Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: Recreating Eden

In my last post, Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: the Centrifuge I talked about how a centrifuge separates out densities from a liquid. The collective is going through a centrifugal spin as they are suddenly faced with a choice: love or fear, which is really a choice of the level of awareness that you wish to be on. We are all facing the same choice: to evolve to a new level of awareness, which knows only love, or to descend to the level of unconscious fear. Fear is always unconscious. Love is always conscious. When presented with this choice in a decision in daily life, a path that leads to more separation represents the lower energy of fear, while a path that leads to more connection—a path with heart—is the path of love. The choice is clear. Fear, or rather, human-based fear (fear that is not genuine), relies upon a lesser view, which promotes the idea of separation and survival-based thinking. The fear that supports and feeds the illusion of the false Matrix will have you protecting your “ASSets” while love makes you feel secure and protected. The trick is to get the fear-based ego to lie down like a lamb instead of roaring like a lion.

If the false Matrix of the Controllers is based upon fear, what do you imagine is the frequency of the New Eden? Love, of course. The choice is left (with love) to others: choose light or darkness.

The Tarot shows this us this choice with devastating clearness. Numerology is one of the roots of the wisdom of the Tarot, and in numerology the SIX is the number of love. All the sixes in the deck are about one form or another of love, with the ultimate expression of this energy of life in the Major Arcana card, The Lovers/LOVE.

But numerology also tells us that 15 can be reduced to 6, which means that the 15th card of the Major Arcana, The Devil, is also an expression of LOVE. How can this be? The Devil is what the Native Americans would call a trickster god: a divine teacher that uses trickery, opposition, and paradox to make a point. In this case you could use the current political situation and certain political figures as the trickster teachers. The Devil represents darkness, the absence of light/love.

Below is a photo of the Rider Waite Smith tarot card, The Devil alongside The Tarot of Creativity equivalent card, THE SHADOW.


To anyone with the slightest interest in mythology, the archetypes in the Tarot are clear to see. For example, a goddess or god represents a guiding principle for humanity: the universal concept behind the figure is what makes it an archetype. An archetype is a symbol that conveys a universal concept, usually in the form of an image, that is instantly understood no matter its geographic origin; archetypes transcend cultural boundaries and temporal beliefs.

#15 The Devil Card in the Rider Waite Smith Tarot
The Devil shows how the number of man (the Five) can be corrupted, symbolized in the inverted Pentacle at the top of the card. Reversing this sacred symbol warns us that man can misuse his power and become the inverted man, or the Devil. The Pentacle is an ancient symbol for man. The five arms of this star symbolize the five senses and the five limbs of man: two legs, two arms, with the fifth arm representing the head. When you turn this symbol upside-down, you reverse the natural order. Note that the “head” of the inverted symbol is placed in the exact center of the Devil’s forehead, in the position of the third eye, or pineal gland, indicating that the ego (the head of the inverted star) runs the man.

The Devil dominates both the man and woman below him. The upraised right arm forms a parallel line with the other, downward pointing arm. This carries the eye of the viewer straight to the torch in his hand which seems to be lighting the tail of the male figure. The swooping line of his tail leads your eye to his face, connected by his gaze and by the chains to the female figure.

There the movement abruptly stops. The French say, “cherchez la femme.” The blame for the problems of the man — the unconscious self-conscious — is projected upon the woman, who represents the subconscious in this card. The subconscious creates according to the projections of the mental self, the mental images that the ego creates. Blaming the subconscious (Nature/God/the Universe/Fate) for what happens is the mark of the unconscious Soul who, without mental and emotional discipline, is eternally condemned to “hell” as a victim of his own unconscious thoughts and emotions: the projections he has forced upon his own nature (the woman/his subconscious/Nature).

Evil only exists through our personal will because we are the ones who create evil. The idea of evil is only possible in a polarized reality system. It is not necessary or natural — in fact, evil is the opposite of what is natural. The projection of consciousness known as Evil has been achieved at great effort, as it is actually easier to experience goodness. Evil is an experiment in separation — how far can a being that is really only oneness experience otherness? This thought-experiment generated a polarized concept called the Devil as a counterpart for the concept of God. God represents a principle of wholeness, integrity, and oneness; our original state of innocence in the Garden of Eden — the Garden of Life — while the Devil is an expression of the opposite experience: the pain of separation.

This card shows how a dysfunctional ego can misuse the power of the subconscious. The ego wishes to continue as it is, unchanging and in control, but existence under the domination of fear-based thinking is miserable and terrifying. The trick is to get the stubborn and recalcitrant ego to understand that life will be better if it just surrenders control. It has to understand that losing control isn’t a bad thing — change does not equal death. The best way to do this is to give the ego what it really wants: LOVE.

Once the ego realizes that the divine partnership offered by the Higher Self is to its benefit, it relaxes its grip on the mind, and the whole person can flow easily into a new TRINITY of Self; the Higher Self replaces the ego as the CEO of the Self, the ego becomes the personal assistant or executor of the will of the Higher Self, while the body is recognized as the divine material expression of the Self.

