Energy Update ~ Reconnect and Unite From Within ~ Feb. 7, 2017



By Jona Bryndis

Energy Update 4th –10th February 2017

Collective energies last week did feel a bit lighter, but I wonder if it’s just that people are slowly getting desensitized by news? Many of us energetically sensitives did indeed feel HOPE and even COURAGE last week (as reported in last week’s energy update) – but in the midst of everyone else acting out RAGE and FEAR it still remains challenging to keep the FOCUS on ‘what we want’, instead of resisting ‘what we don’t want’.

We all are energetic reflections of another. As long as we rant, posture and pump fists we are unconsciously energizing the ongoing POWER STRUGGLE. The emergence of our Collective Shadow is in full motion – keeping millions of people in the state of acute anger and despair. This is the GREAT DIVIDE and it’s continuing to POLARIZE our energies, families, friends, coworkers, and even countries…

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