[Editor’s note: an excellent article that is “coincidentally” entitled “The Concept of God,” a term I have used for years. Synchronicity?]

Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

5-small“God” is not an old man with a long,White beard, sitting on a throne in Heaven, rewarding or punishing you according to your actions.
Collectively WE ARE GOD, but we have given away our power to manifest our destiny, to this imaginary, SEPARATE “God”.
We are each an individual aspect of a great collective consciousness that is “ALL THAT IS”, living in an illusion of separation.
The idea of a separate “God” has been perpetuated by the various religions that we have subscribed to in the past. We have been persuaded that we need the priests of those religions to intercede with “God” on our behalf, but to “intercede” means to come between us and a separate “God”.
92-smallIn one’s search for “God”, the first possibility that one is likely to find may come from a guiding voice from within. However, this is more likely to be one of one’s…

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