Unplug From the Matrix: Laura Ezekiel interviews Aliyah Marr

Exploring Energy

Laura Ezekiel interviews Aliyah Marr, author of the book: Unplug From the Matrix.

“The Golden Age of Gaia has been foretold by many ancient texts, and we are the ones who will create this “heaven on Earth” once again. But first, we must each consciously unplug from the Matrix. Are you ready to know the truth? Once you know the truth, you can never go back.”

What if it were true, that we are asleep at the wheel, programmed into believing that an illusion is our lives? Each day we walk a fine line between awareness and sleep. Deja vu and seeming coincidence jostle our memories slightly, only to be dismissed.

Ever have the feeling that you’ve done this before? That you were here before, that you know the answer, but you just can’t put your finger on it? Join us as we explore the possibility that we live in a dream state, that if we could just remember we would Unplug From the Matrix!

In this interview Aliyah Marr discusses the “art of creativity”—concepts she introduced in her first book, Parallel Mind, The Art of Creativity and Unplug From the Matrix.

pm-cover Escape the Matrix The Matrix isn’t real – unplug


2 thoughts on “Unplug From the Matrix: Laura Ezekiel interviews Aliyah Marr

  1. It’s best to read my books for a fuller explanation of the ideas in my interviews:

    The Avatars of Eden

    Unplug From the Matrix

    The Tarot Key

    Thank you for your suggestion. I may be able to transcribe the interviews at a later date to compile into a book.


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