Energy Update ~ Securing Dimension, Providing Passage and Anchoring Upgrades ~ Feb. 5, 2017



By Katie IndieCrow, 02/05/2017

Beautiful angels of earth. Woah. What a week. So much has happened in the past 7 human days that my mind and heart are both blown!

Though many of us don’t need ‘proof’ that ascension is happening, the widespread impacts of energetic shifts are now being recognized (and felt) by the general population. Big news for all this week is that we have been sitting on a higher Schumann resonance measurement than ever before recorded. We know it’s a big deal when such crude instruments are now registering that the vibrational resonance of our earth HAS shifted. Many of you are currently experiencing strong re-alignment symptoms that are connected but not reducible to this flux. Flu, migraines, existential questioning – this is all pat of it. The gates, the solar winds, waves of light, comets passing, and celestial alignments are doing exactly what we had intended…

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