Put The Lovers card side by side with The Devil card, and you will see that the images mirror each other. Just as the LIVE is EVIL reversed, so The Devil is the inverse of The Lovers. It is no accident that the number of this card, 15 reduces to 6, the number of The Lovers in the Major Arcana. The Devil is a misguided interpretation of love; The Devil demonstrates what happens when love is interpreted through the core misapprehension of separation and control.
~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

Below is a photo of the Rider Waite Smith tarot card, The Lovers alongside The Tarot of Creativity equivalent card, LOVE.



#6 The LOVE card in The Tarot of Creativity
LOVE is the title of The Lovers card in The Tarot of Creativity, but this is not the imperfect love of the spiritually immature; the love referenced here is unconditional love.

This card has integrated the independence of the Five and turns then to recognizing the Divine Other, a being that is the equal of the personality, but whose personality is so different as to be impenetrable at times. Realizing the difference and the divinity of the other is crucial to understanding the nature of duality.

When you can see the sacred in all things you have surrendered the ego’s need to control; now the ego — the man in this image — stands in the proper position in the Triad of the Self, no longer in control. The ego (mental body) is now the personal assistant of the Higher Self, responding to the direction and guidance of the Higher Self through the intuition of the emotional/physical body, represented by the woman in the picture.

The Lovers/LOVE card shows us how to deal with Duality at the highest level, that of non-judgmental acceptance, which is actually unconditional love. This is the card of the “Divine Other,” the recognition of how to reconcile the state of duality into a working partnership. Which duality? Essentially, that which is inside ourselves. Superficially, this is the Anima (female) inside the male, and the Animus (male) inside the female, but the meaning of this Tarot card goes much further than Jungian psychology.

The LOVE card refers to the ability to see the divinity and sacredness of the Divine Other, the other half of the androgynous Soul. Like the Yin/Yang symbol, a tiny bit of the female portion exists within the male and visa versa…

The lesson of the Lovers/LOVE card in the Tarot is this: to teach you how to balance the egoic self and the personal subconscious. This is the object of all holistic spiritual traditions: to regain the natural equality between the high heart and the head. You can only discover, or more appropriately, uncover, the source of LOVE in the core of your being. She is there, and has been there all the time…

~ Excerpt from The Tarot Key, Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

Frequency Shift
The buffer of time is slowly dissolving. Time is disappearing or “speeding up” as we collectively move closer and closer to understanding a higher order of consciousness.

We took a long journey through the dense realm of the lower dimensions and now we return “home” with the memory of our experience. When man remembers that the true nature of the universe is Love, he gains the perspective of a Creator god. Rather than longing to “go home” to the Beloved, he becomes the body of the Beloved — Love manifest in the physical world.

Heaven on Earth will come because we have made it so. As we return to our natural state of creative empowerment, we become the living embodiments of Love in Action. At the moment when we recall the Divinity in all things, seen and unseen, we can feel an unseen third element — this is the gateway, the portal to alignment. The bridge between dimensions is Love itself.

Love as the Only Response

Christ, when he admonished his followers to “turn the other cheek,” was advocating love as the answer to everything. More than that, he was showing us that it is possible, by maintaining a state of love in the face of negativity, to raise the vibration of everyone around you.

When you have an inclusive, holistic view, you cannot experience fear because your view includes rather than excludes. It is only in exclusion that fear can exist, since you are in a state of separation. This process is a necessary step in the evolution of consciousness.

Collectively, humanity is at a stage of evolution that is called “individuation” in psychology: a stage of childhood when the child realizes he is separate from the world around him. The child, realizing that his body is independent from the body of his mother, forms his individual preferences, and creates an identity from them.

We start in Oneness, in the bliss of wholeness. Then we travel through the darkness of separation and loss. Finally, we are to return to Oneness, but this is not a full return to an undifferentiated state; we carry with us the wisdom of our journey: appreciation for uniqueness, for the gift of free will, for individual expression — and see the unity underneath the multiplicity and diversity of form. Only in separation consciousness can you even imagine doing something cruel to someone else. This is what unity consciousness — Christ Conscious — means. “Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.” A true god loves each particle of creation equally. This is our path as well: when we can love without conditions, we are at a higher state of consciousness. There is no way that higher vibrational being would ever hurt anyone else, as The Other is Him, and as such, is Divine.

Christ taught us that the path of Love is the only path back to the Garden of Eden.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden, Bringing Heaven to Earth


Love is not an emotion or a passion, although we may experience both of these in the frequency of the New Eden. The Love of Eden is a feeling; it is the unconditional acceptance of all things. We have no words to describe the feeling of connection, support, and love that we are due to have, those of us in the 1st wave, at least. We have been the light-warriors, built to transform the heavy density of this planet. We couldn’t do this any other way than transforming fear into love in our own bodies first. We lead the way for those who follow: those newly waking up, as well as the second and third wave. Like the icebreaker ship who cleaves a way through the frozen energy of the North, we were built for this task.

But now the time has come to break away from the lower density timelines and embody Love. As we surround ourselves with the energy of love and infuse it into our bodies, we project it like an omnidirectional beacon of light to all creation. As we embody the higher energy of LOVE, we remember it as our original home, our original vibration. This is how we recreate Eden; all is left for us to do is to step into the heaven of this frequency and leave the darkness of the old world behind, forever.


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The Avatars of Eden: Bringing Heaven to Earth

The Tarot Key: Unlock the Secrets of Your Soul

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