Abraham Hicks , Ultimate conversation on Donald Trump


One thought on “Abraham Hicks , Ultimate conversation on Donald Trump

  1. Paraphrased ideas from the video

    People think that the only opinions that matter or are worth/ value are their own or the ones they support. They forget the views of others contribute to our collective consciousness experience.

    No matter whoever think’s they’re in charge of you, they’re NOT.

    When you embrace your own power and self worth, you need no groups, or others to validate your insecurities. You claim your ability to choose how your life plays out.

    Our system of govt has so much balance, you are worried “which one of them” or which group in power will give you what you want. But neither give you what you want! It is your responsibility to create what you want to see. To use anything as your excuse to interfere with your ability to claim your power to create is to disconnect yourself from the source that gives you all you need. Do not give your power to another.

    We must use the vortex of this energy to inspire us, instead of generate fear.

    You wanted to watch what soothes you. You come to believe that they’re on your side to make the world a better place. They are seeing what needs to be heard, how I like hearing them. And then the outcome comes. And it’s not what you thought you/they wanted. You thought you were on the “soothing” side of things. Loving, kindness, well being. But the same side is still stirring things up. They wanted the other side to “accept the inevitable” but cannot accept the answer themselves. They are not trying to soothe you. They are selfish too. They are keeping the issues alive too. Anyone pointing out the discord, or adding to it is being influenced by them, rather than your own inner guidance. Looking for something outside of you to make you feel better. “watch this to feel better” Watch that to feel worse. We have given away our power, and feeling of security to events out of our control. Putting our emotional state in the conditions of events, or the hand’s of others.

    If you think you get any of that power, from EITHER political party, you will never reach personal empowerment.

    Where do you put the momentum of the things you care about? If all of your attention/effort/focus is invested into viewing the negatives of an outcome, you are getting in the way of the own answers you were seeking. You get in your own way to find peace. You interfere with your true desires, to find love, and kindness and peace.

    You thought your true desire was this over that, but you have put so many desires into a higher/lower place, that momentum into your vortex of your energy of creation, is attracting greater attention empowering the issues you wish to cease.

    I want to know all is well. I want to thrive. I want others to thrive too. I want more people to feel better, so more people can feel nicer. I want people to feel stable, and not threatened.

    I want to feel appreciation for everyone no matter which side of my issues they are on. I want to understand the value of what they have brought to the equation. I want to resonate with the true balance of this reality. I want thriving, not just mine but everyone.


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