Get Ready For Nothing (Rebuttals for all the Fear-Mongering Ideas)

[Editor’s note: this is brilliant. Well-worth reading, an article grounded in “common-sense”]

According to political analysts, truth seekers, alternative media, researchers and non-status quo scientists, the following may occur this year:

  1. Nibiru arriving and causing cataclysmic events
  2. Economic collapse
  3. Marshall Law in the U.S.
  4. World War III or War with Russia
  5. Trump Assassination
  6. Massive Earthquakes, specifically on the West Coast of America
  7. Pole Shift
  8. Bible Prophecies, god punishing the unbelievers
  9. Fake or Real Alien Invasion
  10. Return of the Annunaki
  11. A mini ice age or full blown ice age

I’m writing off the cuff so forgive me if I don’t provide you with evidence or details. I’m simply expressing my opinion in this post. If the list above doesn’t scare the shit out of you then you’re enlightened, aware and know what is really going on. If only one item/event on this list gives you cause to worry, you have not reached the level of awareness that is necessary to shift into higher density.

  1. Nibiru arrival cannot be proven. There is an object that is nearing the planet, there have been some videos and photos showing something that is not within our normal solar system, but that’s not proof it is Nibiru the destroyer. Even if it was according to Marshall Masters and Gil Broussard, they don’t know what can happen.. Everything they have to say is speculation though Gil Broussard swears the bible is right and god will avenge those that don’t worship him.
  2. The economic collapse has been in the making for years. It’s obvious that it will not happen because the powers that control the financial markets/banks have been manipulating so that it doesn’t happen. When push comes to shove, they will just print more money and keep things going. Peter Schiff has been swearing by his children that the economic collapse is iminent but if you look back how far he’s been saying this, you will notice he started in 2011, go figure. I’m sure there is an economic collapse in the making, everything artificial has to end sooner or later, but like the Nibiru theory, nobody knows when that will happen.
  3. Marshall Law in the U.S. I don’t think that most people realize this but Marshall Law is just another form of national laws. When you are required to seek permission to drive and travel, when you need to obtain a permit to build a home on your own property, when bars are required to close at a certain time, this is Marshall Law. When our governments decide for us what to eat, where to buy food, control our daily life, require us to work 8 hours per day in order to get a pittance of salary, this is called Marshall Law. Restriction of freedoms and rights is Marshall Law. Get out of your denial and accept that we are nothing but slaves lying to ourselves that we live in democratic societies.
  4. World War III or war with Russia. This will never happen. The prestitute media has been very busy at blaming Russia for everything. I couldn’t print out my recipes last night because I ran out of toner and Putin is at fault for that. My obsession with following world events caused me to forget to buy more toner  and thanks to Putin and all that he is doing right now, it’s all his fault. No, there is not going to be a war against Russia. If you do your research you will find that Russia is very powerful militarily, it has powerful allies such as China and Iran. This is mind control, this is implanting thoughts into your mind so that you can create their reality. THEY do want war, but it won’t happen, it’s simply not an option.
  5. Trump Assassination. If there was an attempt or desire to bring Trump down, it would have been done as soon as he won the election. Trump is no different than all previous presidents, he’s just disguised in different clothing. If he is allowed to live then we will know he is just another puppet to the puppet masters. I believe that he is, otherwise he would have been eliminated a long time ago. All this bullshit about Obama making it difficult for him to take over the presidency is just an act to make Americans believe Obama is a bad person and blah blah. Think about it. Trump would never have gotten this far if he was a threat to the Elite.
  6. Massive Earthquakes. We are experiencing this and have been for the last 2 years now. The Nibiru folks will tell you it’s because of the planet arriving and causing this. Nobody knows and we can all speculate on why this is happening. My guess and feeling is that like all natural events, this and other events are part of the natural cycles of cleansing mother Earth. She’s wounded, she’s been poked and prodded, her blood has been sucked out of her, her skin rasped out and poisoned, her air has been filled with toxic fumes and chemicals. She is cleansing herself and all the vermin that are harming her. It’s Mother Earth Karma 101 and therefore, a natural process we can’t do anything about. Ed Dames and Marshall Masters all have their theories about safe places and truth is, nobody knows what will happen and or where a safe place may be. The Zeta’s have maps and information that will tell you where it’s safe and not safe, but hey, if you believe that human interference is allowed then believe what Nancy Leader has to say. The bottom line is this: Nature will do it’s work, and we as humans really don’t know where and when it will hit. This is why I always write about being prepared, storing food and water because anything is possible.
  7. Pole Shift. Again, this is all speculation based on non-status quo researchers and scientists. I believe that we are protected by our cosmic family who don’t want us to suffer anymore and that this time period is the reason we all came here to finally end this system/matrix. Whether a Pole Shift will happen or not doesn’t change the fact that 99% of population can’t just pack up and leave to a so called ‘safe haven’. We don’t have the funds, savings or finances to just quit our jobs, grab our suitcases and move, let alone move to another country. Whether the Pole Shift will happen, well, it’s been talked about for at least 10 years and still no signs or proof that it could happen anytime soon. Even if it does, for the reasons I just wrote, we can’t do anything about that, but store food and water and hope for the best.
