The Dark Night of the Soul

Personal empowerment does not mean power over anyone or over any situation, or even control over your life; it is the acceptance of the fullness of your being, a state of cooperation and alignment with all of its aspects.

As the goals of your Higher Self become more prevalent in your life, you will probably feel a very aggravating loss of control over everything. But after you have committed yourself to listening to the voice of your intuition, you may find yourself at another test of your soul.

Suddenly, instead of your life becoming more powerful and fluid, it will feel as if everything has gone haywire—especially if you have been on this path of personal evolution for some time. This is the time that is called the “dark night of the soul,” when the ego comes to truly question its sanity, as it loses control over every aspect of your life; it is the struggle of the ego, which thinks it is going to die when it loses control.

~ Excerpt from Unplug From the Matrix

* * *

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