Source: Energy Wave Blasting Earth From UNKNOWN Source! 12/23/16 ~ Dec. 23, 2016 | roseramblesdotorg


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