  8. Bible Prophesies. The biggest fear mongerer is Steve Quayle. He follows the scriptures word for word and will convince you that god will send his wrath upon you if you don’t worship him. There are thousands of so called biblical prophesies if you take the bible as ‘truth’. I for one accept that there are some truths disguised with a lot of bullshit. The bible was not intended for the benefit of humanity therefore, I can’t accept any predictions of prophesies. If any of the prophesies are true, and if you live a life of respect, treat others the way you want to be treated, if you are in service to others then you have nothing to worry about. May your conscience guide you and if karma truly exists, by abiding by universal laws  you will never go wrong.
  9. Fake or real Alien Invasion. I can write a book about this but these are my thoughts on this one. We are not a one of a kind species, we have been genetically modified by many races and therefore, can assume that an alien is simply a term for some entity that doesn’t reside on this planet. From a Universal perspective, there are no aliens simply other races and species that like other countries and nations have different beliefs, different cultures and languages. If you believe Dr. Steven Greer then you should be prepared for the Alien invasion. My question to him would be: If this is what you believe and they want to harm us, why do it now and why haven’t they done this a long time ago? If anyone wants to harm us, they don’t need to measure time to do so, they could have done that at anytime. The reality is that we are not to be interfered with, we made those agreements prior to coming here. No interference, our memories were blocked otherwise no idiot would be here right now remembering where we came from and the madness we agreed to come into. Whether it’s a fake or real invasion, what can we do? Like natural disasters, you and I can’t protect ourselves from higher forces, all we can do is protect our families, be prepared with food and water, whatever we can get in case either do happen. Personally, I think that it’s just another mind control program, keeping us in fear so that we can’t transform into higher dimensions. Everything above has to do with mind control, controlling what we should think so that we can create their realities and so that we can stay dumbed down and stupid, ignorant and dis-empowered.
  10.  Return of the Annunaki. I believe they have never left at least not completely. I believe that the blood lines of the Annunaki are the ones that control this matrix. As we can see now, their paradigm is shifting, humanity is waking up, we are disclosing the truth, discovering the lies and presenting them to humanity. We are the ones that are realizing the power lies within us. The Annunaki are divided as well. Enlil and Enki both have different agendas and therefore, this massive destruction as they continue to war with each other. It’s good against bad. I believe that good  and love will prevail and that in time, we will meet them. We are their descendants, we carry their DNA and eventually the truth will set us free. Some will claim that the Annunaki are arriving with Nibiru. Really? An advanced civilization needs to wait 3600 years to arrive with a planet? They don’t have scout ships? Come on, lets think about this. The entire planet was their playground, someone built the pyramids and these huge structures and they didn’t use cranes that’s for sure. They need to wait 3600 years to get here while watching the destruction of this planet due to it’s passing by? Something to think about.
  11. A Mini Ice Age or full blown Ice Age. I think that we are already in the beginning of this process. Again, this is a natural cycle that happens every 10 or 20,000 years. We have no control over this and we can’t speculate where it will spread to. There are some scientists that claim the entire Norther Hemisphere will be affected. If this is any indication as to what is happening here in Croatia then I am of the belief that this ice age started 10 years ago. Normally, on my Adriatic Sea Island that I live on, winters never fall below 10 C. It’s rare and doesn’t last long. The last few winters have been cold but this winter, in fact as I write this the entire coastline is in minus temperatures. There is chaos here because we don’t have snow tires, people don’t even know how to walk in snow or ice; hospitals are filled with injuries and folks can’t even heat their homes well enough with a wood stove. Right now, we are burning wood in the stove and have 2 Mitsubishi heating units running to keep our indoor temperature above 20C. I have thermal tights on, 2 layers of sweaters and thermal socks. This is the beginning of the Ice Age, this record breaking bullshit is just to make you believe it’s something that happens every 50 years or whatever. No, fact is Europe has been experiencing extreme cold temperatures for the last 10 years. Like all of the above talking points, all we can do is prepare for this. Don’t listen to the climate pundits, do your research in your area and look at the climate history of your region. If it’s showing a increase in cold temperatures then prepare for it. We the 99% can’t just pack up and leave, even if we wanted to and could, where do we go? How do we know what will be affected? We just have to trust our instincts and follow them.

After reading my opinions on the above possibilities; you may feel that I’m very negative or skeptical. I am both. I question everything, listen to my intuition and higher self and feel safe where I am. I don’t feel fear and I don’t foresee any major disasters in this region but at the same time, I am aware of who I am and why I am here. If it’s time for me to leave this body, I welcome that. I’m tired of this madness and yearn to go back home. If you don’t fear death, then you have nothing else to fear. You have to believe that you are at the right place, at the right time and that you are doing what you came here to do. If this is deeply written in your heart, then our Creator will ensure that we fulfill what we came to do and bring us back home or wherever we came from.

Do not fear. Fear is their weapon against us. Fear is their motto, their only method of keeping us in slavery, keeping us in the dark, keeping us from finding the truth. Fear is our worse enemy not THEM.

Source: Get Ready For Nothing | You Are The Light That You Always Have Been


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