Pau D’arco Tea — Fights Candida, Cancer & Inflammation – Dr. Axe

Pau D’arco tea is loaded with health benefits. It fights candida, cancer and inflammation, and does so much more. It has many uses and applications as well.

Source: Pau D’arco Tea — Fights Candida, Cancer & Inflammation – Dr. Axe


One thought on “Pau D’arco Tea — Fights Candida, Cancer & Inflammation – Dr. Axe

  1. This helped cure my bronchitis last year! Combine with colloidal silver, and ozone for maximal results!

    Ozone is triatomic oxygen; it has one unstable atom that readily attaches to other element to oxidize that same element. Ozone is produced in nature through lightning discharges, without which, we would have already drown from the pollutants we have emitted into the air we breathe.

    Neutralizes heavy metals, suffocate parasites, neutralizes acidity

    There is more info on Ebola and Ozone here:

    The free pdf to use ozone and heal yourself.

    Where to buy one for $70?

    Research on ozone, Collodial Silver, and Blood Electrification: – lists all benefits

    That would be due to regulations BIG farma has against self-healing, and low cost treatments, suppressing real healing modalities.

    The sad thing is a large portion of the masses is gullible and believe in the propaganda delivered daily by the lame stream media, and BIG Pharma companies who’s goal is to treat symptoms with expensive drugs, instead of healing the root cause of issues.

    Ions are atoms with either a + or – charge.
    If it has more protons than electrons that it has a + charge and is called a “Cation”
    If it has more electrons than protons then it has a – charge and is called an “anion”

    The Benefits of Anions
    When we inhale Anions, they produce a biochemical reaction in our body that makes our brain increase its serotonin levels. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter which is responsible for alleviating stress and depression, and promoting a feeling of well-being.

    Anions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, making us feel more alert and giving us more mental energy.
    The metabolic processes that occur in our cells are boosted by Anions, making our cells more efficient at absorbing nutrients and expelling toxins.

    Although plants do naturally generate Anions, there is a fair amount of research that suggests that using Anions generators helps plants grow faster.

    Anions are found in abundance in nature, especially by the seaside and waterfalls.


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