Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: Crossing the Threshold

The Top of the Food Chain
There are energies that oppose the ascension of humanity. It is a consciousness that feeds off of our fear; we are NOT at the top of the food chain. The ancient seer’s saw these beings which exist without material form. It is in their interest that we think we are the top beings in a hierarchy of control; however, the Controllers remain in the background and benefit from our creative energy. As we engage in fear we feed them and reconstruct the old Matrix. The Controller beings are NOT evil. They are a lower consciousness that has learned how to selectively breed humans to emit their favorite food: fear, and all its delicious variations.

As long as humans are not deliberately choosing to react with higher vibrational awareness, the Controllers can control us and get us to produce fear. But when we choose to act towards our own creative power in a responsible manner, we pop out of the Matrix and are no longer under their control. How does our creative energy manifest in duality? Emotions; our emotions are our main creative tool on Earth. In an unconscious human, our creative emotions can be easily channeled into fear-based creations: thus the Matrix is formed and constantly regenerated by us. Without us, the Controllers cannot form the Matrix because they cannot directly influence material form the way we can. They are inorganic, non-physical beings who have learned to take advantage of the veil of duality and channel our creative emotions to create our own cage: the Matrix of limitation.

The main technique of these beings is to generate fear by polarizing people into definite opposing camps and then stirring up their emotions through their beliefs. This is how they generate the fear that is the food for them.

Consider that both sides of the current political situation have been engineered by these Controller beings and their human minions. One camp against the other camp. No matter who wins or how much destruction is wrought, the Controllers gain every time. The illusion of the Matrix blinds us to the underlying energetic reality. We focus on polarities: it is not a matter of right/wrong, good/bad, destruction/construction, love vs. hate.

* * *

The Controllers’ age-old technique of “divide and conquer” demonizes a group of people in order to produce more separation; this always results in turmoil for the masses and more control and territory for them. Centuries ago, they burned wise women at the stake as witches for their healing knowledge. Intolerance and exclusion, no matter who is “at stake” is an indication of the fear-based, separatist thinking of the Controllers’ mind.

…All of the other beliefs in the system of the Controllers are built upon this one idea: that you are a child; irresponsible, powerless, and incapable of growing up. … it doesn’t allow you to recognize the divinity in all things, nor accept your power and your responsibility as a creator. By getting us to believe that power is always outside us, the Controllers keep us controlled.

…Unconscious, unresolved, hidden emotions and beliefs are what hold the unconscious man enslaved, not the Controllers. The Controllers, the enslavement, the horrors of inhumanity, the pollution, war, and intolerance all part of a natural landscape; these negative elements are simply part of a version of reality at a lower state of consciousness.

The Controllers offer us a clear choice by providing a simple, high contrast of dense darkness against the incoming light. Light is defined by darkness.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix by Aliyah Marr

* * *

The universe is only energy: that energy is neutral. Even the most evil event is just a blip in that stream of energy. Many people get lost in their beliefs, and even those who are on the “spiritual path” are in danger of falling prey to thoughts and beliefs. It is vitally important to examine those beliefs and see them for what they are; stories that are meant to explain the world, but one should not mistake that explanation for reality itself. Any attempt to explain the world is limited to the belief system that forms the boundary of the individual’s (society’s) consciousness.

In a belief system fenced in by polarity, the “goodness” represented by the archetype of God must have an exact opposite: the Devil. These are tales told to explain duality, but the problems with any tale based in polarity is that it limits the consciousness of those who believe it to the field of polarity itself. Those who believe in the polarized concepts of good and evil will experience the extremes of polarity. The understanding of the underlying state of oneness cannot be achieved if you are stuck in the veils of belief that represents the doorway of duality.

Truth is Relative to Your State of Consciousness
Of course, the tales of the Annunaki, reptilians, DNA manipulation, etc are just modern versions of the tales in the Bible. The Bible attempts to define reality within the limits of a belief system, just as these new stories do. And there may be some “truth” in them. Of course, our DNA has been manipulated. And no, nothing can exist without its energetic body, without its so-called “God spark.” Even rocks are formed in energy first. The danger in these new tales is that they feed the old Controller program of “divide and conquer” setting up new archetypes to represent the polar opposites of good vs. evil.

The battle is to become aware, to wake up to the energetic reality behind things, and to become responsible adults: creator beings who create consciously. This is our responsibility alone: no one can do it for anyone else. The focus can be only on our own path, not on the path of anyone else: that is their responsibility, not ours. And we are not here to “judge” them or even ascertain where they are in an artificial hierarchy of values. No higher-level being, who is aware of the greater reality of oneness behind the veil of duality, can create monsters or do anything to harm another because to do so would be to harm himself.

Conscious Creators
We need to understand that we are responsible for our thoughts and emotions because we create with these. We created (and recreate) the old Matrix of unconsciousness, manipulation and exploitation as long as we persist in thinking that our beliefs are real and as long as we engage in the unconscious emotion of fear. Love is conscious, fear is not. Love is the higher vibrational awareness of a free being, fear allows us to be controlled. It is impossible for a being of lower consciousness to manipulate or exploit a being of higher consciousness. The “veil” of forgetting was created by us to allow us to experience this lower consciousness and change it from the inside out by growing our awareness while in the body. As we take responsibility for our thoughts and choose our emotional state consciously, we “rise” in vibration, taking the rest of our environment with us.

* * *

Eden is more than a place, it is a frequency, a higher level of awareness. Since the outer form is always a reflection of the inner state, when we change our frequency, we experience a reality that corresponds to our new vibration. The structure of the Matrix is based on the lower vibration of fear, Eden is based upon the higher frequency of Love: fear produces constrictive cages of limitation, while Love produces freedom and creative expression. Eden is the natural experience — the home — of the enlightened man who lives in harmony with the planet and with other men. In order to return to Eden, we need to remember our true origins, before the “fall in consciousness.” We have to remember Love.

~ Excerpt from The Avatars of Eden by Aliyah Marr

* * *

The Middle Way
The extreme polarity of these times gives us a choice—we can choose to walk between the poles of duality on the path between, unaffected by the emotional drama of the unconscious. This is the threshold of the door out of the Matrix. Like all initiation rituals, we are called upon to face down our fears—fear of change, fear of the future, and most especially, fear of our own power. Let it be known to all the world that you are ready to create a new Eden of joy, love, and unlimited creativity. We are there, over the threshold, in the instant that we are aware of ourselves as the creators of all we see.

~ Aliyah Marr
© Copyright 2017 Aliyah Marr. All Rights Reserved.

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Copyright 2017 Aliyah Marr. All rights reserved.

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