Energy Update ~ Hit with Massive Wave of Energy ~ Jan. 26, 2017 | roseramblesdotorg

By Diane Canfield, 01/25/2017

ENERGY UPDATE BELOVEDS – We are getting HIT with a MASSIVE WAVE of ENERGY coming in right NOW. You may feel nauseated and dizzy. The dizziness has been coming and going the past few days. This WAVE started about 2 hours ago and is INTENSE/ very intense ! and continues. ❤ It may also cause breathing issues. ❤ 

You may have felt this come right in as I did at about 8 PM through now… 11 pm and still going strong ! it was strong- felt through the entire BODY. ❤ During the initial HIT barely able to walk. We have a coronal hole on our Star sending us a solar stream of wind but it not supposed to hit us until the 27th and 28th. :)- We may be getting this early. 🙂 I will update as needed tonight ❤ Love you all


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