Sue Lie: This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Part 2/3 – Golden Age of Gaia

(Continued from Part 1.)

We continue with Sue Lie’s discussion of gamma-wave consciousness. Sue shares an experience of it that she had and tells us more on the impact of this ascension energy on us.

Humanity is moving into a state of immense power over their abilities to transmute their reality to a higher frequency. And this has a lot to do with the gamma rays.

You move into this whole other world. “Wow, look at that aura,” or you look at chemtrails and say, “Blaze, blaze, blaze the violet fire. I release all chemtrails.” You take a second, you close your eyes, you look up and the chemtrails are all gone…

Now this is me, Sue. I’m going to tell you about one experience  I had where I was in gamma-wave consciousness. I was meditating with a friend in a whole different country (laughs). And he was asking me questions and kind of keeping me in it.

And I had this solar-system view and I looked at the solar system like a human family.  And I could see different things that were happening with the sun and the moon, and all these different types of things. And I was outside looking into it.

Now obviously I was in my room by myself, fully in my body, on the computer. But my consciousness was at such a high frequency that my perceptions were not bound to my physical body. My perceptions could go into a reality that had always been unknown to me.

I’d never had gamma waves. And gamma-wave consciousness is what people get when they meditate in one of those little stalls for 20 years. It was really, really hard in the past.

Steve: Yes, very hard.

Sue: But now, we are in this stream of gamma-wave energy. It is actually coming into our environment.

We have to let go into the stream of it. In the past when I said, well, it doesn’t enter Earth. It doesn’t enter Earth because it isn’t the Now. It isn’t the Now to merge and it’s intelligent. If someone could blast you with a gamma wave, it’d probably kill you. It would totally upset your nervous system like crazy. It’s very high frequency.

Steve: Hence a lot of our waiting, we’re gradually being brought to this ….

Sue: Yeah, people are saying, “When is this going to happen?” You have no idea what’s actually going to happen! And so, when it happens, it’s “No, wait! This is too soon, I’m not ready!”

Steve: (Both laughing.) Right, not ready.

Sue: Cause we won’t be. But to the extent that we can expand our consciousness, if we can just have some experiences of this gamma-wave consciousness. It’s not easy to get to. You have to really be centered. You have to be someone who’s a long-time meditator.

When I had that experience, I’d been meditating since the 70’s.  I’ve been meditating for a really long time. And I learned how to let go!

So that’s what that delta-wave thing is, when you come up to a threshold. There’s a threshold. Meditators will know this. You’ll get to a place where, “Okay this is it. I can’t go further.” That’s a threshold. That means that something has to adapt within your own consciousness before you can perceive that.

This is a free-will planet. These energies don’t bombard us. I mean, there are bombarded energy fields that the Illuminati have been putting on us for a long time, like those cell towers.  And then they would blast people with 50 decibels? And that makes people brain dead. They become easily manipulated.

But the thing is, anyone that has any desire to have power over others is not even going to be able to make it more than a little bit into the alpha wave. These [higher] waves are faster and they’re closer together. And it makes your life happen faster. And what you think about you bring about more quickly.

So if people go into these states of consciousness with mal-intent — pfft! — that mal-intent comes back to them. …

I had one class, one webinar and I was talking about the stream of light, the higher light, and how it comes through, comes into your heart chakra and then flows out through your body, and it feels like wings of light.

And then after I posted it, a girl called up and says, “I have wings of light. I can see them. I can feel them. They’re heavy.” It’s like “Whoa!” And other people have had that experience, too. So this higher light, the gamma rays are coming in and transmuting us. …

Steve: They’re also activating the 97% junk DNA, right?

Sue: They’re activating the 97% junk DNA, and they’re breaking the programming of the young Illuminatis.

(Concluded in Part 3.)


(1) “Transcript: Sue Lie and the Arcturians on Gamma Waves, the Ascension Energies, February 22, 2016, at

Source: Sue Lie: This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius – Part 2/3 – Golden Age of Gaia


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