2/2/17 Energy Reports: Slamming the Star Gate Activations Today: Gamma, High Frequency Solar Photonic Winds, Asteroid, Meteor, Portals and more! Powerful Day Indeed! 

Slamming energy reports on Facebook posts all throughout the day. Powerfully huge. All times are in (HST/GMT -10):


9am Kauai: I awoke to StarGates activating, high plasma energies and hearing/feeling a portal opening… yet we are in the “beginning” of the Gateway right now. I will try to capture it if I can and update my FB page/this post. Looks/feels to be huge. Open your hearts loves! Oh yeah, the asteroids I’ve been seeing all week are arriving too. I couldn’t understand why I kept seeing asteroids every day. The first one, I “was there” with them. Last night we went into beyond mega high frequencies and the Energy was big time “Excitement at surprises coming” (and when I awoke too). Open up alllllllllll the wayyyyyyyy. Breathe it through you to receive! Always, expect awesome and the unexpected. You release all human limits every time you do! Have a super magical day! I love you! ♥


9:39 am: We have gamma and diamond light crystalline all in the same space, with high frequency solar winds in the background too. These supercharge our cells “fast and furious”, “hit the heart, spine, brain and every cell in our bodies” strong, blast us with high voltage electrical energy that awakens our body/soul in our body huge more! These “scatter” energy, so you will have to be more present with your energy and if your body is “electrifying”, honor this. It’s YOUR CRYSTALLINE LIGHTBODY CHARGING big-time, giving your physical body the “jolts” it needs to awaken “faster”. These give us energy to DO, to accomplish fast, without “thinking”… these are my favorite “git’r’done” energies, so you KNOW I’m going into slam-work-mode too! These activate DNA/genetic re-coding to “bring all up to speed”, scanning the body and tuning it, exactly as it needs.  Soooooooooooooo, as you can see, A LOT! Honor your process and you. Sleep, play, kick those projects out. Utilize this energy however best suits you and what your focus is for anchoring more awesomeness on this physical plane here. I. LOVE. YOU. ♥  Update as I am around. ♦

Oh yeah, I forgot these stimulate the sexual organs too. Not what most “think” it is. It’s many things. A gazillion purposes with this one. All of them important to honor. This evolves as we do too. ♥


11:09 am: Okay we have shifted and are also now in Asteroid activations too. Star Dust in the throat (coughing). The particles are interesting too. Update as I know. ♥ (There’s meteor activation in there too). hmmm ♦ All going simultaneously. Gamma, high frequency solar winds, diamond light code frequencies… Every thing is rocking today loves! 


11:59 am: HOW MUCH do you guys LOVE becoming MORE GALACTIC and Embodied SOUL here? Oh myyyyyy. It’s sooooo exciting to experience when we realize and embrace AND beg for more! 🙂 I. LOVE. YOU! Keep rocking it huge loves! ♥ WE soooooooo have got this!!!! ♦


12:29 pm: Okay, we have movement. StarGates are beginning to align now. Inner Earth, Galactically…. all of them. Here WE GO! Rockin & a rolling more! ♥  Observe… It’s an IN-Light’ening experience for us all! ♦


12:32 pm: High frequency photon SOUL’ar winds increasing to add to our ENERGY mix……… ♥  These activate/develop your Crystals (pineal and all through your entire body), re-calibrate your operating system and lull many to sleep, while Light Encodements/Packets fill your body, SOLar cavity and plasma (matter reformation) energy fills your within.  Heart palps, brain expansion, Super Quantum Cells start to move…. honor your processes. Sleep if you feel. These release DMT and Melatonin, moving many into Lucid Dreamy phase too! ♥  Senses will be enhanced, electronics will affect you as you shift to LIGHTBODY TUNING and you start emitting electromagnetic energy from within you. Eyes, ears/sound/hearing, nasal, spine (and more). You get the drift. 🙂  Radiation releases… whole lots more. Honor your body and you. ♦


1:15 pm: Gravity goes as we LIFT. Breathing can be affected as the air gets thinner. For those who may be going through the ribcage adjustments (breathing apparatus is what I used to call these). Breathing shallow and focusing on your breath, easy… re-calibrating/acclimating to higher frequency bandwidths takes presence and flowing with it. ♥ HOME FREQUENCIES BEGIN (as well as some others. Update on those in a bit. Plasma air can be heard. There’s a gas I’m not used to. I remember this in a bit. :)Head will go floaty (whole body for some). Your cells are filling with LIGHT and SPACE and we are going through a STAR GATE right now! INJOY!


1:20 pm: We’ve gone SuperNOVA are the words. Cool. The feeling is way-cool-bizarre to experience with these. ♥ Here’s how it looks/feels.


1:27 pm: Funny, as the other day the words were that I was about to be done with “this physical body” incarnation. yet not so sure it’s as it appears. I see many things. Will know as occurs. If I go poof or reappear in a different physical form, you’ll know it’s me when I show ya. lolHere’s what SuperNova says:
A supernova is an astronomical event that occurs during the last stellar evolutionary stages of a massive star’s life, whose dramatic and catastrophic destruction …
My cells went “Hydron” the other day which have to do with going Etheric and geothermal heating/cooling system.
Ohhhh, jacking it up. Here we gooooooooooooooooo. ♥
Now “this” (photo)….. These are like “WOW”! ♦


1:29 pm: We are dissolving…… dematerializing as we travel through………. ♦
(StarGate Travel Rocks!)
2:01 pm: I’m gonna go dissolve and float in the bliss of nothingness….. Back if I feel. If I don’t ever return, someone tell Cari L Murphy on Monday why I didn’t show up live for our interview. 🙂 I’ll be there in Spirit. so bawahahahahahaha ♥Happy expansion loves!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥


2:11 pm: The words a moment ago were “Your existence is being announced”. Hmmm. So many possibilities…

2:23 pm: We are being shown to “un-tether”, for those who resonate with this. ♥

Will continue to add any additional updates later. See replies and comments on my personal and public Facebook feeds from others experiencing too!

4:21 pm Here we go for round 2 it seems. The words awhile ago were “We’ve gone Super Stellar”. Integrate as we go. It will be easier. Sleep if you need to. Body going through much. Time to cycle through again. Vortexes starting to open, slowly. Luckily I can write and honor mine at the same time (for now). We are traveling through a multitude of star gates simultaneously still. ♥

5:27 pm Post: Click here

Source: 2/2/17 Energy Reports: Slamming the Star Gate Activations Today: Gamma, High Frequency Solar Photonic Winds, Asteroid, Meteor, Portals and more! Powerful Day Indeed! ~ Feb. 3,2017 | roseramblesdotorg


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