Message for the 1st Wave Ascension Crew: The Matrix in Your Mind

The old Matrix of fear and domination, the Matrix of the controllers, is based upon our emotional bodies. This emotional body has been programmed into us from infancy. All our beliefs about who we are and about the nature of reality are designed to keep us in the Matrix. Without our emotional creativity, the Matrix of the Controllers would wither up and disappear. The old Matrix relies upon us remaining unconscious creators. The minute we become conscious creators we are no longer creating the Matrix.

While the structure of the Matrix is very complex, the key to exiting the Matrix is very simple: you must engage more in love-based activities and thoughts than in fear-based activities and thoughts. Love is conscious; fear is unconscious.

The social conditioning of the Matrix amounts to an intense programming and brainwashing of every individual on the planet. I talk about this in my book, Unplug from the Matrix and also in my book The Avatars of Eden. The programming predisposes you to think only certain kinds of thoughts and to have only certain kinds of emotions. In fact, they have scientifically proved that once you are accustomed to certain kinds of emotional realities your cells produce daughter cells that are only receptive to those kinds of thoughts and realities, ignoring all other thoughts and emotions that don’t fit those realities. This is how a thought becomes a habit, and how oppositional behavior and possessiveness starts.

In order to leave the Matrix we must reprogram our thoughts and emotions to be receptive to those energies representing the New Earth. We can no longer allow those other thoughts and the accompanying emotions to be part of our mind. This requires an intense impeccability on our part: we must be conscious of all our thoughts; we must choose our emotional reality or it will be chosen for us as a default reality.

Second by second, minute by minute we are challenged to be what we are: conscious creators. Fear can only create confusion and dissonance. Love creates connection and support.

The Matrix has to be conquered from within. We have to first overcome our own programming before anything else can change. In fact, nothing on the outside can be changed. We are the ones creating it from within our minds. No one out there can do anything to us; no thing can exist without our emotional input. And this is where we fall down many times because we think love is emotional. Love is not an emotion, love is a feeling, a reality. When we were having emotions we are reacting to the Matrix and reforming it. When we feel the love that is really us, we are existing outside of the Matrix in a higher vibrational reality.

When we become emotional, we become unconscious, and thus we easily become victims of the Matrix. An easy rule of thumb is that emotions are reactive and thus unconscious while feelings allow us to think and discern clearly.

There are several ways to overcome the Matrix in your mind, to overcome the programming that keeps you stuck in the cage of the Matrix. One way, the simplest way, is to look at everything with love. Love transforms everything.

Another technique to overcome the Matrix in your mind is to identify all of the thoughts that are the result of the Matrix conditioning. As you identify a thought, you can say something to allow yourself to make the choice not to have that thought anymore. I like to say,

“This is not part of my chosen reality.”

This sends the thought away without an emotional reaction to either the thought itself or reaction to having the thought. The most powerful moment is before the thought becomes an emotional reaction. If you allow yourself to have the emotional reaction to the thought, you can quickly become unconscious and lose the opportunity.

The conditioning of the Matrix only supports a fear-based belief system. As I explained in my book Unplug from the Matrix, the Matrix relies upon the core concept that this is a survival-based planet. All the complexity of the structure of the Matrix is based upon this core belief. All other fear-based beliefs stem from this one. Even as we oppose evil in the world: the destruction of the environment, the enslavement of people, injustice at home or abroad, we are still in the Matrix and supporting it with our emotional reactions.

The Matrix relies upon us remaining uneducated as to our own power as Creator beings.

Emotions create on this plane. The Matrix uses our reactionary emotions to create and recreate itself. This cannot be emphasized enough.

Emotions create the Matrix.

In order to step out of the Matrix, you have to access a higher dimensional creative tool, you have to learn how to use your feelings instead of your emotions to create. Remember, emotions are unconscious and feelings are conscious. It’s the difference between being a slave and being free; between being in a higher dimension or a lower one.

As beings that came here to assist in the shift in consciousness, we know this already. I am simply reminding you of your power.

It is time to step into our power. It is time to create heaven on earth. But first we must remove the old Matrix from our minds. We must reprogram ourselves to be conscious creators in every moment of every day.

The chaos of the outside world provides the perfect conditions for us to achieve higher consciousness. The Matrix is making a bid for your attention. What does your perfect world look like? Do you see harmony, unity, love, and cooperation?

When you are unconscious, you have no free will. Free will is part of being a conscious being—a creator. We are at the point where every thought has to be consciously chosen in order to overcome the default programming of the Matrix. We are perfectly designed to do this. We have experience, we remember how to do it.

One ounce of focused consciousness trumps any default programming or intent. The universe will respond to your focused intent; it cannot otherwise.

When a thought enters your head that belongs to the old Matrix, simply state, “this is not part of my chosen reality.” As you choose what thoughts you allow in your consciousness, you unplug your creative power from the Matrix. This is how we bring heaven to Earth.

We are the creators of Eden.

* * *

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