Sandra Walter on the Nature and Impact of Photonic Light – Part 3/4

(Continued from Part 2.)

Its Impact on the Collective

Sandra tells us that photonic Light promotes the breaking apart of old systems and the rise of a new and higher social order.

She says that “it is the nature of photonic light to demand order. And the breaking apart of old systems, beliefs, habits and emotional baggage should be evidence enough that the light is doing its work.” (1)

“This level of light was (and is) a bit torturous for disharmonious beings, both Human and non-Human. Many Lightworkers are feeling the impact of this global purging of disharmony, because the effects apply to every single being on this planet.

“No stone is unturned during a dimensional shift.” (2)

The new energies will disorient many, she says. It’ll set others on their way.

“These more intense waves of light can be disorienting to the general population. Increased photonic activity (demand for order and harmony) sets newly-awakened ones onto the path of self-discovery in a stronger way.” (3)

The photonic light penetrates everything, Sandra tells us.

“The principles of this photonic light – order, harmony, evolution – penetrate everything. Let it purge your lifestream of disharmony, especially as we experience a great disconnect from the lower realities. Our choices are powerful now; be sure to use this trigger to call in pure LoveLight to yourself as well as Gaia, kingdoms and elementals.” (4)

On Sept. 13, she explained that there was no longer a trough between the waves. Now the energetic flow is constant, which she finds a good thing.

“You may have noticed the Light does not step down in between waves any longer.

“This is a good thing; we are able to maintain higher levels of light without integration periods as in the past.” (5)

Each wave this year, Sandra tells us, “has raised the light level dramatically, and accelerated the Ascension.”

“The purging, revelatory activity continues to build to complement Source’s command for order, harmony and Ascension.” (6)

She predicts a great expansion in the heart center.

“Most notable will be a tremendous expansion within the heart center. As the crystalline structures activate within your body, their vibration can begin to match the incoming photonic frequencies. This prepares the physical vessel to transform itself into a conduit for the Christed Self. This is why many of you have been guided to let go of anything unnecessary.” (7)

Love is the key to all of the ascension processes, she tells us.

“The key to every Christic Ascension process is Love; the frequency of pure Light and its application across the multidimensional realms of experience. We are consistently challenged to raise our vibration, the level of photonic light within our cells, fields and Heart center throughout the process.” (8)

Choice doesn’t play a role in our penetration by photons or in our resulting acceleration, she says.

“An acceleration is occurring regardless of our choice. Evolution is evolution. We are receiving a third wave of photonic light in September, the third in a series of waves intended to prepare us for the global intense shift in 2017.

“This is a natural force of evolution in progress.” (9)

In our concluding part, Sandra explains how lightworkers are serving as conduits for this energy and how we can help others adjust to and assimilate it.

(Concluded in Part 4.)


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Source: Sandra Walter on the Nature and Impact of Photonic Light – Part 3/4 – Golden Age of Gaia


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