Seeds of New Light, Christ, the Anti Christ, Oh My!!

The Shift of Time and Energy!


It is amazing how unconsciously (speaking directly of myself here) we can humanize God, Source, Creator… or as he said to call him “That.”  What was strange, is calling God “That” and referring to him as That, felt like an object and uncomfortable on my tongue.  And yet, having my solo guy on the field yesterday, I truly expected God to show up as a feminine energy.  My jaw dropped to the ground when that didn’t happen!!  I think my expectation was so high, which I usually check at the door and don’t bring to the field, that even the opening of my mans reading was nothing like I was anticipating, given the wild ride of the day prior.

Instead, my man showed up on one of the petals, raised up about 6 feet in the air connected at his lumbar spine to a thin silver pole.  His body was…

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