The Trump Card — Sophia Love

AS WE SHIFT – THE TRUMP CARD1/14/2017 0 Comments  This time, which is of our own making, is asking us to make a choice. For some time now we’ve been told that this world was going to split; that there would be a 3D and divisive world that would remain, and a 4/5d unified world that would move on, “ascend.”

This time is upon us now.  The time for this is event driven and with the recently elected President Trump, we begin.  It is time to breathe unity, regardless.  You see, we are brilliant and this moment now is our unique method of surprising ourselves.  Not with a blast from space (yet) or beings not human (yet), but with mundane and very human activities right now; political ones, social ones, governmental and systemic ones.

Source: Sophia’s Blog – Sophia

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