A Man Turns Into a Dolphin Before My Eyes

OK, maybe not a real dolphin…

I saw this man bodysurfing and from the cliff above the water, I could see him speeding under the water and then leaping like a dolphin into the air. He told me that he has a special technique that he just perfected today, but he also said that his fins, a prototype from Leblon fins (a company from Brazil that specializes in body surfing fins), make a huge difference. He was so fast I mistook him for a dolphin, as I thought no human could swim with such speed.

He told me that he has two secrets that enables him to achieve the amazing speed that enables him to leap out of the surf; I assume that he wants to keep the first secret to himself. The second secret is the way his fins are designed, with deep channels on both sides. This allows his legs to power stroke in both directions: front to back and back to front. An analogy would be professional bike-racing stirrups, which allow the foot to pull up on the upstroke as well as push down on the downstroke. The design doubles your power and enables a mere man to achieve dolphin-like speed.

Bodysurfing – Mark Drewelow – Leblon Fins


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